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Thursday, April 15, 2004 New page by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

TOM TOMORROW editorial comic down page

12:35 today - the BLOGGING FROM BAGHDAD guy


My own Rumsfeld 1:20pm briefing notes…
Fallujah is “being contained” .. enemy trying to “break the will of the American people” .. they are failing .. our coalition has more than 30 nations and they are standing firm ..
Now ABOUT 137K US TROOPS IN IRAQ .. we’ve approved extension of “roughly 20K forces” up to an additional 90 days in Iraq and up to 120 days total deployment .. if more capability is needed in Iraq the current plan is to replace the extended troops with forces from other parts of the world ..
Q: To whom will coalition turn over power?
A: paraphrase, the UN will help figure that out
Q: for Gen. Peter Pace - Is another "heavy division" necessary?
A: para: the generals are getting what they asked for
Q: What's going on in Najaf and Fallujah? Etc...
A: para - It was Iraqis who decided al-Sadr should be arrested .. his paper was closed in accordance with standard procedure .. (Gen. Pace said Marines in Fallujah are deeper and deeper into the city .. US trying to be humane ..)
Q: How many Fallujah civilians killed?
A: para - What al Jazeera claims is that hundreds of civilians have been killed. Rumsfeld: what they are doing is "Vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable.!" but did not give a number himself because "we are not in the city."



Iraq: Italian executed, 2 more Japanese abducted

Three Japanese hostages freed

Siege of Fallujah polarizing Iraqis Even moderate Shiites say the fighting in the city has moved opinion decisively against the coalition.

Marines stood at attention as the casket of Lance Cpl. Matthew Serio was unloaded from an aircraft on Monday at T.F. Green Airport in Warwick, R.I. NY Times

Deadliest week ends in tears for the fallen

Eulogies for 17 Fort Hood 1st Cav soldiers

Al-Sadr agrees to talks with US

Marines abandon 'cultural sensitivity' for bullets

Republicans see conflict, urge Gorelick to quit panel Pressure is growing for Jamie S. Gorelick to resign from the September 11 commission for what the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has called "an inherent conflict of interest."

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULT
posted 9am-1045pm Thur 4/15/2004
What does San Antonio need in order to control panhandlers and vagrants?
New laws
Enforcement of current laws
Neither because it's uncontrollable
Total votes 316


Blogging from Baghdad
Rahul Mahajan mini bio
From the blog:
April 14, 11:45 am EST. Baghdad, Iraq -- Some people who have read my eyewitness reports confirming U.S. sniping at ambulances in Fallujah have written to accuse me of "having an agenda" and therefore lying about what I saw. Others have written to accuse me of being an Iraqi or of having a non-European name and therefore lying about what I saw. They are a very small minority of those who have written, but, because a picture apparently is still worth 1000 words: (and the blog has links to more photos)


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULT

posted 1215am-830pm Wed 4/14/2004


As an ex college debater there is no mystery about what occurred. Our godly president was given canned responses to potential questions by the pinko, commie press. This is a very old idea. The difference is that GWB plugged the preprogrammed answers into the wrong questions and got so confused that he started plugging variations of the same response into all of the questions.
This is what happens when you have a leader with the depth of a dry creek bed in mid-August. Don't get me wrong, Clinton would have done the same thing, but his oral skills are so superior that a good deal more of the public would have believed him. At least he could have plugged round canned retorts into round canned queries.
The response of your radio audience merely proves that the Clinton haters have now turned into Bush fawners, but no more gray matter has grown between their ears in the ensuing years. The same can be said of the Clinton apologists, now the Bush haters. Damn, it's hard to think logically these days
Your occasionally faithful listener,


No, your husband is not deductible ... and other IRS tales

ELF eco-terrorist gets 3 years

Chinese cat survives 30-day shipping container trip to US

Cop wants cameras to photograph everyone entering town

Non-native rattlesnake bites man at Oklahoma Lowe's store

Nevada seniors losing homes to Medicaid

Classic movie cable channel AMC dies

Chicago and L.A. pull plug on new liberal network

Ad for new Levitra erection pill is blunt

Scientists puzzled by slow rotation of distant object

Citizen of the Year gets 1,002 years in prison

Boat crewmen killed by decomposing squid fumes

School official is fooled by student paper's April 1 edition


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