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Thursday, February 26, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

Early voting for March 9 Republican and Democratic primaries. Where to vote: Bexar 210 335-VOTE • Guadalupe 830 303-6363 • Kerr 830 792-2242 • Comal 830 620-5513 • Wilson 830 393-7380 • Medina 830 741-6100 • Kendall 830 249-9343 • Bandera 830 796-3731


12:35 today
Bob Barr, attorney and former US Rep. (R-Ga) on the new TSA airport fines. From his UPI commentary:

"..clearly reflect the dangers of allowing an agency to exercise what amounts essentially to arbitrary and absolute power ... there are no signs warning [that] a traveler caught with a forgotten Swiss Army knife might be subject to fines up to $10,000. Thus, basic notions of due process and notification are not met, adding to the arbitrariness of the process.

From the TSA website:
"..civil penalties up to $25,000 per violation for aircraft operators and up to $10,000 per violation for all other "persons," including individuals, when a determination is made that civil penalty enforcement action should be taken.   This sanction guidance is being issued to assist TSA personnel on the appropriate application of penalties under TSA's present civil penalty authority.


1:05 today
Rowan Scarborough, Washington Times Pentagon reporter, author of "Rumsfeld's War". From an review:

"A very sobering and illuminating account of the character and deeds of Donald Rumsfeld, the secretary of Defense under George Bush. This book details the very active role of the secretary in directing the war on terror, from his 'punchy' press conferences where he came into his own all the way to the White House briefings where he encouraged the administration to change its tactics."

1:35 today
Richard Sanders, producer of tonight's two-hour PBS Frontline "The Invasion of Iraq" on KLRN.

"..takes viewers behind the scenes of the allied invasion and advance on Baghdad. Through first-hand accounts from key commanders, frontline soldiers, and civilians on both sides of the conflict, the documentary offers a rare battlefield perspective of the war as seen through the eyes of those who lived it."



Clear Channel pulls plug on Infinity's Howard Stern "until we are assured that his show will conform to acceptable standards of responsible broadcasting." This week, Mr. Stern, whose program is syndicated by Infinity, threatened to quit and move to satellite radio, saying his show is being censored too heavily. "We lost the fight. They win," Mr. Stern said..


It's time to decide on term limits

Left-lane truck ban before council


If the San Antonio city council had aggressive leadership, we would have considered this issue long ago. And most certainly, if we were a World Class City. I'd guess City Hall may not have even heard of this issue yet.

USA Today
Public doesn't understand Patriot Act

Anti-terror law puts new demands on businesses New York businessman Joseph Coleman: "Now business people have to be cops."


US military facing many rape charges "..latest accusations are the most extensive set of sexual misconduct charges since the Navy's Tailhook incident of 1991 and the Army's drill sergeant scandal about five years later."

Contorted "dead body" was yoga man meditating
Men fined for removing testicles from statue

Some in GOP cool to gay marriage ban Since winning control of the House in 1994, Republicans have pushed a variety of pet constitutional amendments, from a balanced budget to a prohibition against burning the flag.

Error led to fear that asteroid would hit Earth As astronomers were contemplating whether to issue a warning, President Bush was to announce the next day his ambitions for a manned flight to Mars

Gay karate teacher perhaps not gay

Audis, Nissans being stripped of high-tech headlights

Wendy's managers suspended after falling for strip-search scam

Hungarian gets naked for European elections

MTV goes right back to showing its sex videos "..Mel Karmazin, president of parent company CBS Viacom ... vowed to clean up the airwaves..."



My thoughts on "TPofC" -- Kids are being taken to this film for reasons of "religious education." Many are too young to read the subtitles. So, the primary impact will be intense, graphic violence. But that's OK; it's Biblically-based. This provides them with automatic psychological shields that will spare them having any traumatic effects. A quote from a friend's LiveJournal, about her movie experience: "Before the cross was even vertical, the 8 year old in front of me was sobbing so hysterically he was heaving, like he was going to throw up."
Apparently these same protections aren't afforded them when they read something truly graphic like "Harry Potter" and get drawn into the dark side.



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