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Friday, April 30, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
BRACKEN VOL. FIRE DEP'T barbecue, raffle, auction FUNDRAISER 4-8pm tomorrow (Saturday 5-1) in Garden Ridge, FM 3009 3 miles N of FM 2252 (210) 651-5762
TRAIL RIDES in memory of Col. "Easy" Hall, New Braunfels CCSP Arena, tomorrow and Sun., info (210) 566-8353
CORNYVAL fundraiser in Helotes, carnival and rodeo now thru Sunday

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Far down column:
Commie Homo Disrespectful anti-Bush tirade, which - you might know ! - is from San Francisco

"Mission Accomplished"
May 1, 2003

May 1, 2003
Bush: Iraq is one victory in war on terror

Bush's historic speech aboard warship (transcript)


London Daily Mirror
BBC: US general suspended over abuse



Since President Bush declared an end to major combat last May 1, 582 U.S. soldiers have died - 410 as a result of hostile action.
April has been the deadliest month so far, with more than 100 killed and some 900 wounded amid a sharp rise in violence.

Iraq War Dead
1 (with photos when available: sortable)
2 (with personal message boards: site has been overloaded at times)

These are always available in the left column here


TV chain drops tonight's Nightline on war dead Tonight's extended edition of Nightline commemorating more than 700 U.S. service men and women killed in Iraq will be pre-empted on the Sinclair Broadcasting Group's eight ABC stations on the grounds that it's a political statement disguised as a news program.

Control of Fallujah set to go to Iraqi troops A senior defense official at the Pentagon said the Iraqi soldiers' initial mission is to man checkpoints around the city. Marines will remain on or near the city's perimeter and plan at a later stage to conduct their own patrols inside the city, the official said

On the war...

Paul Krugman commentary: In front of your nose

Bob Herbert commentary: From dream to nightmare "Reality was the first casualty of Iraq. This was a war that would be won on the cheap, we were told, with few American casualties. The costs of reconstruction would be more than covered by Iraqi oil revenues. The Iraqi people, giddy with their first taste of freedom, would toss petals in the path of their liberators. And democracy, successfully rooted in Iraq, would soon spread like the flowers of spring throughout the Middle East."


Children dead and wounded in Iraq

'It wasn't supposed to go like this'
Three mortar rounds landed only about 50 feet from their up-armored Humvee.
Miraculously, no soldiers were injured. But two small Iraqi boys lay dead. A third, older boy tried to drag himself to safety.
Bradley, Heim, Lewis and the rest of the soldiers somehow stayed almost supernaturally calm. Although they expected rocket-propelled grenades to follow the mortars, they rushed to check the bodies of the children, and to drag the wounded boy to safety.
“God, that’s horrible,” Bradley said quietly after the situation stabilized.



Cam - Ottawa Citizen

And in closing...
Commie Homo Disrespectful anti-Bush tirade, which - you might know! - is from San Francisco

PGA Village deal was quietly changed later "This does point out that the city needs to change its contract approval process to look at the check first instead of writing half of a blank check and then letting staff fill it all in," Councilman Julián Castro said. "We need to know the details when we act."

Talk, talk, talk...
Homeowners hear politician Perry talk appraisals cap "You're the face of millions of property owners, taxpayers across the state who are very frustrated," Perry said to homeowners gathered in the living room.

Bexar County upped my value by $17,400 this year!!! I live on two acres in the unincorporated part of Bexar County (east side) and there are six eyesores within sight of my driveway... a bunch of deadbeat white trash have moved in in the past couple of years... The only thing I did was in 2002, I replaced the siding and roof on the house ... and painted all the buildings. There is no justification for this increase. I am livid.
Diane M

Medicare's Rx drug price comparisons at stores in your ZIP Code HERE

Woman drove ten days with dead mom in car

New Houston police chief wants to install cameras to catch traffic violators

Nude discipline brings arrest

On eBay, wedding dress for success

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