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Thursday, March 4, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
1,306,206 hits in February

Early voting for next Tuesday's March 9 Republican and Democratic primaries ENDS Friday, March 5. Where to vote: Bexar 210 335-VOTE • Guadalupe 830 303-6363 • Kerr 830 792-2242 • Comal 830 620-5513 • Wilson 830 393-7380 • Medina 830 741-6100 • Kendall 830 249-9343 • Bandera 830 796-3731




Air narcs resist cleaner fuel
Cleaner fuel resisted byregulators "..the federal Clean Air Act discourages states from allowing new forms of cleaner-burning gasoline in local markets to help communities reduce ozone pollution until all other reasonable emissions controls are used first."

Vote is today on who gets Tower concession

Teacher resigns after duct-taping student


March 4, 2004

Milton Lee
Chief Executive Officer
City Public Service Co.

Dear Mr. Lee:

I for one hope you do get your $280,000 bonus this year, in addition to your base salary of $280,000, because you are obviously holding down labor costs at our publicly owned utility company.

As one example, you have kept the number of telephone assistance personnel at substandard levels, as attested to by thousands of customers or would-be customers who are put on Hold for an hour or two, or in some reported cases for an entire day— or who can't get CPS to even answer the phone in the first place.

Another area of efficiency is one I can personally confirm. For the past three months running, my wife Carole has been filling out the Change of Address form on the back of our CPS bill envelope, and for three months your efficient operation has been ignoring the form. This indicates to us that the Change of Address people are consistent in their performance, and that you are quite likely keeping CPS labor costs under a tight cap.

Holding the expense of your own personal paycheck to just $10,769 a week (not counting benefits) is appreciated. Heaven knows other utility CEOs are probably out there really skinning their customers.

Mayor Ed Garza and the other Board members who approve your compensation are also consistent in their performance, but that's a matter for another day.

Best regards,


Brad Messer (the one at the new address)
KTSA Radio talk host



Tiny Swiss cellphone chips helped track Qaeda terrorists

As a Postscript to yesterday's Tom DeLay commentary...
Tom DeLay and the lobbying game The eye-popping profit reaped by lobbyists with ties to House leader Tom DeLay indicates that it is time for an investigation of this industry.

Maureen Dowd's latest vicious (funny) attack on Bush & Co.

Problems with mad cow investigation The Agriculture Department tested fewer than 21,000 cows last year — compared with millions in Europe — but Secretary of Agriculture Ann M. Veneman has repeatedly said that amount is enough to assure that the country's beef is safe because it focuses on downers, which were more likely to be diseased. If the disease was found in a walking cow, the premise behind the testing system would be undermined.

Marriage battle begins on Hill Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said yesterday that Congress "must act and act soon" to prevent a few judges and local officials from redefining marriage for everyone, as lawmakers held the first day of hearings on a constitutional amendment to define marriage as a male-female union.


Mint rolling out nickels with a new look
2 US Mint website


Texas tightens rules on school food

Wal-Mart's California supercenters scaring grocery chains

TO CROSS STREET PUSH BUTTON In NYC the buttons aren't hooked up!

Iowa paramedic fired for inappropriate acts on corpse "..grabbed the dead person's breast and said "honk, honk."




Photos of unidentified corpses put online

Woman drives her car into water to re-enact "Passion" scene Police believe she was attempting to be baptized.

Bush to make up missed National Guard service this weekend WASHINGTON, DC—In a move intended to dispel criticism over his Vietnam-era military record, President Bush announced Monday that he will spend the weekend at the Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, TX, to make up his missed National Guard service.


email 3/1/2004
Brad, I wanted to thank you for the recommendation on Summit Insurance. I gave them a call, and ended up saving almost $50 a month on my family's auto policy with much more coverage . I also let them quote my homeowners (which I was worried about with all the recent issues) and I was thrilled because my monthly mortgage payment is going to be about $100 less than I thought, which means we get to do granite countertops in our new home. I've decided to let them quote me for a new life insurance policy and I will let you know how it turns out.





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