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Tuesday, May 25, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday


Bush starts five weeks of speeches about Iraq President Bush's speech on Monday night kicked off a critical five-week period in which the White House must not only make good on its pledge to return self-governance to the Iraqi people but also convince the American electorate that the benefits of deposing Saddam Hussein have outweighed the costs in blood, money and battered prestige.

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on Bush and Iraq RESULT
posted 12am-11pm Tue 5/25/2004
I believe that President Bush's Monday-evening speech about Iraq will
Increase support for him among Americans
Have little effect on his support
Detract even further from his support
Total votes 275


Yesterday several websites (here here) carried a story about Rumsfeld supposedly banning digital cameras in Iraq (a contrary story here). All sites cited one source and one only-- "The Business" newspaper, variously reported as being Australian or British. I can find no such paper. My producer Susan Farris checked with the Washington Times Pentagon reporter and he hadn't heard of the supposed ban. I remain skeptical, pending more reporting.


Oregon lawyer freed, FBI admits fingerprint mistake The Mayfield episode is likely to lead to calls for a broad examination of both the laboratory work by the F.B.I. and the increasingly aggressive Justice Department's use of the federal material witness statute to detain people who it says may have information about a crime. The Justice Department is known to have used the statute at least 50 times since the Sept. 11 attacks, and civil liberties advocates said Monday that the Mayfield case demonstrated the potential for abuse.

Day After Tomorrow review Hilariously awful in most places, with an incoherent script and questionable acting, "Day After" will come on Friday and the question will be: Can innumerable, mind-numbing special effects, nearly all of them created on a computer and placed in what can only be called a random order, overcome sheer inanity?

Sacred Shia site damaged in Najaf fighting The inner gate of the shrine, leading into the tomb of Imam Ali Ibn Abu Talib, appeared to have been hit by a missile. Witnesses said the shrine had been hit by rockets or mortars, although it was not clear which side had fired them.

National Parks in disrepair Visitor center at USS Arizona memorial is sinking Speaking at Everglades National Park the first summer of his presidency, President Bush pledged to "restore and renew America's national parks."

Campaign images aren't cutting it George W. Bush looks like an Iraq-obsessed, warmongering incompetent. John Kerry looks like a cash-obsessed, double-talking flip-flopper.

Andy Borowitz
BUSH TO USE GIANT HYPNO-COIN IN SPEECH TO U.N. 'You Are Getting Very Sleepy,' He Tells World Body President George W. Bush will use what aides are describing as a "gigantic hypno-coin" when he addresses the United Nations to ask for assistance in Iraq, White House sources confirmed today.

Spaceport to be built in California desert

Supreme Court: Police can search parked cars The 7-2 ruling addressed a common situation, in which police pull over a suspicious car or come upon it while it is parked. Sometimes motorists get out of the car before an officer approaches, and it was not clear until now whether police had leeway to search the car.

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