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Tuesday, May 18, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

IF BUSH WAS A GIRL Flash movie Thanks Richard H

Gay couples "marry" in Massachusetts More than 600 gay couples rushed to town halls and courthouses across Massachusetts on Monday and emerged to cheering crowds, live bands and rice-throwing relatives as the state became the first in the nation to allow same-sex marriages.

Iraq Council leader killed by bomber
As Iraq violence deepens, so does pessimism
The suicide car bomber who killed the head of Iraq's Governing Council, Izzedin Salim, on Monday gave shape to a feeling among Iraqi and U.S. officials and common citizens that the country is almost unmanageable.
Bush campaign worried about approval ratings
The chief strategist for President Bush's re-election campaign yesterday said that if the president's declining approval ratings, which are already at record lows, slip an additional seven percentage points, it will be "very difficult to win."
US buying off Iraqi ex-prisoners? "At the Camp War Horse detention centre in Baguba, north of Baghdad, it is a surreal scene: US soldiers handing out cash to freed prisoners along with a note saying 'You have not been mistreated.' Desperate to limit the damage from the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, the US military has launched something of a charm offensive surrounding their detention centres... 'Have you been mistreated?' the governor asks the detainees, dressed in orange boilersuits. 'No. We have never been tortured,' chorused those behind bars as some 50 soldiers stood nearby."
Sarin-laced shell: major discovery or curious relic?


Special session ends with no school bill

Special session riddled with problems A "train wreck"

Perry's Folly: 48% say DON'T call another special session of the Legislature

Hey, jerks: Here's how to help kids


Unusually rough hurricane season predicted
Katy toddler found in hot car dies
US rejects more meal charges from Halliburton
Air passenger dropped his trousers


#1 web search term: Nick Berg
Nick Berg-related searches are so prevalent that they dwarf all other searches, including the consistent pop-culture leaders. Over the past week, Nick Berg searches were 24 times higher than Britney Spears (#4), Paris Hilton (#6), and Clay Aiken (#5).

Beheaded American buried in private

Nick Berg conspiracy sites/stories 1 2 3 more

Hey Brad,
Even though I'll vote for Kerry, I'll have to be honest. Kerry's daughter looks like one of those transvestites that hangs around on Broadway near the adult book store. There I said it: it’s too true. Anyway, if I was single I'd try to date the Bush girls and if I was a vice officer I'd try to bust the Kerry girl. Your Listener,
Paul D.

Our local school board in ... Ingram has decided to introduce real guns into the 7th grade classroom as teaching aids. The attached photo shows the speaker waving around a semi automatic pistol in the class room while at lease six real weapons are pointed at the students. The School Board maintains this is good for the students. ...

The photo is from the front page of the Kerrville Daily Times from last week.
Scott P.

As you know San Antonio has a lot of “taggers” and graffiti “artists” around the city. The City of San Antonio has programs on its website to encourage citizens, civic groups, and businesses to get involved in eliminating graffiti. ... Toyota is ... promoting its new Scion line of vehicles. ... one commercial features a so-called “community profile” which is really a speech about how graffiti allows the narrator to “express himself” and become an “active participant in the community” while asserting his individuality…ostensibly comparing ownership of a unique Scion vehicle to the illegal practice of spray painting murals and words on property that you don’t own.
I wonder if Toyota would pull the ads if San Antonio government and civic leaders complained…or if our government and civic leaders would even bother.
Best regards,
Brian D.

The news break keeps talking about the "Pooch Pals Program" where the Arsenal Post Office station is going to have their residents put stickers on their mailboxes letting the mail carrier know there is a dog on the premises. This is supposed to reduce the number of dog bites to the mail carriers.
My father is a mail carrier and he had worked for the Arsenal Post Office and had been bitten by a dog while delivering mail. The house he was delivering the mail at did not have a dog when he was knocked over and bitten on the leg.
The dog that bit my father was supposed to be in its backyard behind a chain link fence three blocks away from where the attack took place. The owner claimed his dog had jumped over the chain link fence.
The next time my father saw that dog, it was in its back yard behind the same chain link fence that it was known to jump over, and the dog was still not chained up.
I don't see how the Pooch Pals Program would have helped anyone in that situation. My dad still has a bad scar and I'm sure that dog is still jumping its fence. I Hope that dog's owner gets a sticker for everyone in the three block radius of his house, maybe put a picture of my dad's scar on the sticker too. Now that would be awareness!

Dear Brad:
A person who is over 65 and owns their home under the Homestead Act cannot be forced to sell their home or have it taken for taxes. The law says that they can defer or postpone any delinquent taxes as long as they live in it. The time they may be in the Hosp. or a nursing home is considered an extension of their home.
You can confirm this by calling the Property Tax Division Information Services State of Texas at 1-800-252-9121 ...
Please stop scaring old people who are uninformed. Regards,



Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULT
Why did voters overwhelmingly say NO to three 3-year terms for the mayor and council members?
Disgusted with City Hall generally
Against everything no matter what
Disgusted with the mayor
Not convinced by clever "4 For All" ad slogan
Total votes 300
This is a trial of the "Sparklits" poll software. Several people reported being blocked from voting because the poll mistakenly told them they'd already voted. No one reported being able to vote more than once. Trial will continue.




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