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Monday, January 19, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

Martin Luther King, Junior NATIONAL HOLIDAY


Segregation in schools at levels last seen in 1969 Half a century after the Supreme Court ordered the desegregation of American education, schools are almost as segregated as they were when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated

Sec'y Colin Powell remembers day in 1964 he was served at drive-in



U.S. Credibility abroad tied to finding Iraq arms The Bush administration's inability to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq has begun to harm the credibility abroad of the United States and of American intelligence, according to foreign-policy experts in both parties.

Bush, when asked by ABC's Diane Sawyer why he said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when intelligence pointed more to the possibility Hussein would obtain such weapons, dismissed the question: "So, what's the difference?"

Business owners big on new trucks, deduction the owners of new and used full-size pickups, SUVs and vans to deduct up to 100 percent of the cost of their vehicles in the first year that they put them into service.

Holes in San Diego, Texas water tank may be terrorism, police say

Those disgusting popup ads are being battled

NASA cancels trip to supply Hubble, sealing its early doom

121-pound blue catfish caught in Lake Texoma

Central Texas commuter train effort chugging along slowly

First Texas “green” cemetery open near Huntsville

Woman gets probation for faking cancer and taking donations

Laser eye surgery booms among troops

Encore by popular demand
Trojan TV commercials 1 2 3

photo removed Wednesday Oct 22, 2014 

Catherine Bosley, WKBN-TV anchor, Youngstown, Ohio, was fired after photos showed her in a "wet T-shirt contest" while vacationing in Key West with her husband.
• TV News Director on firing Bosley HERE
• Photos of the wet T-shirt contest HERE

B and E get Hero Award for finding photos!


The diatribe written by Coursen (WKBN news director) on Boseley's vacation fracas last spring reminded me of Dr Laura's self-serving on-air apology a few years back after her nude photos were posted on the net.
Frankly if I were a viewer of TV news (which I am not) I'd view Boseley. Why? Because she's proven she's human and subject to the same whims/pressures/foibles as the rest of us and on occasion act upon without thinking. Most of the time we do not pay the penalty she's now facing.
Next time Coursen is facing the intensity of sweeps week, may he have the integrity so loudly proclaimed and avoid the tabloid-like blood/guts/sex laden stories most networks (San Antonio's come to mind) focus during this time frame. Regards,

With your broad knowledge of the communications industry I suggest you become the agent for Catherine Bosley and get her a job with Naked News.Com!

But DID SHE WIN????? She is a beautiful young woman and not at all bashful. Thank you, thank you for keeping us otherwise uninformed people up to date on the goings on of celebrities. From the actresses on NYPD Blue to Ohio news anchors, you have enlightened our awarness and brightened our drab days. I hope KTSA does not have the same narrow-minded attitude toward your web site as that television station has about vacation shenanigans. I'd hate to lose you as a source. :-)
Carl B

Yeah, well, so far I haven't got up in front of a bunch of people nekkid as a jaybird. If I do, I expect to be canned, too.


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