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Monday, April 26, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
On Thursday this site passed a million April hits (1,014,236)

BRACKEN VOL. FIRE DEP'T barbecue, raffle, auction FUNDRAISER 4-8pm this Saturday 5-1 in Garden Ridge, FM 3009 3 miles N of FM 2252 (210) 651-5762


Fallujah to be "patrolled" but invasion is option UN envoy:  "When you surround a city, you bomb the city, when people cannot go to hospital, what name do you have for that?" he asked.  "And you, if you have enemies there, this is exactly what they want you to do, to alienate more people so that more people support them rather than you."

8:41 a.m.
Fighting rages in Fallujah
Commander: Marines fighting 'like lions'


"Take Your Kid to Work Day"


So many conflicting stories in Iraq, truth can't be determined In recent weeks, it has become harder for Western reporters to sift through conflicting accounts of incidents ... They venture outside only briefly. Many are afraid, mostly ensconced in hotels and houses protected by huge concrete blast walls, because of the recent wave of kidnappings and killings of foreigners.

Baghdad camp houses people who have fled Fallujah "Now we cannot raise the tents quickly enough. There are more and more families coming."


Real photos from Iraq invasion


Security firms search for pros for jobs in Iraq "..companies protecting U.S. officials, contractors and private businessmen in Iraq are quickly running out of skilled elite professionals to hire."

Electronic voting debate: Can computers ever be trustworthy? "Electronic voting in its current form is like hiring a private company to count votes behind closed doors," said Stanford University professor David Dill

Kerry's comments on tossed medals contradicted by old tape

Graphic DUI speech has students fainting and vomiting



FreePolls accidentally destroys poll again
2000+ votes and Comments up in smoke

---The uncompleted poll about KTSA talk hosts was accidentally vaporized by the company on Sunday. (Despite its name, I pay for the poll hosting.)

---Sunday morning I noted well over 2,000 votes— and page after page of Comments which had been generating a helluva commotion.

---Sunday afternoon the poll was suddenly eaten alive. Computer cannibalism.

---No need to try to run that poll again, I suppose. Pretty much everyone had a chance to vent. A terrific number of people obviously enjoyed firing off needle-pointed Comments.

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll ABORTED
posted 12am Thursday 4/22/2004
Which other KTSA local talk show host do you most often listen to (or like best)?

Trey Eliza Ricci Carl Jack
Bob Webster
Steve Gerhlein

At the time I posted the now-ruined poll last Thursday, it was accompanied by the following item, now in re-run for its value as both History and, unfortunately, as Current Events:

How to cheat this poll

Some people have commented that they can vote twice. Yeah, you can. The software supposedly accepts one vote per day from one computer. You can wait a day and vote again, and you can go to another computer and vote again. That is supposed to be the extent of being able to vote multiple times.
There's a major flaw in the Comment code. It allows people to make an unlimited number of comments if they figure out the loophole that allows it. And it ain't all that difficult.
To beat all, the poll server sometimes eats the polls, votes and all, leaving barely a trace. Not in the past few days— but I'm sure it'll happen again when I least expect it.
One more point. When you write and enter a Comment it automatically affixes the time in Mountain time. It's because the server is in Denver and the server gods up there won't give me an option to use Central.
Life ain't perfect, is it. As I have mentioned previously, this poll software has flaws but remains the best I've been able to find to this point.


"Temp. Repair: Makin' Do With Whatchoo Got"



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