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Wednesday, June 9, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Downtown Hotel RESULT
Carlos Guerra: 'Mother of All Hotel Giveaways' is coming back to S.A. If the PGA Village is dead, another monster is arising from the grave.
poll posted 10am-11pm Wed 6/9/2004
Do you want City Council to guarantee a new downtown hotel with your tax money (issue in Council tomorrow)
Sure, there's plenty of money!
No, are they nuts?
Don't know: haven't heard about it
Total votes 226
What a teenie tiny little item it is on tomorrow's City Council agenda. You'd never know what it is really about, just from reading it:

29. Staff presentation on the Convention Center Hotel Request For Proposal [Presented by Christopher J. Brady, Assistant City Manager; Terry M. Brechtel, City Manager]


Why is it that these folks, who are supposed to work for the people who elected them, are constantly trying to find ways to spend my hard-earned money on things that do not only NOT benefit me, cost me, and add insult to injury, I have no input in the matter whatsoever.

Is this the same city council that can't find, in there hearts, to abide with Proposition 13. That is the one to freeze, not stop, the tax rate for seniors and disabled. They fear the loss of revenue if this is implimented, but they are ready to throw away tax money for a hotel that would probably be built anyway.

They probably want to build a hotel so they will have some place to go to work at, after the next election.

This is something that we should gather signatures on and force a vote from the taxpayers. I'm sure that Julian Castro would agree. For that matter, why don't we start putting everything out for a vote that involves over a certain amount of taxpayers dollars. Seems like it was a good idea for the PGA, and look what it got us.

"If you build it they will come."

I'll have to agree with Steve's idea of setting an amount limit then issue goes to the voters automatically. I just can't trust the input from City Staff to our empty minded council members.
Mark J

I learned a long time ago that if a business deal is a good one, it doesn't need a subsidy from the taxpayer. Same thing for the fiasco at 1604 and IH10. If we had a real mayor maybe he'd know whose money it really is. Wish I could retire but I have to support the government AND big business.

If this was a great business opportunity Hotel companies would be lining up to pay the city for the rights to develop this down town property.

Judge Wolff's rationale seemed to be: It's not as bad as Houston and Austin. I'm going to smash my finger with a hammer--but at least it's not a sledge hammer

I work downtown but I sure as HELL can't afford to stay in one of the hotels down here. Why would I want my hard earned tax dollars to fund something like this? I'd rather see the money spent on road improvements or a new PARK in my Northside Neighborhood.not a hotel I can't even afford to stay in.

What is wrong with those yahoos down at city hall? It seems like all of 'em have a Henry C. complex and just want to spend-spend-spend. If they want a stinkin' hotel that bad maybe they ought to cough up the money themselves. To paraphrase a line from John Adams, " I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a disgrace, two are a law firm and three become a city council. Sheesse what a bunch of losers, no wonder no one votes.
George F

If another hotel is such a wonderful idea, why don't the developers write up a plan, then go to the bank and apply for a loan like the rest of us would? Interest rates are still low, and in a place like San Antonio where the tax rate and property valuations are absolutely fair the developers should have no reason to fear!.

Rule #1 in BIG BUSINESS: Use somebody else's money!
Rule #2 To stay rich, refer to RULE # 1!!

Ted is right, but I would add a rule 3: To use someone else's money, go to San Antonio. The hicks down there will buy into anything.

I have lived in San Antonio for a long time and thought I had seen everything when the Pink Elephant Mall and the Armadilla Dome were built! Now I am sure I will get to see a hotel built that no one needs, no one will occupy, and in the end, probably will be torn down or turned in to housing!!! My goodness, doesn't the mayor ever get it?

There must be something in city hall that causes elected officials & appointed leaches to forget that their job is to SERVE the public, not fleece the public. I can't blame hotel builders.Why spend your own money when elected air heads offer to use citizens hard earned cash for hotel owners profit.

I'm as fiscally conservative as the best of them, but I think that the wording of this poll is somewhat misleading. Nelson Wolfe stated today (06/09/04) on your program that the amount of the guarantee would not exceed the amount of the hotel/motel tax generated by the hotel itself. He understood the proposal as not using any other funds to guarantee the project. If that is actually the case, the city would have a lot to gain and could not lose more than the amount generated by the entity. That makes good fiscal sense to me.

Sick Julian on it - it will die for sure



PGA kills local Village project

WARNING: This poll is slanted. Like so many.

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on who's to blame RESULT
1pm-1045pm Tue 6/8/2004
Who's to blame for San Antonio losing the PGA golf course?
Councilman Julian Castro
Councilman Julian Castro
Councilman Julian Castro
All the above
Total votes 121

Yes, I know that others also deserve some credit. But Julian postulating (as such a critical time) that golf courses may be a worse threat to the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone than houses puts him at the top of my list.


email 1:37pm
You missed an option on your poll. J. Castro. Thanks,
Bob T.

