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Tuesday, February 24, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

Early voting for March 9 Republican and Democratic primaries. Registered voters find out where to vote: Bexar 210 335-VOTE • Guadalupe 830 303-6363 • Kerr 830 792-2242 • Comal 830 620-5513 • Wilson 830 393-7380 • Medina 830 741-6100 • Kendall 830 249-9343 • Bandera 830 796-3731

Comal voting heavy on first day of early balloting

Bush backs anti-gay marriage Constitutional Amendment

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULT
Bush backs anti-gay marriage Constitutional Amendment
posted 11:50 a.m. - 11 p.m. Tuesday Feb 24, 2004
President Bush has called for a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage.
I agree with him
This is not a valid topic for national government
Other (make a comment)
Total votes 1122


My gosh. This was overwhelming. 94% negative on Mayor Garza:
Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULT
posted 12 a.m.- 12 p.m. Mon Feb 23, 2004
Now that you've seen him in office for a few years, are the quantity and quality of Mayor Ed Garza's leadership acceptable to you?
Yes, pretty much.
No, not really.
Absolutely not!
Total votes 443


Seguin hearing tonight to look at possible 1,400-acre annex

Florida kicks off voter education drive Why is this funny?

Disclaimer: This cartoon is not necessarily meant to refer to any Congressman from the San Antonio area:



email 2/23 11:36pm

Click to enlarge

My husband called me from work today and said "Did you e-mail Brad that article? Looks like he put it on his web site."
Then when we got home from eating supper tonight I had a phone message from a friend in S.A. wanting to know "if I was the Elaine T. Brad Messer talked about having pictures of a man's genitals?" I called her and she said she had heard your show today and then she was at Cappy's later and a sweet older friend of ours asked her in a whisper "if the Elaine T. mentioned on Brad Messer's show could've been the same one we know"?
I can't believe you have such a varied audience. Hey, I was just reporting the story as a public service. All I know is that I'm not leaving my digital camera out any more!!!
Glad you're still out there stirring things up, making people think, and most of all making them smile; even if *we* *can't* *hear* *it*!!!!
Elaine T

Not being able to hear KTSA refers to the fact that Infinity Broadcasting high-level corporate management prohibits KTSA from broadcasting on the internet, which we did prior to being acquired by the progressive IB.



I enjoy listening to your show and others all day on KTSA, it makes the day go by a lot faster.
Your website has sparked a life long interest that I am looking forward to continuing. I have always wanted to fly in an ultralight, and thanks to your website I have found a place to do it. I actually met you Friday afternoon and didn't even know it. I flew with Don, right after you flew with him.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the note. BL flew with instructor Don Abernathy - at Kitty Hawk airfield - in a new two-place ultralight training aircraft (Sport 2S) which I had just aviated in to see how it flies (pretty doggone good, I tell you!).


Pentagon checking Halliburton's KBR Iraq charges

''The Da Vinci Code'' is based on a notorious hoax
Boston priest abuse accuser found dead
Vatican report faults "zero tolerance" abuse policy in US

Bush assertion on tax cuts Is at odds with IRS data
Kerry opposed key weapons


Sam Houston Trail Riders
are headed for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, which begins March 2.

Barbie-wielding man stalking neighborhood
Denial of emergency contraception in Texas raises questions

Scientists excited by mystery of Mars rock "El Capitan"
Education Sec'y calls teachers union "terrorists" then apologizes

Clear Channel cans "indecent" Bubba the Love Sponge Bubba Clem once worked in San Antonio

Americans would pay to see Osama's execution
US soldier first to seek refuge in Canada
Tribe wants casino, suddenly many people are Indians

Woman flees NBA game marriage proposal
Driver cleared in half-dressed arrest

Aryanfest 2004 "...was hardly the badass event it billed itself. Shaved-headed men hugged each other like they were at a gay pride picnic."

Sex changed ex-man can compete in Miss Universe qualifier


"Vote for me or the kitten dies"


Fact check politicians, journalists





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