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Tuesday, February 17, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday



Halliburton delays billing U.S. for troop meals


Becky makes the Washington Post
Texas congressman challenged by ex-wife When Becky Whetstone's marriage to Congressman Charlie Gonzalez fell apart, she decided her divorce settlement should include her ex-husband's job.


New Braunfels author on Discovery Channel 8 p.m. tonight

Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge traffic backups again today

Seguin citizens get first look at annexation plan

Fort Hood soldiers back from Iraq First group of 4th Infantry Division troops welcomed home with cheers and tears

AstroTurf maker files for bankruptcy Company says it has more than $101 million in assets but liabilities of $88 million.

Alpine "clods" can read "Half the teachers in my department don't give final tests, so that means they just take an extra week off. Sul Ross does not have top-flight people. There's always pressure on to let kids slide."


For Kerry, a tough geography test
John F. Kerry faces a daunting challenge as he turns toward a prospective general election campaign against President Bush, a race that will test whether a liberal New Englander can attract support in the more conservative swing states.


San Antonio Housing Authority almost wakes up SAHA commissioners, seeking to reduce the $22,000 paid each month in legal fees, said they no longer will accept charges for conferences the general counsel holds among its own legal staff.

Multiple disaster drill planned to test Texas How would federal, state and local officials react if Texas was hit by a nuclear explosion, a Category 4 hurricane and a suspected radiation leak — all at the same time?

That much pressure? They'd burst into tears and wouldn't know whether to faint or go blind...


Grackles leaving South Texas migrating North: Dallas nervous

Credit card firms scaling back mass mailings

Spammers exploit high-speed connections Next time you're looking for a culprit for all that junk mail flooding your inbox, have a glance in the mirror. Spammers are increasingly exploiting home computers with high-speed Internet connections into which they've cleverly burrowed.

Licenses to gay couples top 2,000  The city of San Francisco has issued more than 2,000 "marriage" licenses to homosexual couples over the past four days, an act of civil disobedience that attorneys for two traditional-values groups will seek to end in court today

Summit on Valley water woes convenes today

Teen finds himself on missing children website

Waiter awarded $15,000 after boy kicks him in the crotch

Boy marries puppy

Comedians on the political campaign "The White House finally found one guy who says he remembers serving with President Bush on National Guard duty in Alabama. Isn't that amazing? Now if they can find someone who remember Bush working on an economic plan!"

One in every 25 priests accused


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