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Friday, January 9, 2004 New pages by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday


Secret photo of Saddam capture: is it real? "..refused military requests to remove the photograph from the site. The officials had claimed it was a security risk."


Tax breaks for development near aquifer To gain the use of TIFs in the contributing zone, one amendment approved Thursday requires developers to limit the amount of impervious cover to no more than 30 percent of a project. Another amendment allows the use of the incentives in the zone only if developers win the support of eight or more council members, instead of a simple majority of six. Councilman Julián Castro failed to win approval for a proposal that would have imposed tougher restrictions on contributing zone projects.

San Antonio Levi's plants close, ending US production
Man gets jail for child porn found in computer
Tower of the Americas deadline today
Hollywood Park delays Bambi roundup

Northwest ice storm coverage:

Portland Oregonian

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Bush wants US to go to moon again, then Mars
Tech bosses defend overseas hiring
IMF says US debt threatens world economy

Man nailed in head: "It didn't hurt that bad."

Powell: no proof of Iraq-Al Qaeda link Mr. Powell's remarks on Thursday were a stark admission that there is no definitive evidence to back up administration statements and insinuations that Saddam Hussein had ties to Al Qaeda, the acknowledged authors of the Sept. 11 attacks. Although President Bush finally acknowledged in September that there was no known connection between Mr. Hussein and the attacks, the impression of a link in the public mind has become widely accepted — and something administration officials have done little to discourage.

Mounting evidence shows Iraq didn't have WMDs

Burger King customers told: 'You are too fat to have a Whopper'

Science on the March!
Study shows brain can bury unwanted memories What brilliant discovery could be next?

Bedbugs driving some people from their homes The quarter-inch-long bugs feed primarily on humans at night, when they are sleeping.   Victims can't hide from the bugs, Mr. Kramer warns.  "They can detect a body in the next room, and they'll more than likely find you," he said.


Escape From Neverland

Galveston beach parking referendum killed

Commentary: Rick Casey
How Texas blew ephedra chance
".. [Jeff] Wentworth came under investigation by the Travis County attorney for ethics violations in representing Metabolife. Wentworth announced he had done nothing wrong and would never do it again."

Woman's skin falls off from medicine reaction

Fifth-graders puke and faint at show-and-tell

People want puppy who was tossed from car at 80 mph

TV anchor quits over wet T-shirt photos no photo. And I did a Google image search, too. Oh well...

Music teacher seduced 11-year-old "..while there is a tendency in American culture to take allegations of women molesting boys less seriously than reports of men molesting girls, a young boy can be seriously damaged by premature sex with an older woman."

Subdivision residents dislike poop from sky

London male investment bankers seek “nice nails”

Exposes breasts to raise medical treatment money Yes, there are photos, but I don't really recommend them...

12-year-old girls leave school after lesbian kissing show

Honor student set afire by firecracker on school bus




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