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Tuesday, June 8, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

-- (Chicago) The PGA board of directors confirmed it has withdrawn from the proposed PGA Village project, despite the pleas of a San Antonio delegation this morning.

Judge Nelson Wolff told me from Chicago that the PGA left the door open for some unspecified future project here. I am not holding my breath...
(Hey councilman Julian Castro, where's your victory party gonna be?)

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on PGA Pullout STOPPED 12:45pm
posted 12am-12:45pm Tue 6/8/2004
Do you believe the PGA is really, really out of the PGA Village deal once and for all?

Result when stopped at 12:45pm
Yes, they're gone (155) 80%
No, there's still some hope (38) 20%
Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on who's to blame RESULT
1pm-1045pm Tue 6/8/2004
Who's to blame for San Antonio losing the PGA golf course?
Councilman Julian Castro
Councilman Julian Castro
Councilman Julian Castro
All the above
Total votes 121


I am surprised. The Mayor and the greedy business intellect is at fault. Julian Castro is no more at fault than the citizens of S.A. He wanted to stand for his community and citizens. I like this man and his decisions based on the fact that he is listening to the people of SanAntonio. I applause his decision for not backing the PGA.the people spoke. Julian Catro is speaking for the people. I believe that nothing should be built over the aquifer recharge zone. This is our water we are talking about. If the PGA had a different site picked, I am certain they would not have had a problem with the people of S.A.
Rachel F

Brad, I guess the name of the poll says it all. Americans are always looking who to blame first,instead of how do we fix it. I guess some how we feel better having someone to point to and say "That's who to blame". The BLAME GAME runs all through our society. Maybe one day we can focus on the "fix", and then one by one there will be no one else to blam cause we fixed everything! "Pie in the sky?", of course, but it's a nice thought even if it's a fleeting one at that.
Doug A

So Brad? Are you really planning to vote for Julianb for Mayor? Oh, I forgot, you said you are out of the City Limits!

Come on can't actually believe a lowly councilperson is at fault here! There's MUCH bigger guns in this game. This latest failure is proof positive.Small minds can't run BIG business.

San Antonio wants to be a 'world class City'. How can we do that when we don't have a Mayor, a City Council, an honest staff or anyone seeking to be mayor. In other words, we have no leadership.

Julian Castro wont be throwing a party. He will continue to claim "it wasnt my fault" Yeah, right! p.s. Felix and his elk (sic) should learn to type and/or spell.

I hope to hell Castro and the rest of his elk are dammed happy!He and Guerra are to blame for this city's latest black eye.First are so called leaders lost Kelly AFB to the BRAC commission now we look like country bumpkin crackers to all the world for losing this gem of a private land development deal.Castro wants to be mayor?He and Schubbert can forget it.Bring on Phil Hardburger he can't possibly do worse than that pinhead of a boy mayor our city is now cursed with.Sure toyota is coming,but for every step forward San Antonio always seems to take two steps back.

So the luddites won, hell will freeze over before I support a damn thing for the south siders. There is no way that Julian will get any support from me, he had my vote, but his coddling of the flat earth society proves he is the same type of slug that has governed this city too long

You can be sure that Mr. Castro will be throwing a party. But the party will end next election day.
Bob T


email 1:37pm
You missed an option on your poll. J. Castro. Thanks,
Bob T.

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