Farewell to my old friend BYRON VOSS of Kerrville, a fun-loving ultralight pilot into his 70s, former farmer, and scaler of cliffs in the Normandy Invasion in WWII. Graveside service took place earlier today at Fort Sam Houston.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday


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Woman tries to pass million-dollar bill

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Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULTS

DEA to make world safer! Local head shops targeted! Unable to complete investigation into the killing of an innocent teen girl after more than a year, DEA finds time to target water pipes in Mom and Pop shops

posted 8:30am-11pm Tuesday 3/9/04
The DEA announces a campaign to go after local Mom and Pop head shops selling pipes.

Good! It's high time the law was enforced!
Grandstanding by a federal agency that shoots people and gets away with it.
Total votes 418


Ashley Villareal, 14, shot by DEA 13 months ago today

Note to my Producer: Please invite the local DEA to tell me whether the investigation of the Feb. 9, 2003 shooting of Ashley Villareal, 14, has been completed yet, and what the results are. I would also like the Bexar D.A. to update people on the progress of the local police investigation and whether the case has gone to a Grand Jury yet.
Thank you.

Folks, I'll keep you posted on results of inquiries


A few of the poll comments...

Headshops have been around since I was 8 yrs old in NJ. I'm 44 now. and they're still around...

Just like a government agency, let the big fish go away and go after the minnows, free Martha!

It’s all unconstitutional!

Typical. The price of dope is down like never before and more prevalent than ever, so the DEA cracks down on water pipes? This just illustrates the sham called "the war on drugs."

I would start wearing a bulletproof vest if I worked at a head shop!!

There would be no pipe sales if there was no one to buy them. Besides everyone knows that those products are for use with tobacco only. everybody knows that don't they?...

Mom & Pop are the ones who turned the other way when their kids started with pot.

Didn't they do this back in the 60's. There was a little shop downtown next door to where the band sweet smoke played and the city tore down both buildings. Didn't seem to stop drugs then and it won't stop drugs now. To many people make too much money!

It's simple supply and demand. People demand to be able to get high and the marketplace supplies the products for that demand. If there weren't a market for these "tobacco" pipes, the shop owners wouldn't sell them. They just give customers what they want. No one holds a gun to anyone's head to go to the head shop.

Inmates have taken over. It's time to drink from the well

Something else that's only a crime if you think it is.

Will I still be able to buy soda cans or tin foil?

With the recent TV ads linking pot smoking to terrorism, will these moms & pops be eligible for military tribunals?


The polls show people approve of W's handling of war on terror; let's show images of 9-11 so they’ll be reminded; maybe they'll forget about Halliburton. Polls show people are against drugs; let's bust some head shops so they'll know we're working on the problem. Maybe they'll forget about Ashley. Steve W.

So what else can they use for distracting us

Brad. its called job security. The DEA has nothing better to do than follow through with Ashcroft's witch hunt for all the evil citizens. I am sick and tired of the militia acting Feds in this country. may they all be damned.

Another tentacle of the self perpetuating "War on Drugs"

It seems strange to me to make something against the law, but allow people to sell all the equipment needed to use/grow/sell it- even if it is under the guise of being for lawful substances...

This reminds me of the idiots who arrested that poor woman for selling sex toys. How do guys like these get badges and guns and why do WE allow it???

I'll buy your lunch if you get the DEA to discuss these results on the air.

It was unfortunate that the young girl died, but it was her and her family who caused it"
Is that right. So in your mind the killing of this child was OK. just fine because why? her dad was breaking the law? so it appears that you are OK with the FEDS murdering family members that are in close proximity to the felon. way to go. don't they have target practice at GUN SCHOOL

give me a break. legalize the pot and tax it.

its the old bait and switch routine, they can't rationalize killing Ashley so they switch to something else to take our minds off it. Just like Bush not being able to find Bin Laden so we attack Iraq instead and the ignorant American public go along with it.

legalize and decriminalize

Brad, maybe they feel this is something they can actually do right? duh!!

It would seem to me that if the DEA would concentrate on the supply end instead of the user end, they could brag "two birds with one stone." No pot, no use for head shops! Unrealistic expectation, I know, but it's just typical. Bass Ackwards

It was unfortunate that the young girl died, but it was her and her family who caused it - they need to accept responsibility. If you don't want to get arrested or possibly killed, don't break the law, don't associate with felons, don't engage in behavior that places the life of the police or another in danger.

Friend of mine is an FBI agent in Florida. He agrees with my assessment that many DEA agents are gun totin' cowboys who need to be roped and tied, especially the San Antonio crew responsible for Ashley's murder.

Get off attacking something that's a part of our economy and go after the real crimes like child abuse and sexual assault!!

Brad, once again its a do or die issue and have selectively narrow-mindedly focused on an agenda to provoke the people to get the answer you want. Why not be more objective and have your facts in place before emotions run rant. How about something simple like none of the above give us more options?

Major problem here is that every podunk law enforcement group thinks they have to have their own SWAT team, and some of them are less well-trained than others, and they never want to admit it when they make a mistake, and even if they did say "we're sorry" the people responsible are never held accountable, nor disciplined, much less fired. I think maybe it all started with Ruby Ridge.

Okay. water hoses. come on. where there's a way there's a will!!!!!!

Brad, I appreciate your 10 foot poles. It is just unfortunate that they often touch on a very serious subject. Not unfortunate that you have the ten foot pole, unfortunate that we still have idiotic people in charge of federal (taxpayer) dollars!!!

Someone should bong their ass.



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You always entertain me, so I thought I'd return the favor. Figured you'd get a chuckle out of this story from the North Lake Travis Log, a local newspaper.
We moved away from SA three years ago, but listen to you every day if we can. You're a hoot!
Jodie B


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