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Wednesday, April 28, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
BRACKEN VOL. FIRE DEP'T barbecue, raffle, auction FUNDRAISER 4-8pm this Saturday 5-1 in Garden Ridge, FM 3009 3 miles N of FM 2252 (210) 651-5762

San Antonio term limits early voting begins today Propositions
Vote locations and sample ballot at Bexar Elections Dep't


Army asks ski resorts to return howitzers "..demanding the return of five howitzers that two Sierra Nevada ski resorts use to prevent avalanches, saying it needs the guns for the fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan." Army specs

Great picture of the five $1 million dollar howitzers that the Army loaned to the Lake Tahoe ski resorts. Too bad that the little fracas in the middle east is causing the military to ask for them back. Perhaps they can loan the resorts a few B-52's: they don't seem to be busy today.
I have been thinking, as a business person do you think that our Compassionate Army would loan me an older model M1A1 main battle tank? I have been having a bitch of a problem driving 410 recently. Those damned liberals keep cutting me off.
Just think what a 120mm Depleted Uranium Sabot would do to one of them rice burning Lexus SUV's! Do you know who I can contact?
Thanks for being live and local.



Today I threw an old Fiesta medal over my back fence so I'll have something to deny thirty years from now, if I live that long. I thought about separating the ribbon from the medal and throwing each over separately, but I may want to go out tomorrow and pick it up, so I left it all in one piece.
Anne R.

Anne R. e-mailed you to say she threw her old Fiesta medal over her back fence. I wonder, did she receive it for participating in the Battle of Flowers?
David P. - Wimberley
PS: You’re not the only man ever to lose his head over Halle Berry.

Look at the black patch UNDER THE US FLAG.

Brad, You do know that the patch that says "doing the work of." and the subsequent flag patches under it is a fake, right? Snopes covers this in great detail.
A long time ago I took your advice and checked out their web site. I now check it every day.
(Did you know that Long John Silvers is giving away free giant shrimp sometime soon because NASA found evidence of an ocean on Mars? Check out their stuff on Snopes as well. Pretty cool! Keep up the good work!


Did you make a mistake or did you really intend to show the lovely Halle Berry in all her beautiful topless self? I would have thought a link with a little warning was more your style.
Jose S

I did remove her photo and replace it with a link. You were right. Lost my head...


The photo below was faked up by Richard N.
You can fake your own here



email (anti Bush)
Why is it that everyone seems to love this president so much? He has effectively shredded the US Constitution. Gotten us involved into a quagmire of almost epic proportions in Iraq. He's devastated our environment. He's run our federal deficit into new and almost unbelievable levels. He's alienated us from the international community. He's lied to the US public at almost every turn, and now even the media can't pucker up fast enough to kiss his ass. I just don't get it!!!
Corey C.

email (pro Bush)
I've always loved cowboys. Bush is a cowboy. Look here.

Hey Brad,
I get that Bush the cowboy thing emailed to me for some reason regularly. What always perplexes me is that all the cowboys in the little show are Hollywood.
Usually, I just email back that the pictures fit Bush perfectly. What I don’t email back is that - just like the men in the pictures - Bush is a fake cowboy, too.

I just reviewed all of the "cowboy" pictures on your website and I have to agree with "Ash". NONE of them are real. I know because my Grandad was the real thing. He was about 5'6", bowlegged, skin like beef jerky, hands as gnarled and hard as old dead cedar, quiet as a mountain lion, straight as I-10 in west Texas. He was born in Leaky, raised in San Angelo, and died in New Mexico.
He wore his Stetson square on his head, his long sleeve shirts buttoned up to his chin and down to his wrists, and he wore work boots, NEVER fancy cowboy boots. He could build adobe houses and irrigation systems as well as all the usual cowboy stuff. He was known for years as the best trail cook around central New Mexico and the younger deer hunters took him along on hunts in the Gila Wilderness long after he had to give up hunting.
HIS father rode shotgun on the stage from San Antonio to El Paso.
I also have enjoyed some of the western movies and TV shows in the past, especially Clint Eastwood. But I didn't mistake them for reality. My Grandad was the real thing. He would be never believe what passes for a "cowboy" today.


Sweetheart deal between SAHA and KB Home?


U.S. forces unleashed AC-130H Spectre gunships and the full array of their air and ground firepower on Fallujah and Najaf yesterday, killing dozens of insurgents.

New fighting erupts in Fallujah
Outside Baghdad, gunmen opened fire on a military convoy headed in the direction of Fallujah, killing or wounding at least two people. After the attack, a cargo truck was left with its tires shot out and windshield pockmarked with bullets. Pools of blood were on either side of the truck’s cab, and U.S. soldiers at the scene said two casualties were taken away.

US helicopters target Fallujah

Why US troops have new shoulder pads

Bushcheney before 9-11 Commission tomorrow At the administration's request, the questioning will not be recorded, nor will a stenographer be present to make a transcript. Commission members may take notes. That significantly differs with the commission's interviews with former President Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore

Kerry hits Bush on Guard service "..has begun to question President Bush's National Guard service record personally.."

Nightline to honor KIAs tonite with photos and names

San Diego, Texas hard-hit by local men's deaths About 10% of Iraq deaths are soldiers from Texas (story lists Texas war dead)

No final price, no final specs, but Iraq contract work goes on GAO auditors also found several instances in which Defense Department contracting officers "overstepped" their authority and ordered millions of dollars of no-bid reconstruction work that appears unrelated to the contracts

Highland Park police handcuff 97-year-old woman for traffic ticket

Illegal influx from Mexico soars to meet labor needs "..The number of undocumented Mexican immigrants entering the United States has increased dramatically over the past decade and will continue to increase because of U.S. labor demands.."

Scammer told soap opera fans they could meet Lucci for $49

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