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Monday, February 2, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

(Exceeded a million hits again in Jan.)


CBS apologizes for Janet Jackson breast-baring end to Super Bowl halftime show, MTV probably banned from ever producing halftime again

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll
posted 8:30am- 11pm Monday Feb 2
Janet Jackson's breast was "accidentally" exposed at the Super Bowl halftime show. The fact that the exposure is a huge topic today

indicates that we haven't progressed much beyond Beavis & Butthead. 208
shows a sad moral gap in our nation. 324
proves that breasts are more interesting than game-winning kicks. 256
Total votes 788

posted 10am - 11pm Monday Feb 2
Do you believe the baring was an accident?
Yes 40
No 991
Total votes 1031


Forget about Janet and Justin, I think America should be demanding an apology from Kid Rock for his stupidity and disrespect to the United States Flag. He took a flag, cut it down the middle, then wore it as a poncho in front of the world. Sure he didn't break any laws and maybe it shows the world our freedoms, but I think it's disgraceful. I'm even more upset that there's no mention of it by the media. I think America should be more upset over Kid Rock's display than anything else.

Engineer names son 2.0 Thanks, Russ

In what could be called to put it mildly, an “Amazing Event”, I wanted to extend my appreciation in spreading the word on our “Saturn Night Live!” event on Saturday night. What was initially expected to be an event of a few hundred, turned into a mass gathering of approximately 3,000+ space and astronomy enthusiasts at the San Antonio College Planetarium.
Not a single soul was disappointed in seeing Saturn, Mars, Venus, close-ups of the Moon, and a variety of star clusters and nebulae.
Thanks once again, and look forward to our next major event in May called “Moonlight Serenade” which will take place on May 29th. Sincerely,
Bryan Tobias
Chairman , San Antonio Astronomical Association


Case for inexpensive stamp for email

Bush proposes budget with huge deficits


Personal note: I am looking for a person to do some very basic landscaping, which means digging holes (and it's pretty rocky soil) to prepare for planting bushes and flowers, moving some topsoil around, digging a pathway so it can be "paved" with gravel, and such. It's hourly work, a couple of days right now, more later. The location is near 3009 and 2252 in Garden Ridge. If you know someone who wants such work, please call (210) 650-3221 and leave a name and phone number. Thanks.


Bush's tactical retreat on Iraq arms data President Bush is implicitly conceding what he cannot publicly say: that something appears to be seriously wrong with the allegations he used to take the nation to war in Iraq.

Traffic cameras reaping millions D.C. has collected more than $66 million in fines from its automated traffic-enforcement program since installing red-light cameras in 1999 and speeding cameras in 2001.

Woman found bound in ex-husband's storage unit

New cell phone uses bones of skull for sound

Hey Brad,
I just just thought you could appreciate a picture of the HOV lanes in Houston. I took this last time I went through there and was so amazed at how ... the HOV lane was COMPLETELY empty! With the total failure these lanes have proven to be, it makes you wonder why they keep planning for more... could there be a financial reward for these?..
By the way, thanks for all your help with our (hopeful) victory over the threat of Emissions Testing! Talk to you later.
Alan S.


Electronic voting's hidden perils: votes credited to wrong person For an unknown reason, the computerized tally program had begun to award votes for Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante to Burton, a socialist from Southern California.

Alameda County officials still don't know why the computer program failed on election night. In fact, they only discovered the malfunction because they could compare the paper absentee ballots the software was counting to the computer's tally.



How to Hack an Election
Concerned citizens have been warning that new electronic voting technology being rolled out nationwide can be used to steal elections. Now there is proof. When the State of Maryland hired a computer security firm to test its new machines, these paid hackers had little trouble casting multiple votes and taking over the machines' vote-recording mechanisms. The Maryland study shows convincingly that more security is needed for electronic voting, starting with voter-verified paper trails.

When Maryland decided to buy 16,000 AccuVote-TS voting machines, there was considerable opposition. Critics charged that the new touch-screen machines, which do not create a paper record of votes cast, were vulnerable to vote theft. The state commissioned a staged attack on the machines, in which computer-security experts would try to foil the safeguards and interfere with an election.

They were disturbingly successful. It was an "easy matter," they reported, to reprogram the access cards used by voters and vote multiple times. They were able to attach a keyboard to a voting terminal and change its vote count. And by exploiting a software flaw and using a modem, they were able to change votes from a remote location.

Critics of new voting technology are often accused of being alarmist, but this state-sponsored study contains vulnerabilities that seem almost too bad to be true. Maryland's 16,000 machines all have identical locks on two sensitive mechanisms, which can be opened by any one of 32,000 keys. The security team had no trouble making duplicates of the keys at local hardware stores, although that proved unnecessary since one team member picked the lock in "approximately 10 seconds."

Diebold, the machines' manufacturer, rushed to issue a self-congratulatory press release with the headline "Maryland Security Study Validates Diebold Election Systems Equipment for March Primary." The study's authors were shocked to see their findings spun so positively. Their report said that if flaws they identified were fixed, the machines could be used in Maryland's March 2 primary. But in the long run, they said, an extensive overhaul of the machines and at least a limited paper trail are necessary.

The Maryland study confirms concerns about electronic voting that are rapidly accumulating from actual elections. In Boone County, Ind., last fall, in a particularly colorful example of unreliability, an electronic system initially recorded more than 144,000 votes in an election with fewer than 19,000 registered voters, County Clerk Lisa Garofolo said. Given the growing body of evidence, it is clear that electronic voting machines cannot be trusted until more safeguards are in place.

January 31, 2004



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