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Thursday, January 29, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday


Mayor wins Round 1 on term limits A city committee deciding which issues to put on the May ballot has decided to give you an opportunity to vote to throw out the current two-term limit and let the Mayor run for a third term. Who voted to include that on the ballot? The Mayor.
Council member Patti Radle: "We understood what the terms and conditions were when we came into office and we should live by them. If not, we will just serve to reinforce the feelings of suspicion and distrust that the community at large is struggling to overcome."
Brad's Ten-Foot Poll RESULTS

posted 8:40am - 9pm Thur 1/29 Retroactivity
If term limits are increased, should the more generous terms apply to current Council members and the Mayor, who were elected under the two-term rule?

Yes, let 'em run again
No, they knew the rules when they ran
Total votes
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Click me for my latest screwup

Also, a more detailed story HERE


Madison High "kidnap" cover for runaways ".. the kidnapping report scared some ... parents who were worried their children would be abducted while walking to and from school."


What ever became of
cutting Big Gov't spending?

Bush wants more money for the arts "..will seek a big increase in the budget of the National Endowment for the Arts, the largest single source of support for the arts in the United States, administration officials said.." Is this what you conservatives had in mind when we elected him?


Bush backing away from AIDS funding "..plans to scale back requests for money to fight AIDS and poverty in the third world.."

Drug makers suppress data on children Details investigating whether antidepressents cause children to become suicidal are being kept under wraps by drug companies who say the studies are trade secrets.

Terps turn to state to muzzle vulgar fans The University of Maryland is seeking help from the state's attorney general to curb the use of vulgar chants by fans at the games of the school's men's basketball team.


Neighborhood spends $10,000 on stop-peeing-in-public ads
Harvard janitor admits groping 120 women: "knows he needs help"


Skewed air safety priorities Apparently somebody in the government has decided it's easier, or perhaps "safer," to send up an armed F-16 to possibly shoot down a 747, than to arm its pilot.

Texas killer adds more confessions before being executed

Telemarketers now must show themselves on Caller ID

Bowflex machines in safety recall

San Marcos power plant shutting down: juice too cheap

Muslims gathering at Mecca for the Hajj


Man convicted despite wife's "small penis" testimony
Man awarded just $407 after Shoney's serves him wrong soup
TV station fined $27,500 after man shows genitals



Greetings Brad,
We are trying to promote our Saturn Night Live! Astronomy program this Saturday at San Antonio College’s Planetarium.
It will be free and open to the public so that we can share a little bit of the night sky and show that Saturn can actually be seen from San Antonio.
Attached are some of the flyers (pdf) that we are sending out.
Bryan Tobias
Chairman, San Antonio Astronomical Association



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