-Ten-Foot Poll RESULT
How do you describe the situation in Iraq?

Going according to plan
2% - 8 votes

A rough week, still manageable
47% - 189 votes

Close to out of control
33% - 133 votes

Temporarily out of control
17% - 69 votes

Total votes 400

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$2.2B plan adds tolls, upgrades to Loop 360, parts of 183 and 71

(Earlier story: Ready for next wave of toll roads? Today, officials will detail plans for new turnpikes, most with free frontage roads)


Patrick Baz, AFP
Hafez Elwan, his wife May and 15-month-old daughter Fatima in their bedroom after a US missile hit Baghdad's Sadr City neighborhood. USA Today
Unintended Consequences

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULTS
posted 12pm Sunday 4/11/2004 - 9 pm Monday 4/12/2004
Does sticking to the June 30 deadline to turn Iraq over to an Iraqi government still make sense?
Not the way things are going now
Yes, if fighting decreases significantly
Yes, we set a date and should honor it no matter what
Nothing about this war has made sense
Total votes 573
(Someone wrote in a Comment that the 4th option should not have been included because it had nothing to do with the deadline and detracted from the topic. The commenter is correct.)

The animated poll failed. It didn't show up on this page when a browser had Java Script disabled. A lot of people don't know how to change that setting. I'm not gonna battle the world on this one so I am tossing the (Neomyz brand) animated poll and going back to the original (Freepolls brand) software which has its own sometimes-fatal flaws, such as the poll server occasionally going cannibalistic and eating the poll. But when it works, it does show percentages and vote counts, and it does allows Comments, which is a very popular feature. So it's back to the original poll, warts an' all, and I will still be on the lookout for better poll software.
My local site host SATexas.com is not the problem. SATexas.com does great. The problem is with an outside company that runs poll servers in Colorado (which is why the Comments display Mountain Standard Time, which is stupid but cannot be changed).


Marines Find Traces of Suicide Squads Discoveries in an abandoned factory shed in Fallujah point to a foreign presence among Iraqi insurgents.   There are no more U.S. troops to send to Iraq That's why we need 80,000 or more troops added to the U.S. Army. --Gen. Barry McCaffrey in Time cover story

Hostage works for KBR The US citizen taken hostage Friday in Iraq is a former dairy farmer who hired on with contractor Kellogg, Brown & Root to rebuild his family's finances
"He used to drive a milk truck and he had a dairy, and it wasn't paying off," said Hamill, 92. "He's got a family to support and he wanted to help them people, too. . . . Jobs was kind of scarce, and he has two children in school. It's hard, you know?"

Fallujah fighting haunts Iraqis who fled

A Chinese news agency headline:
Seven Chinese abducted in Iraq confirmed to be farmers from E.China

US backs off forecast of bin Laden capture

Long drought worsens in West From the brittle hillsides of Southern California to the drying fields of Idaho, from Montana to New Mexico, a relentless drought is worsening across most of the West, water supplies are dwindling and the threat of wildfires is rising.

Wild pigs a growing problem in West Texas

Broadcasters should protect, not stifle, free speech The FCC is revving up enforcement because Congress -- which created the FCC and approves its budget -- is pushing for it.


Bridges of pork Alaska will build two monumental "bridges to nowhere" thanks to pork in Highway Appropriations bill passed last week by the House


You should do something about your links to story such as "Bridges of pork"...
When us folks click on one of your seemingly interesting stories we find out they're nothing more than a waste of time because there is a registration process...
Is there anything that can be done on your end to ease this process?
Maybe Matt Drudge can help on this one...
Still love your stuff,
Walter S

Well heck, Walter, I can't get us all free lunch all the time. I have to jump thru the mini-registration hoops because I want the information.

email followup

I also dislike registering for a news article when I click on one of your
links to an interesting headline. Unlike our pal Walter S., I have found a
way around it rather than blame you...
I just take a few key words or phrases from your website and then use Google to search their news articles and find many sources for the same story.
I provided two links for Walter S. so he may read the articles without registering if he so desires. Forget the fact that it probably takes less time to register to The Washington Post than the amount of time you spend searching Google and getting the article from another site.. it's the principle that really matters.
Bridges to nowhere link: http://www.oaklandtribune.com/Stories/0,1413,82~1865~2077357,00.html
Shutting down Shiite Muslim newspaper link: http://www.ajc.com/news/content/news/0304/29iraqnewspaper.html
I love your show and your website, but (no offense to Eliza) I really miss the 3 hour show. Your show is my favorite of all radio-land.

Google is a good idea, Erica. Thanks for the help. I should have thought of that and didn't. As for the 3 hour versus 2 hour show, two is better for me.


Median home price exceeds $600,000 in Santa Cruz, California

Fiery foreplay draws sentence

Thieves steal truck containing 25,000 sets of Billy Bob Teeth

Wimpy, stupid Victoria's Secret management cancels meaningless, vapid "lingerie fashion show" in fear of Janet Jackson Super Bowl reaction

European cars hit skids in USA Sales fall 6.9% in first quarter as buyers choose Japanese, Detroit brands; quality might be a concern.

Hollywood Reporter
'Passion' back to No. 1; 'Alamo' massacred


A little somethin' I call Dare To be Different...

Kids, please don't worry. These are not REAL Gummi Bears. They are just actors.


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