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Thursday, February 5, 2002 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

Today's page will be late getting put together because of a morning meeting at the radio station. I'll get to work on this afterward as soon as I can.
1:20 p.m. -- Nope, it turns out I didn't have time after the meeting. Sorry.

Two switched votes: Mayor's turn may be over

Kerry beat Dean in New Hampshire by only 1.5% when computers were not doing the counting includes comments and discussion

Hey Brad:
Of all the dozen or so rides to the Stock Show, the Alamo Trail Ride is THE BEST. I went and rode till Monday night. The ride starts in Montell, Texas, goes across country for 4 days and ends up at the stock show this Friday. Crossing the Nueces was a Blast. Lots of hills...



Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULTS
posted 8:20am to 11:10pm Wed Feb 4 2004
If you happened to be in jail alongside the relatives of that starved little boy, Jovonie Ochoa, would they have anything to fear from you?
You bet!
Absolutely not!
Total votes 311


Frankly, I'm confused, Brad.The simple fact is: I loved the Janet Jackson exposure! I still have trouble believing that the biggest, baddest, most heavily testosterone laden event in humankind was totally dominated by one, not two, but one woman's breast. It's a work of high pop art, Brad.
It is very similar to Eugene Delecroix's painting, "Liberty Leading the People" which scandalized the French, with it's bare breasted "Liberty". Same deal with Manet's " Luncheon on the Grass", which featured nude women and clothed men. Big big scandal. So I'm weighing in on the side of the breasts.
Who the hell doesn't like breasts anyway? I'm not worried that little kids see some breasts. Some of 'em just got weaned and appreciate breasts more than most. Anyway, I'm coming out, so to speak. I liked the breast! I loved it! & thanks to an unnamed SA radio [host], it's on my desktop.
Dan -Blanco

Dear Brad,
I am a 23 yr old white American female, and it's because of displays like Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake's, and even Kid Rock's inappropriate display of the American flag that I am boycotting TV. I have been working on this for some time, it is not easy. It's like trying to quit smoking in a house full of smokers. ... Helen

Dear Brad,
The news would break on Monday that the President's budget deficit would in fact exceed an incredible $500 BILLION. So what happens? Monday arrives, and Janet Jackson's "boob" becomes the overwhelming, all encompassing, seriously important topic for all Americans.
As a result, the greatest "budgetary BOOB" of all time gets an almost free pass on Monday. Instead of having to stand in the spotlight, all the President endures is a flashlight.
I hope the President at least sent Ms. Jackson a dozen roses.
David P

... let’s put this one to bed and go to the other halftime performance, the one by Kid Rock. He desecrated our country's emblem (the American Flag) and wore it as a "poncho" ... I am a disabled veteran and ... Kid Rock showed NO RESPECT for our flag. The showing of the breast was more important to the media than his desecration of the American Flag.
Jesse C

Welcome to Texas. This Cougar was Killed about 10 Miles from Junction. Weighed about 200 lbs. How would you like to run into this kitty about 30 min. before daylight . IT WAS KILLED ON THE MONCRIEF RANCH APPROX. 20 MILES WEST OF JUNCTION BY A COYOTE HUNTER USING A CALL. THE HUNTER IS 6' 2". Junction is about 50 miles northwest of Kerrville.
Pauline W.

followup email 8:54 a.m.
You need to use your rumor checker some before posting pictures. Here is the Snopes explanation of your Junction mountain lion.


Mr. Messer,
It consistently amazes me how people in the media-world find issue with other people making more or too much money? God wants us to excel and to gain as much earthly riches as He feels we deserve. There is nothing wrong with Mr. Lee being given the opportunity to achieve such goals, as deemed appropriate by the CPS Board of Directors so far as I can see.
I am a CPS customer, I have waited on those same lines for which you speak and have done so with other companies such as SAWS, Time Warner, credit card companies, etc. and YES, it is frustrating, regardless of which company it is. But to say that Mr. Lee does not deserve the dollar figure you quoted because that is his job does not fly with me. ...
If you were presented with an opportunity to make double your income if you could increase your listening audience, I am sure you would LOVE the opportunity to at least attempt to do so, wouldn't you?
David N.




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