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Friday, March 19, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

Bluebonnets: median of Harry Wurzbach -Brad
281 between Bitters and Hildebrand -Anne
7 major wildflowers in Texas
Hill Country Wildflower Festival
Wildseed Farms near Fredericksburg

A year later, military stretched to limit in Iraq
Ten-Foot Poll

posted 8:55am-11:30pm Friday 3/19/2004
IRAQ: Here we are a year later. Is the price we have paid thus far - in lives, injuries, money, and world reputation - too high?

Total Votes 761

Donald Rumsfeld
The price of freedom in Iraq "Korean freedom was won at a terrible cost — tens of thousands of lives, including more than 33,000 Americans killed in action. Was it worth it? You bet."

Paul Krugman
Taken for a ride A year ago, President Bush, who had a global mandate to pursue the terrorists responsible for 9/11, went after someone else instead.

Bush says "thank you" in visit to troops ".. in the context of new terrorist attacks in Iraq and a presidential campaign dominated by the debate over the American-led invasion, Mr. Bush's trip had intense political overtones."



Man sues after $399.60 "male enhancement" product fails David C. Parker says he took Enzyte for the directed eight-month period, but "experienced no increase" in penis size.

Girls escaped from nursery school to watch Sesame Street

Dallas Zoo gorilla gets out, attacks 4, gets shot It wasn't the first time that an escaped gorilla had injured someone at the zoo.

No money to photograph child abuse victims

FCC Cites Stern and Bono for Indecency

Couple who brawled over 'Passion of Christ' arrested


Bush's blog

Kerry's blog


From today's Paul Krugman commentary:

This week the Bush campaign unveiled an ad accusing John Kerry of, among other things, opposing increases in combat pay because he voted against an $87 billion appropriation for Iraq. Those who have followed this issue were astonished at the ad's sheer up-is-down-ism.

In fact, the Bush administration has done the very thing it falsely accuses Mr. Kerry of doing: it has tried repeatedly to slash combat pay and military benefits, provoking angry articles in The Army Times with headlines like "An Act of `Betrayal.' "

Oh, and Mr. Kerry wasn't trying to block funds for Iraq — he was trying to force the administration, which had concealed the cost of the occupation until its tax cut was passed, to roll back part of the tax cut to cover the expense.

From today's NY Times story Bush says "thank you" in visit to troops

While Mr. Bush was meeting with 46 families of soldiers who had died in Iraq, his campaign released the text of a new anti-Kerry commercial that attacked the Massachusetts senator as a waffler who voted against an $87 billion emergency spending measure last fall for American troops.

The advertisement ends with Mr. Kerry's own words: "I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it."

In a statement, the Kerry campaign called the advertisement misleading and "an attempt to hide George Bush's record of broken promises."


North Carolina does what gutless, unimaginative Texas leaders have failed to do
NC asks EPA to force others to clean up air "..petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency to crack down on pollution that it says is seeping across its borders from power plants in 13 other states."

In its petition, North Carolina is invoking a little-used but powerful section of the Clean Air Act that allows states to ask the environmental agency to address pollution from out-of-state sources. The section was last invoked in 1997, when eight Northeastern states petitioned the agency to reduce smog from the Midwest.


DC's radar camera is just the ticket The District's newest photo-radar camera, near the entrance of Gallaudet University in Northeast, has caught more than 10,000 speeding drivers in 15 days and is expected to generate millions in ticket revenue after the one-month warning period ends.

Austin supplements maker admits faking drugs

'Vampire' tour guide collapsed after seeing blood

USA Today reporter faked major stories

Why Britain's disappearing butterflies may be early victims of the sixth mass extinction

Rush Limbaugh's attorneys unearth precedent "..pointing an appeals court to one of its own decisions forbidding the seizure of medical information without due process."

Scammers buy 210 Disney mag subscriptions for almost-blind woman


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