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Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULT
posted 1215am-1130pm Thursday 5/13/2004
Should the rest of the prison abuse images be made public?

Total votes 623


Lawmakers view Iraq prison images "It just deepens the conclusion that this was a cellblock that had gone wild," Mr. Lieberman said

Arabs downplay beheading coverage Arab media played down or ignored the news of an American civilian's beheading by Islamic militants in Iraq, while continuing to give prominence to the American prison abuse scandal

A failure of leadership at the highest levels
Around the halls of the Pentagon, a term of caustic derision has emerged for the enlisted soldiers at the heart of the furor over the Abu Ghraib prison scandal: the six morons who lost the war.

Scientists claim "global dimming" The dynamics of global dimming are not completely understood. Antarctica, which would be expected to have clean air, has also dimmed

Cassini spacecraft set for Saturn orbit in 6 weeks Will send a probe to surface of moon Titan, where atmosphere resembles that of the young Earth

Massachusetts expects gay marriage rush Sale of licenses set to begin Monday


Dear Brad:
Curiosity has gotten the best of me and I have watched the execution video on the web. Do you know of a web site that offers an English translation of the "speech" given by the murderers. I can not imagine what must have been going through that young man's mind and the terror he experienced. I would like to read what these horrible "people" said in the moments before Mr. Bergs death. Thank You,
Linda McCloskey

Sure. There's one HERE

Mr. Messer,
I proadly served wiht the 82nd airborne and other outfits for four years and i cannot believe that you allowed for a linkl to the be-heading of that poor american on your e-mail page. You have losta listener and beleive me i will do all i can to pursuade all my friends to never listen to you our your station ever again. We are americans and we are better than that, you lowered yourself today my friend?
Troy T.

Thanks for your service to America. I'm disappointed that my offering access to information puts you off. My view is that it's the American way to offer information to those who desire it-- particularly if the info is related to something over which we have gone to war.

I have read in several places now that both Colin Powell, and Paul Bremer spoke directly to Secretary Rumsfeld repeatedly about reports of serious prisoner abuse in Iraq, especially Abu Ghraib. Nothing changed, and as they continued to hear these reports they would voice their concerns again. Well, Secretary Rumsfeld is finally going to Iraq to show us all he is on top of the situation.
David P

Rumsfeld making surprise visit to Iraq "..on a trip designed to reassure U.S. troops that the prisoner abuse scandal has not weakened public support for their mission and to get firsthand reports from the most senior commanders."

Note to troops: Not a single person has called my talk show to say anything negative about you. We appreciate your good work, and none of us back Home puts you in the same basket with the prison guards. I aired this Commentary to that effect yesterday.

Dear Mr. Messer,
... Sure enough, the video was as horrible as I imagined. It made me sad to say the least. But after the sadness faded the anger emerged. And I know the video was meant to make us angry. It's meant to make us angry enough to continue a holy war with these people. To be honest with you Mr. Messer, I think the war on Iraq marks the beginning of the end. And I'm not talking from a strictly religious point of view ... I just saw a horrible event. And I feel just like I felt that bright sunny September morning when America came tumbling down. Thank you for reading my email and God bless America. Sincerely,
Elizabeth C., 24 yrs. old San Antonio, TX

I went to the link you provided. All I can say is that I am still crying. I am retired Army and it takes a lot to make me tear much less to actually cry. I will cry for this man, his family and every military member and their family for a long time to come. Thank you very much
Rickey A.

Mr. Messer,
I am positive you will never read this, but I must vent my outrage concerning this "beheading". Arabic peoples understand that Americans can be "shocked and awed" by this type of conduct. I, myself, feel violated by these thugs. This is war, and I cannot for the life of me understand why we must hold a standard that our enemies scoff at. It is time to get as dirty as they want to play, or maybe a little worse...
Sincerely, Bob G

In the fall of 1969 I was with the 3rd Brigade of the 101st Airborne on a mountain top somewhere near the DMZ. We got word that a patrol had been involved in a firefight and had taken a live prisoner. The closest MI interpreter/interrogator was far to the rear and bad weather in between was preventing a helicopter from bringing him out soon. So the brigade S-2 officer approached my platoon leader about me going out to bring the prisoner in. We agreed and before I got on the helicopter to go to the scene of the firefight I had a meeting with the S-2 officer. I can't recall his name but I remember what he said and I guess I never really appreciated what he told me until this current situation in Iraq put it in perspective.
He told me that my personal feelings toward a North Vietnamese prisoner were irrelevant, I was not to harm the prisoner in ANY WAY, mentally or physically. He told me to keep in mind that the whole time I was in the jungle a thousand eyes could be watching me and whether or not another NVA soldier surrendered or fought to the death could depend on his perception of how we treated them and the future treatment of American POWs could depend on how they saw that we treated them.
It was a short meeting and all I thought at the moment was "I don't think I would do anything anyway but thanks for telling me that" because it let me know in no uncertain terms what my operating environment was and that there were limits which would be respected.
Enjoy listening to your program. San Antonio needs a reasonable talk show. Thanks
Stan H.

I didn't think you meant a sadistic thing like I saw when I viewed the video. I am a strong person when it comes to death but this was unreal how another human could do this to another. I performed autopsies and we treated the dead better than that..
Tim B.



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