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Friday, March 12, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday


Bush's blog



Kerry's blog


My producer Susan Farris tells me that the chief prosecutor in the Bexar County District Attorney's office has agreed to be a guest on my show on Monday to discuss aspects of the DEA/Ashley Villereal case. (Here was my Thursday commentary on that topic)


Political pop-up ads: new windows of opportunity

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULT
posted 8:45am-8pm Friday 3/12/2004
What if a pop-up ad for a politician appeared on your screen?
I would read it and appreciate the information
I would delete it without reading it
I would resent it but still might vote for the guy
I would resent it and NOT vote for the candidate
What's a pop-up ad?
Total votes 341

Senators: Ban November touch-screen voting

Insider's view of e-vote vulnerability "..the way votes are tallied at the poll site and sent electronically to the central tallying location for all the precincts is much more vulnerable than I previously thought."

Fisherman snatched from boat deck by sea lion

Minnesota may ban food stamp junk food purchases

Top new phrases include "wardrobe malfunction" and "extreme makeover"

1 Woman who refused C-section charged with murder over stillbirth
1 More detailed story says twin had cocaine, alcohol in blood

California high court bans gay marriages

Bob Herbert: Our wounded warriors | Wounded Warrior Project

Paul Krugman: No more excuses on jobs It's true that there are two employment surveys, which have been diverging lately. The establishment survey, which asks businesses how many workers they employ, says that 2.4 million jobs have vanished in the last three years. The household survey, which asks individuals whether they have jobs, says that employment has actually risen by 450,000. The administration's supporters, understandably, prefer the second number.


The camera never lies, but the software can
When John Knoll created Photoshop in 1989, he knew he was designing an image-editing program that could be used in good ways and bad. But even Mr. Knoll, who wrote the software with his brother, Tom, was unprepared for how outlandish photo manipulation would become.


EPA misrepresented water data, overstated purity

Kerry fails to back up foreign 'endorsements' "..refuses to provide any information to support his assertion earlier this week that he has met with foreign leaders who beseeched him to prevail over President Bush in November's election."

Teen sold drugs to officers with 'Police' on jackets


Texas kid reporter hits campaign trail
(PHOTO: Donna McCullough) Noah McCullough, 8, stands in front of Air Force One at Ellington Field during a recent visit by President Bush. The Katy third-grader has been rubbing some political elbows lately thanks to his roles as Scholastic News Online reporter and Tonight Show presidential expert.


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULT

posted 12am-9pm 3/10/2004

Should Martha Stewart go to prison?

Total votes 698

some of your comments

If she had murdered her husband maybe then she would walk. Remember OJ. Come on., just slap her hand and fine her. I mean are we talking murder or selling her stock for God's sake

If it were you or me, we would most certainly go straight to jail, do not pass go and do not collect 200 dollars! Plus I hate her!

Come on, if you were in her position you would do the same thing and sell! If you would not do it, you’re lying, or full of crap

What was the harm done?

She can start a new show "Martha Stewart Prison Living"

But only after all the "biggies" with Enron, AOL, etc. After all, it was only $50,000. The rest of these SOBs stole other people's monies, pensions, livelihood. How can we even deign to compare Martha Stewart to that TRASH!

Should she go for telling a lie? Yea, right after Hill and Billery.


Maybe my wife will un-glue herself from the T. V. if Martha is off the air.

She may be a scapegoat, but she did do the crime. Life is not fair.

The government lies to us all the time, so why is it illegal to lie to the govenment? If everyone is so worried about investors, what about the investors in her company?

It's not against the law to be a bitch.


Regarding human remains being processed into the pork from the Mass Murderer in Canada: Kinda gives a new meaning to the song "I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner"...


Hi Brad,
I have been listening to your commentary for many months now. Now I have one of my own if you care to listen.
I was born in 1955 and grew up during the Vietnam War era. What it was like for me was to listen every morning at the Breakfast Table to the latest news of how many of our soldiers died that day in a strange country. It was like listening to the scores of a baseball game.
I knew that my future was to turn 18, be drafted and then sent to Vietnam to die for my country. Why were they sending me to school to get an education that I would never use?
I was lucky. The draft ended just before my 18th birthday. Even though I was spared my certain death, fear and uncertainty is how I spent my first 18 years of life. I wonder how this Iraq war is affecting our youngest US Citizens?
I think it is way past time for our soldiers to come home from Iraq. Best Regards,


Mr Messer
I listened to your program today and although I'm not one to call into talk shows, today your disdain for our president almost infuriated me enough to do so. I'm glad I didn't sir because our opinions differ so greatly that I may have insulted you as much as your opinion insulted me.
Seems to me that your retoric is typical for someone who has a political agenda.
Do you really think the intelligence for the last 10 years has been wrong concerning WMD's or is it plausable they were moved? Do you really think the world would be a better place if the USA sat back and did nothing after 9-11? Do you really think the UN would have taken action that was as decisive as ours to free a country from a tyrant?
Mr Messer do you really think this is about oil? Last time I looked the price of oil is up and I don't think that helps President Bush, do you? Sir I respect your right to an opinion however it would be refreshing for someone with a different opinion to offer a solution or alternate action rather than the consistant misrepresentation and whine tactic.
We are all Americans and taking our freedoms for granted to promote an agenda, although today that approach seems acceptable, I do not think it speaks well of those who partake. Surely you Mr. Messer are better than that. Respectfully,
John S.


1. My opinion "insulted" you? How on Earth do you ever survive a single day without being "insulted" by someone having a differing opinion?
2. I think it implausible that any WMDs were moved. I do believe our intelligence might have been wrong. Or, if one believes in the supremacy of our intel, one would perhaps have to conclude that our satellites and other assets would have detected any WMDs being moved.
3. I would not endorse the U.S. sitting back and doing nothing to retaliate for the 9-11 attacks. However, I would prefer that we attack the ones who attacked us, rather than some uninvolved, third-rate country which our president happened to have a grudge against.
4. Do you really think our Iraq attack had nothing at all to do with oil? C'mon, John.
5. Here is my offer of a solution and alternate action: attack who did it, rather than a red herring.
6. I never take our freedoms for granted, which is why I have so consistently criticized the egregious Patriot Act and other attacks on privacy and civil rights, and won't quit, ever.


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