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Monday, March 8, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

Tomorrow's Republican and Democratic primaries: Where to vote: Bexar 210 335-VOTE • Guadalupe 830 303-6363 • Kerr 830 792-2242 • Comal 830 620-5513 • Wilson 830 393-7380 • Medina 830 741-6100 • Kendall 830 249-9343 • Bandera 830 796-3731






Boerne Wal-Mart employee's wacko attire gets him fired

Dallas shopping cart ban working

What recovery? Despite all the president's promises, the economy added just 21,000 jobs last month. No jobs were added by the private sector. The 21,000 additional jobs were all government hires. The report also showed that job growth in December and January was worse than previously believed.

Maureen Dowd on John Kerry In what may be an interesting harbinger for their debates, W. raced through his whole interview in the same time Mr. Kerry took to answer the first question about his favorite movie.

Key West runs out of room for the homeless

Woman: I was videotaped in a Bloomingdale's dressing room
Carol Ketover says the camera caught her in her thong underwear. "I feel extremely violated," she adds. The 60-year-old woman is suing, of course.

Firefighters free fat 8-year-old from baby swing

Bricklayer survives nail gun shot to head

Teen expelled for having scissors in sewing class

Great commentary today. I agree completely with you. I support the zoo by joining and contributing money. Most of the animals need better enclosures. How does the zoo get the money to build them? The city should but won't help because not enough people in San Antonio care. That means not enough votes.


Fix up the Zoo?? Money for the Zoo?? Are you kidding?? There's just too many other IMPORTANT programs we must use our bucks on, ie. Miss America pageant - We made billions on that deal. Unable to cope with the zillions of visitors that rushed to our city after that TV show.
Pay the so-well-deserved bonus to the CPS dude. (Crap, my electricity just went off).
Give the Dallas Cowboy organization a few million each year so the millionaires can have pocket change. Can't forget that TV exposure we got. "NICE GREEN FOOTBALL FIELDS". Gosh, how did the city ever handle that rash of visitors that came to see those green football fields. Just to mention a couple.
Have a good day.
PS: Did you see the TV coverage of the BIG fire on Austin highway??? What a fiasco, funny, dumb, stupid. (not the fire, the TV people) Coverage went on and on and on with stupid commentary.
Did you know that the walls in room 43 were painted Star light blue in 1943? Give me a break. God Bless.


Rovers show Mars was wet on both hemispheres

Scientists try to learn why rover unable to dent Mars rock

Poll indicates Kerry ahead in Florida 49 to 43%

Voters shortchanged at California polls

Iraq death spurs push for Humvee armor An unarmored Humvee costs about $75,000, while an armored one costs about twice as much.

GOP, Democrats banking on Patriot Act as key issue Justice Department officials met behind closed doors with congressional staffers last week to argue against a bill that would roll back the USA Patriot Act, insisting that the new surveillance rules rushed through Congress after the 2001 terrorist attacks should raise no fears about compromising civil liberties.

Sheriff’s deputy back from Iraq, but missing hand, voicebox


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