I am surprised. The Mayor and the greedy business intellect is at fault. Julian Castro is no more at fault than the citizens of S.A. He wanted to stand for his community and citizens. I like this man and his decisions based on the fact that he is listening to the people of SanAntonio. I applause his decision for not backing the PGA.the people spoke. Julian Catro is speaking for the people. I believe that nothing should be built over the aquifer recharge zone. This is our water we are talking about. If the PGA had a different site picked, I am certain they would not have had a problem with the people of S.A.
Rachel F

Brad, I guess the name of the poll says it all. Americans are always looking who to blame first,instead of how do we fix it. I guess some how we feel better having someone to point to and say "That's who to blame". The BLAME GAME runs all through our society. Maybe one day we can focus on the "fix", and then one by one there will be no one else to blam cause we fixed everything! "Pie in the sky?", of course, but it's a nice thought even if it's a fleeting one at that.
Doug A

So Brad? Are you really planning to vote for Julianb for Mayor? Oh, I forgot, you said you are out of the City Limits!

Come on can't actually believe a lowly councilperson is at fault here! There's MUCH bigger guns in this game. This latest failure is proof positive.Small minds can't run BIG business.

San Antonio wants to be a 'world class City'. How can we do that when we don't have a Mayor, a City Council, an honest staff or anyone seeking to be mayor. In other words, we have no leadership.

Julian Castro wont be throwing a party. He will continue to claim "it wasnt my fault" Yeah, right! p.s. Felix and his elk (sic) should learn to type and/or spell.

I hope to hell Castro and the rest of his elk are dammed happy!He and Guerra are to blame for this city's latest black eye.First are so called leaders lost Kelly AFB to the BRAC commission now we look like country bumpkin crackers to all the world for losing this gem of a private land development deal.Castro wants to be mayor?He and Schubbert can forget it.Bring on Phil Hardburger he can't possibly do worse than that pinhead of a boy mayor our city is now cursed with.Sure toyota is coming,but for every step forward San Antonio always seems to take two steps back.

So the luddites won, hell will freeze over before I support a damn thing for the south siders. There is no way that Julian will get any support from me, he had my vote, but his coddling of the flat earth society proves he is the same type of slug that has governed this city too long

You can be sure that Mr. Castro will be throwing a party. But the party will end next election day.
Bob T



Texas Lottery scratch-off tickets are still sold after all top prizes have been won

Clear Channel reportedly caves in on FCC indecency fine settlement

Ashcroft refuses to release 2002 memo "..told Congress on Tuesday that he knows of no presidential order that would allow al Qaeda suspects to be tortured by U.S. personnel."

GAO says Pentagon wasting tickets Defense Department spent an estimated $100 million for airline tickets that were not used over six years and failed to seek refunds even though the tickets were reimbursable, investigators say.

What UN resolution on Iraq will accomplish Passage will bring legitimacy to new Iraqi government, but measure is ambiguous enough that all sides can claim victory.

More US troops going to Iraq 5,000 Marines slated to arrive by August The Pentagon will increase the number of U.S. troops in Iraq to around 145,000 this summer, from the current 140,000, in recognition of the continued difficulty coalition forces are having in providing security leading up to the hand-over of political power to Iraqis on June 30.

Google risking reputation for impartiality "Google manually altered the mathematically generated search results for certain products -- such as golf clubs -- that might typically be purchased as gifts for Father's Day so that the first thing coming up in a search under ads was a link to Froogle. In this case, Google did not identify Froogle by name, choosing instead to label the result under the heading "Product Search Results." Only when users clicked on the link did they find it led to Froogle."

Unusual sentences bring humiliation into legal process

Four Texas special sessions cost $4.6 million

$30 million Schlitterbahn set for Galveston

DNA test clears Texan jailed for 18 months "..evidence that could have exonerated a man jailed on sexual assault charges sat untested in a police department property room for 1 1/2 years before he was finally cleared by DNA testing — three days before he was to go on trial."



Man beaten, robbed for being too slow in McDonald's drive-thru

French president gives lift to lost D-Day veteran

Couple's clothes stolen during park sex
Creepy Reagan Deification Watch
In the last week, congressional Republicans have moved to put Ronald Reagan on the 50-cent piece, the $10 bill, and the $20 bill. An Ohio lawmaker wants him on Mt. Rushmore. Rep. Dave Weldon has asked for a post office in his name in Florida. Rep. James Hansen wants work to begin on a Reagan memorial on the National Mall alongside Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington (FDR too, though I'm not so sure he deserved one).
Now Sen. Bill Frist has added an amendment to a defense bill that would rename the Pentagon after Reagan.
That would mean the first and second largest federal government buildings in the country would both bear Reagan's name.
I'm of the "Reagan talked the talk but rarely walked the walk" line of thought when it comes to limited government. Nevertheless, I've always held an affinity for him, and believe he at least articulated the ideas of liberty better than any politician in my lifetime. And yes, words are important. Especially words eloquently spoken by a president. But my goodness, the man just died a few days ago. And he was just a man. No more.


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