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Wednesday, January 28, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday


Council term-limit change considered Along with the thorny issues of term limits and council pay, the public may face another explosive matter in a planned May referendum — whether to give new electoral life to Mayor Ed Garza and three veteran council members ... the issue gets a full airing today by the council's Governance Committee.
Term Limit Chicken


Whips Dean in New Hampshire



FCC boss to get an earful at S.A. hearing today

SBC indicates slide may continue

Woman's birds made out of horse manure get mixed reviews


1 Bush unconcerned with finer details of Iraqi WMDs
2 Bush backs away from claims about WMD
3 Kay to testify about Iraqi WMD search Senators want to speak with the former top US weapons inspector who said he couldn't find evidence that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, a primary justification by President Bush for the war in Iraq.

Commission tests appetite for 9/11 details White House draws criticism for lackluster support of intelligence-lapse probe.

2nd ID uptight about lapdancing at clubs

Jerry Lewis kicks prednisone and partially deflates

9/11 Hijackers used mace, knives Taped phone call also revealed the fear and confusion aboard one of the planes after the hijackers stabbed at least two crew members. ".. nine of the 19 hijackers had been flagged by the Federal Aviation Administration's computer passenger screening system before boarding their flights."

'MyDoom' spreading, slowing networks The e-mail-generating computer worm was responsible for as many as one of every nine Internet messages sent around the world Tuesday.

Jury selection begins in $1.5 million cat-attacks-dog lawsuit


Greetings Brad,
We are trying to promote our Saturn Night Live! Astronomy program this Saturday at San Antonio College’s Planetarium.
It will be free and open to the public so that we can share a little bit of the night sky and show that Saturn can actually be seen from San Antonio.
Attached are some of the flyers (pdf) that we are sending out.
Bryan Tobias
Chairman, San Antonio Astronomical Association




Two-legged dog rounds up sheep with photo

Rep. Lamar Smith and other Republicans warn Bush on immigration policy
Lamar Smith's proposed forbidden dirty words bill : go HERE then enter search for bill HR3687

Teens arrested for smashing 'decadent' SUVs

US set to destroy Saddam's homes

Canada pig farmer may have killed 31 women

Massive No-Fly travel database catching innocent people

Maine bill calls for paper trail Touch-screen voting machines will be in every Maine precinct in two years, and people who worry about the potential for fraud are pushing for a law to ban machines that don't keep a voter-verified paper trail.

Some military retirees to get pay increase Feb. 2
The new law allows concurrent receipt of military retired pay and VA disability pay for retirees with more than 20 years of service and a disability rating of 50 percent or greater.


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