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Friday, January 23, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

Prosecutors refuse Rush rehab deal, want guilty plea

Man to drive Loop 410 all weekend to salute military

Ft. Sam re-opens a New Braunfels gate on very limited basis

Crocodile Hunter Irwin (aka "Butthead") escapes charges

NASA detects communication from too-quiet Mars rover

Ice reportedly detected on Mars but NASA says that's nothing new

9M North Slope acres opened for Alaska oil hunters

Hidden camera in women's restroom at Austin cafe

National Guard survey shows many plan to quit the military

Man trained son to kill as the 10-year-old slept

Teenager took wrong size bullets to intended robbery

Noodles the Clown sent up the river

Ohio priest busted after discovery of pot-growing room

Teen says eatery served her a potato ball with a Band-Aid Don't read this if you're having lunch: It was a "a dirty, bloody, pus-filled Band-Aid," says the girl. She's suing, of course.

412-pound trucker gets job back



Re: Every Playmate since the 1950s
Ok, this should keep you guys busy awhile!


French firemen may have recruited teenage arsonists

Uphill battle to save Mexican sea turtles

Hasselhoff's daughters hate Knight Rider David Hasselhoff says his daughters hate his music and change the channel whenever Knight Rider comes on the TV.

Jethro Tull musician David Palmer has sex-change, is now Dee

"I'm a Celebrity..." bans vibrator from jungle with photo of the user

Smoking study blows smoke on lung cancer causes

Cheney thinks "jury still out" on Iraq WMDs


Hollywood Park Humane Society Save the Deer
(not real current)
Hollywood Park town website with deer link (also not so current)
UTSA study "Mapping Urban Deer Populations" (thanks Will Mangum)


Copy of letter 1-07-04
To Shamala Jackson,
San Antonio Express News

Dear Ms. Jackson:
My name is Joseph Friedman. I am the president of a Land Owners Association in Val Verde County. I have been speaking with Mr. Drew Traeger, Hollywood Park City Administrator. I have offered a place for the Hollywood Park deer to be relocated.
Our ranch is currently under a wildlife management plan with the Texas Parks & Wildlife. Sylvestre Sorola Jr., Natural Resource Specialist with the TP&W, has already given us the go ahead for these deer.
A little about our association: It is comprised of 20 modest land owners, who do all they can just to make land payments, feed, water, make repairs (e.g., windmills and wells), and care for the wildlife under TP&W guidelines and strict rules set down by the association. We are not wealthy ranchers nor do we allow hunters to hunt for a fee. There are no high fences, just open country.
This area was hit hard by anthrax (which naturally occurs in nature) several summers ago, and the deer population was knocked out. Therefore, the existing number of deer is very low. If there was ever a place that could support these deer, this is it.
About the article. Well, here we have a place for the deer, contrary to what was suggested by Mr. Traeger in your article. There was also no mention of the cost to the receiver of the deer (to trap, transport, and transplant (Triple T), other than Hollywood park setting aside 30,000 dollars for this project.
Mr. Traeger has informed me that we would have to pay the trapper $75.00 - $150.00 per head to relocate these deer. Then once they are relocated, they need an antibiotic shot, and a shot for stress due to the transporting. This could get quite expensive. We, as a group, spend all our money providing for the needs of the wildlife, so we cannot afford this.
To KILL and process these deer, the city is willing to spend approximately $200 ($100 to trap and $100 to KILL and process), even though they would only have to spend $100 to SPARE the deer and relocate them. The city could bring them to us at their cost, then we could take over the cost from there.
The city has mentioned that some of the processed meat goes to the food bank, but where does the rest go? (on their tables?) Isn't the city interested in saving money just by paying for the trapping and transporting? (Is this not important to them?) I think the residents of Hollywood Park, who do not want the deer KILLED, are not being given the whole story.
If we cannot afford the trapping and transportation, why bother with the final signature for the permit.
Feel free to contact m. Thank You for your attention to this issue.
Joseph Friedman





I just moved back to the area after thirty years away. Can't believe you have been at the station since 1991. Your days must be numbered though. I can't imagine a talk show host can hang on for long without bowing obsequiously before the altar of whatever the hell a Republican Administration doles out for public consumption.
That's why you lose people like Lynn who are more interested in having their prejudices confirmed than having their opinions challenged. Interesting isn't it that we have a Republican president whose social proposals would make LBJ blush. I'm a raving, dyed in the wool, devout moderate myself. So, I don't always agree with you; but I admire your independence.
Your show is an example of what talk radio could and should be; a public forum that doesn't require the caller to be a card-carrying reactionary to be treated with respect and not cut off in mid-syllable. Keep up the good work.
By the way did it appear that the nude ex-anchor had no tanning lines, so either she spends as much time under the tanning lamp as she does with the silicone man or this isn't the first time she's been in the altogether in the great outdoors.

I first came here 25+ years ago. I became a talk host at KTSA in 1991. I had previously been here (on-and-off, variously as News Director and KTSA/KTFM Operations Manager) since 1978.
My show's audience seems to be about evenly divided between conservatives and liberals/independents, although the conservatives use the call-in lines more.
And finally, I think she could have found a better silicone man if she'd tried.



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