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Monday, May 24, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday


ABC News Online
Rumsfeld banning digital cameras in Iraq? Report claims Pentagon confirms Iraq ban, says cameras soon to be banned from US military installations everywhere

Note: the ONLY source of the story above is an Australian newspaper, which is cited in this ABC report. I do not know whether the story is accurate.

Related: Weapons of mass photography The first impulse of government is to put a lid on information about itself, even when the public has a right to know.





US paying KBR for truck trips without cargo Twelve current and former truckers who regularly made the 300-mile re-supply run from Camp Cedar in southern Iraq to Camp Anaconda near Baghdad told Knight Ridder that they risked their lives driving empty trucks while their employer, a subsidiary of Halliburton Inc., billed the government for hauling what they derisively called "sailboat fuel."

While working for MS Carriers we hauled a lot of loads for FedEx, UPS, Dell Computers, the Post office, and many others that contract for trucks to move from point A to point B at a certain time and arrive at a certain time.
These trucks moved full or empty. I have hauled loads with a single package and trailers nearly full. This is very common practice.
Now this is not to say that KBR isn't ripping off the government. They probably are. But giving them the benefit of doubt, they may be doing exactly what Uncle Sam wants them to.
Just thought I'd add my two cents worth. Thanks,
Chuck H.

email 12:53pm
As a editor for a trucking magazine I have to agree with the writer who said trucks in the US often move without loads, but the industry tries to keep that movement to about 6% of all miles traveled.
There are in fact special companies that only move empty trailers, usually deliveries of new and used units or trailers being taken to staging sites. The practice of moving empty trucks or lightly loaded trucks was common before 1981 when carriers were regulated and had to run trucks along their specified routes on a schedule regardless of the freight available, but that practice has long died out. And sometime hot freight hauled by Fed Ex is very light weight, maybe only a pallet or a package, but he customer has ordered the freight for a special critical delivery, in fact an entire segment of the trucking industry, called expedited freight, is dedicated to that purpose alone.
The Iraq business was pure and simple padding, the result of cost plus payments and the need to keep the truckers bringing in an income as they are paid whether or not they work.
Gary B.

Iraqis say they want louder say in nation's government Frustrated Iraqi leaders say they're being cut out of negotiations over who will head the country after the June 30 transfer of power and warn that the process will lack legitimacy unless it is led by Iraqis.
APTV News video: Iraq attack did hit a wedding party
Pentagon's postwar fiasco coming full-circle? Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his inner circle thought they could liberate a nation without even talking with those they were liberating. The Pentagon never had a policy or a program.


New software will show whether email opened ".. will keep tracking the e-mail even after it is opened. It will show how often someone opened a message, whether that person forwarded it to others, and whether those people read it."

Houston neighbors with bats, sticks capture suspected child predator

Killer rabbit attacks moped and man


Went to visit mom this weekend. Coming back through Alice they seem to have an old fashioned gas war. Wal-Mart put in a multi-acre store and now sells gas. Sunday afternoon they were selling gas for $1.73. I understand Wal-Mart has deep pockets and wants to shake thing up a bit, being new in town. What gets me is that every other station in town also dropped prices to $1.73 to $1.81.
The tried and true mantra from the gas stations, "We only make 1 to 2 cents per gallon", seems to fall apart. I do not believe that they would absorb an 18-20 cent loss per gallon just to try to keep up with wally world.
Do you think Citgo, Shell, Diamond Shamrock et al are absorbing the loss for their retail outlet? ...
Scott R.


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll on City Spending RESULT
posted 810am Fri 5/21 10pm Sun 5/23/2004
Should San Antonio's new city budget cut back on tax money that is given to "the arts"?

No, because arts are vital to any city.
Maybe a little, but nothing drastic.
Yes, a significant cutback.
Arts, schmartz: fix the potholes!
Total votes 318


A few days ago, a photo of Alexandra Kerry taken at the Cannes Film Festival caused a stir because her dress was translucent. Many of us thought there was no way she could have NOT known it was a see-thru dress. Well, maybe and maybe not. I stumbled across the photo below and wonder whether Ms. Kerry might not have been the victim of flashbulbs rather than of brazen immodesty.

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