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Friday, January 30, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

(Exceeded a million hits again this month)

NY Times Cheif Military Correspondent M.R. Gordon

Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, a burning question here is how the C.I.A. could have gotten the intelligence about Iraq so wrong. The White House has resisted calls for an independent commission, apparently fearing that this would keep the W.M.D. issue alive during the election season.

Congressmen find faults in Iraq intel
House and Senate intelligence committees have unearthed a series of failures in prewar intelligence on Iraq and now say CIA analysts did not seriously consider the possibility that Saddam Hussein no longer possessed weapons of mass destruction.


CPS to reveal powerline route finalists today

US military "sure" of catching Osama soon

Immigrant "amnesty" survey melts in the spotlight of publicity

San Antonio facing "gusher of red ink"


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULTS

posted 8:40am - 9pm Thur 1/29 Retroactivity
If term limits are increased, should the more generous terms apply to current Council members and the Mayor, who were elected under the two-term rule?

Yes, let 'em run again
No, they knew the rules when they ran
Total votes

Well, when you decide to have a huge increase in spending for the National Endowment for the Arts, to support tapdancers and basketweavers, you gotta cut spending somewhere else, don't you.


Your sarcasm during the first hour became you, and that you're incorrigble was just confirmed by your experiment with poor Stu ;-)
Just to let you know that I visited an estate sale very near the new Toyota plant a few months back ... Out by the barns a crowd had gathered. My husband and I had some hope there were some great things left to buy so we headed in that direction. We couldn't figure out why so many people were standing there until somebody pointed up to the top of the barn. We were amazed at what we saw, all the way across this huge barn was the greatest architecture my husband and I had ever seen. There were hundreds of pigeon holes, each one with little carved roofs and lots of great woodwork all over the top of this roof. We left the estate sale empty handed but felt enriched that we got to see this piece of history. Thanks for your time,
Cheryl S.
Thank you for the most enlightening, uplifting, ennobling, auto trip I have ever had to Sam's. I laughed and laughed. Although I am 71, I wasn't particularly upset at your continual use of "that word" for that part of the male anatomy. But I was really concerned when you said tra la la, twice during the weather report.
And although I spent 30 years working for the UT System, I have never heard of such an interesting, rewarding and reasonably inexpensive research study. And quickly done too. Poor guy, does he know he is not any bigger than a dime? Probably better than jail.
Here's to more talk radio, a la Messer.
Marilyn A., Cibolo, Texas
I just want you to know, the lady who called in regarding your use of the P word that describes the male sex organ that you used numerous times today, has my full support. I just read your resume and it is a shame you have to stoop so low to entertain your audience. There are certainly a lot more important things to discuss. I am just thankful I did not have my grandchildren with me today. Maybe you should try out for a night spot where you can use such words. Disappointed Listener.
C. Davis
You rock! Keep it up!
Are you trying to get yourself fired today!!! I love it, but wouldn't want to be in your shoes at the next meeting!
Pat in Floresville
Didn't catch all of your show today, I turned it on in the car when my wife was with me and you launch into this thing about microscopic penises and she wants to know what kind of perverts I listen to...
On Monday night ... I attended a Clean Air workshop on Control Strategies in San Marcos, and I also attended the San Marcos city council meeting immediately afterwards.
I can honestly say it was a major victory for the average citizen that such Clean Air Control Strategies would ultimately affect. The city council, after listening to Forrest Mims of Guadalupe County, Mayor Charles Ruppert of Cibolo, Mike Riley of Seguin, staffers from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Dr. Allen of the University of Texas, and further citizen input, deliberated over tailpipe testing (otherwise known as Inspection and Maintenance or simply I/M ) and other strategies.
After in-depth deliberation, tail pipe testing was removed from San Marcos' list of Control Strategies by a 4 to 2 vote by the city council. It was a triumph for ethical science over junk science... Thank you,
Terri L., Guadalupe County


Colorado eyes limit on benefits for aliens
A third Western state is moving forward with a ballot measure to deny state services to illegal immigrants, an effort that could spell trouble for the White House by galvanizing opposition to President Bush's guest-worker proposal.


Timing is everything: Suite at Houston Best Western downtown this Sunday (with continental breakfast): $475. Next Sunday: $129. Houston Chronicle


Study warns security "poor" in e-vote machines
Electronic voting machines made by Diebold Inc. that are widely used in several states have such poor computer security and physical security that an election could be disrupted or even stolen by corrupt insiders or determined outsiders, according to a new report presented today to Maryland state legislators.

The authors of the report said that they had expected a higher degree of security in the design of the machines. "We were genuinely surprised at the basic level of the exploits" that allowed tampering, said Mr. Wertheimer, a former security expert for the National Security Agency

Bipartisan effort seeks halt to internet voting
In a highly unusual pairing, the Republican and Democratic party organizations for citizens living abroad have banded together against the Pentagon's Internet voting program for the presidential election.


Washington Times Editorial
The bloated NEA In the same week that the Congressional Budget Office reported that the budget deficit for the current fiscal year will exceed $475 billion, the Bush administration said it would seek the largest increase in the budget of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in more than 20 years. What's going on?

The Times editorial is just a tiny taste of what I was ranting about yesterday during the noon hour: your tax money going to tapdancers and basketweavers, literally.

Rush Limbaugh yesterday:

"As part of his continuing strategy to peel off Democrat voters by growing government, Bush wants to force all of us to give the NEA $15 to $20 million in 2004. Where in the Constitution does it say the federal government will fund art? If we like it, we can fund it on our own."



1 U-Colo. allegedly used sex to recruit athletes
Like other major football schools, the University of Colorado promised plush dorms, special meals and tutors to recruit high school stars, but the local prosecutor says Colorado coaches also dangled another inducement: sex with attractive female students.

"They were told they were going to get laid, we'll get you sex, sex Thursday night, they're going to get sex Friday night, oh, I'm sorry you missed it Thursday night, we'll make sure you get it tonight..."

Boy drowns in bucket used to catch water from leaky ceiling

Radio Shack goes after the guy behind RadioShackSucks.com

Television thief still in jail after 33 years


Did anyone ask YOUR input on this?

Plan allows toll lanes on any Texas highway
The Texas Department of Transportation, under a proposed rule issued Thursday, will be able to create toll lanes on any portion of the state highway system if they reduce traffic congestion.


Greetings Brad,
We are trying to promote our Saturn Night Live! Astronomy program this Saturday at San Antonio College’s Planetarium.
It will be free and open to the public so that we can share a little bit of the night sky and show that Saturn can actually be seen from San Antonio.
Attached are some of the flyers (pdf) that we are sending out.
Bryan Tobias
Chairman, San Antonio Astronomical Association



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