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Thursday, April 29, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
BRACKEN VOL. FIRE DEP'T barbecue, raffle, auction FUNDRAISER 4-8pm this Saturday 5-1 in Garden Ridge, FM 3009 3 miles N of FM 2252 (210) 651-5762
TRAIL RIDES in memory of Col. "Easy" Hall, New Braunfels CCSP Arena, Sat. and Sun., info (210) 566-8353

San Antonio term limits early voting Propositions
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Falluja deal reported;
10 GIs killed elsewhere

Some Marine units were already beginning to pack up in preparation for a withdrawal, and a Marine commander, Lt. Col. Brennan Byrne, said the Iraqi force would start entering Falluja on Friday


Gotta be one of the odder poll results:
Iraq poll: War did more harm than good but "worth hardships" Nearly half the Iraqis polled in a survey conducted primarily in March and early April said they believed the U.S.-led war had done more harm than good, but 61 percent of respondents said Saddam Hussein's ouster made it worth any hardships.
The poll suggested more than half of Iraqis had a negative impression of U.S. forces in general before the current wave of violence.

NY Times/CBS poll
American support for war "down sharply" On whether to pull out soon or stay, it's a tossup Americans are increasingly critical of the way President Bush is handling the conflict, according to the poll

Maureen Dowd:
So let's see. What's our swell choice here?
A guy who mimed being a fighter pilot on a carrier versus a guy who mimed throwing his medals over a fence? An incumbent who sticks with the wrong decisions based on the wrong facts versus a challenger who seems unable to stick to one side of any decision, right or wrong?


Frontline this evening: The Jesus Factor Bush's religion

Some newspapers pull tomorrow's Doonesbury Iraq strip

1st AD families get OK to move without servicemember during extension

60 Minutes II to show Americans abusing Iraqi prisoners
"..Army general and her command staff may face the end of long military careers. And six soldiers are facing court martial in Iraq -- and possible prison time."

I put the above link here today (Thursday) without really thinking about what night 60 II is on-- which was last night. The CBS website story is misleading. If you click the link you will see two references to TODAY'S date, with no indication the show ran last night. Sorry. CBS Rules!

In two Iraq cities, no solution to standoffs A further incursion into Fallujah -- the only way many Marine officers say the insurgency here can be squelched -- has been rejected by local and national Iraqi leaders as an unacceptable risk to tens of thousands of noncombatants in the city.

Like quicksand, isn't it. If you move, you sink, but in order to get out you must move. Welcome to the quagmire which a certain American president specifically says is not a quagmire.


Hi, Brad,
You can tell David P. that Yes, I participated in the Battle of Flowers, but I didn't inhale.

School plan revised; proposed state property tax dropped

Cuellar says Rodriguez's vote-fraud claims "legally too late"

Bushcheney before 9-11 panel today

In first year of iTunes, Apple sells more than 70-million songs

Snakehead walking fish is back (with photo) Maryland authorities announced Wednesday that the voracious Asian invader, which can breathe out of water and scoot short distances over land, has reappeared. He and his friend were debating what to do with the fish, which was lying on the ground inside the plastic bag. A park maintenance worker walked up, curious, and stuck his foot near the animal.
Suddenly, Wintermoyer said, the snakehead lunged.
"It put a pretty good tooth mark in his steel-toed boot," he said.

Woman arrested depositing money from bank heist

900-foot sinkhole in West Texas oil field

Demi Moore then

California panel recommends paper ballot backups for touch-screen voting machines Ten counties with touch-screen voting machines can use them in November -- but only if alternative paper ballots are offered in each precinct, a state advisory committee recommended. The vote also would ban other counties in California from introducing new ATM-like electronic voting equipment in November, unless the machines include a verified paper trail of votes cast.

    Thanks Ernie W.
A blonde calls Delta Airlines and asks, "Can you tell me how long it takes to fly from San Francisco to New York City?" The agent replies, "Just a minute..." "Thank you," the blonde says, and hangs up.

North Koreans just love oppression and their leader "Many North Koreans died a 'heroic death' after last week's train explosion by running into burning buildings to rescue portraits of leader Kim Jong-Il and his father, the North's official media reported

Oh, gee, is it lunch time?
Chinese man snatches 30 bodies for soup to heal wife

Cat lost seven years doesn't recognize old family "Cats are amazingly smart, but not that smart," says Cheyenne's owner.

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