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Wednesday, January 14, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday


Bush to unveil Moon-Mars plan at 2 p.m.

Study says San Antonio City Council terms should be 3 years 3 term limit, pay should be a living wage, and mayors and councilmen could return after a one-term time out

100,000 Texas kids lose health coverage "..health insurance program has shed nearly 100,000 low-income children since state lawmakers approved budget cuts in May.."

Man vandalizes San Antonio's oldest church



'Al-Qaeda' suspect an innocent exporter Confusion over identity of Indian businessman led to cancellation of U.S. flights.

Body armor vests on the way to Iraq-bound troops

Bush plans $1.5 billion drive for promotion of marriage

Phoenix talk host claims Clear Channel gagged him for criticizing Bush Iraq policy "Criticism of Bush and his ever-shifting pretext for a first-strike war (what exactly was it we were pre-empting anyway?) has proved so serious a violation of Clear Channel’s cultural taboo that only a good contract has kept me from being fired outright."

ABC News: Official confirms report of Bush pre-9/11 focus on Iraq "The president told his Pentagon officials to explore the military options, including use of ground forces," the official told ABCNEWS.

Powell's shrinking credibility on Iraq Colin Powell was a huge loser in last week's report by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace that said Saddam Hussein's weapons program was not an immediate threat to the United States or even his neighbors.

O'Neill generates buzz, but how much impact?

Drunk driver must carry photo of victim in coffin




Big Thicket and 9 other parks on 10 Most Endangered list

Al Franken signs to do radio show “Quite simply, my plan is to alter the political landscape, drive this radical right-wing president from office and stand as a beacon for ordinary Americans who work hard and play by the rules. Short of that, I’d just like to get on in Albany,” added Franken.

Man arrested after cop sees robbery note I saw a note that said, 'I want $10,000 in $100 bills. Don't push no buttons, or I'll shot you.'" Yes, shot.


More photos of Saddam capture

Kuwait Barbie doll: Where are the curves?

Man apparently gets off watching bare-chested pie throwing

Condom-in-chowder woman sued over hot coffee in '96

Town persuades prostitutes to wear longer dresses

Name A Star services are pretty much scams Oh, sorry. Didn't realize you thought they were real.

Smells that turn women off and on

FCC seeks to limit F-word on US airwaves






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