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Thursday, March 11, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday


Bush hits Kerry on trade



Kerry: GOP 'crooked' and 'lying'


Houston cop kills teen in Nov. 2003, indicted for murder Family member: "My thoughts are, the D.A. did a good job," he said. "Eli's not coming back, but at least the officer's going to get justice."

[Whereas the DEA killed a San Antonio teen nine months earlier, in February of 2003, and there have been no reports of the Bexar D.A. taking the case before a grand jury yet. See today's Commentary]


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll

posted 12am-9pm 3/10/2004

Should Martha Stewart go to prison?

Total votes 698


Hockey enforcer Bartuzzi suspended for rest of season

House votes to protect fast food giants

The measure was the latest Republican-led effort to provide legal immunity for a specific industry after efforts to impose broader limits have been blocked. Last week, a measure to provide immunity to gun manufacturers and dealers was defeated. Last year, a broad energy measure stalled over resistance to granting immunity to producers of a gasoline additive blamed for water pollution. In the past, Republicans pressed for immunity for the tobacco industry and producers of vaccines.
Title: To prevent legislative and regulatory functions from being usurped by civil liability actions brought or continued against food manufacturers, marketers, distributors, advertisers, sellers, and trade associations for claims of injury relating to a person's weight gain, obesity, or any health condition associated with weight gain or obesity.
Who voted Yes here including Bonilla, DeLay


Halliburton got Iraq contract despite cost-control warnings

$5M settlement in Tulia's drug sting

A child's kiss, and a brutal beating

Blacklist of patients who sued doctors taken off Web

Dallas cops say drunk dad let 11-year-old drive

Some military families rethink war in Iraq
The number of military families who oppose Operation Iraqi Freedom, though never measured, is probably small. But a nascent antiwar movement has begun to find a toehold among parents, spouses and other relatives of active-duty, reserve and National Guard troops.

EPA studying emissions from microwave popcorn

Millionaire winner 'invested prize money in cannabis farm'

Tapes reveal Princess Di confronted adultress Camilla

Queer Eye designer now spokesman for Pier One

EchoStar, Viacom resolve dispute CBS, cable channels back on air within 20 minutes of deal

Austinites make career of anti-Bush slogans



Back to jail for Diana Ross

1 Accused murderer may have sold human remains as meat
2 Meat from accused killer's farm may have contained human remains

Donated bodies blown up by Army

Naked newsreader taken off TV

See GOOSE ATTACK story bottom of this page


Fact check politicians, journalists
Find and follow the money Political MoneyLine






You always entertain me, so I thought I'd return the favor. Figured you'd get a chuckle out of this story from the North Lake Travis Log, a local newspaper.
We moved away from SA three years ago, but listen to you every day if we can. You're a hoot!
Jodie B


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