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Hollywood Park Humane Society site Save the Deer
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Hollywood Park town website with deer info link (also not real current)

HP deer given a few more days to live



Bush cites terror war’s progress; is mum on casualties, failure to find weapons of mass destruction


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll
posted 12 noon to 11 p.m. Tue 1/20/2004
Should the government spend $1.5 billion (over 5 years) to promote "good marriages"?
I'd need to know more about the program before I could decide
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email 4:41 p.m.

I've been a listener to KTSA since Carl Wigglesworth first came over a few years back. However, after stomaching about all the anti-Bush, anti-War CRAP you can dish out, I'm turning my radio back to WOAI as long as you are around.
Lynn B.
cc: Carl W.

Thanks for the email and the opinion, Lynn. Mr. Bush has been a bitter disappointment to me. At least on that other station you'll never want for news of Bill and Hillary, which are still huge topics over there during my time of day.

email 7:20 p.m.

The politicians in Austin are more sleazy than yours.
We are in "attainment" and the UT scientists said that we would be in attainment in 2007. So what did all of the Republicans and Democrats on the Hays, Travis and Williamson county commissions, and city councilmen in Round Rock and Austin unanimously vote for? Tailpipe testing. We have one hope. San Marcos punted and will vote again on Jan 26th. If they opt out then Hays can't have I/M. If that happens, Round Rock or Williamson might back out on the final vote and then Travis . We are depending on San Marcos and I would like you to push some suggestions on them.
There is some self interest in it for you. AACOG wants to get an agreement signed and, I suspect, come back and revisit I/M this summer, after your first ozone episode. They'll say that "We can still sign on for I/M and we just have to do it." Lightning fast.
The big lie here is that "we'll lose millions of federal road dollars if we don't do I/M and we go into non attainment." BS. The only way to lose fed funds is if you are in "severe" non attainment or if you are willfully allowing excessive emissions.

New sites fact check politicians, journalists
FactCheck.org | CampaignDesk.org

Massachusetts town having gay-marriage boom

NBC wanted to be in bed with Jacko “NBC made a written offer to pre-empt an investigative program into Mr. Jackson by "Dateline," an NBC News program, an offer that the Jackson side understood to mean the segment's cancellation, a senior Jackson adviser said, not just its indefinite postponement, as NBC insists.”

Army Reserve chief fears retention crisis The head of the Army Reserve said Tuesday that the reserve force bureaucracy bungled the mobilization of soldiers for the war in Iraq, and gave them a "pipe dream" about how long they might have to remain there.

New overtime rule, loved by businesses, won't be delayed Labor Secretary Elaine L. Chao yesterday denied a public request by Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) to delay until September the department's business-backed plan to overhaul overtime rules. “..employers are spending $2 billion a year on "needless litigation" by workers seeking overtime pay.”

Starving North Koreans executed for stealing food “..have been publicly executed for stealing food and have died of malnutrition in labor camps, Amnesty International said..”

David Robinson named Texan of the Year

Valley grapefruit this year are red and juicy


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Frost Bank Tower, Austin's tallest building
Frost Bank lighting tonight in Austin


Lie-detector glasses offer peek at future of security

Flaming idiot burned in bungee stunt

Marijuana finally supposedly kills someone

Microsoft softens its stupid threat to MikeRowe’s mikerowesoft.com

Woman, 74, agrees to give estranged hubby part of $25M winnings

Suit filed over shared Northwest Airlines data “..being sued on behalf of passengers angered that the company shared passenger data with the government..”

Aircraft carrier USS Oriskany reaches Corpus Christi
The ship will move from Corpus Christi Bay to Texas Docks and Rail, where it will undergo a thorough cleaning before being sunk and made into an artificial reef.




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