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Monday, January 5, 2004 New pages appear by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday


Hi Brad.
I was able to pick up a signal from a Martian radio station last night! I was very surprised to find that although the Mars landing is a huge story up there, they led their news broadcast with the Britney wedding.
Dan from Blanco

Where did Calif. mad cow beef go? Meat from a Washington state slaughterhouse that contained cuts from a lone cow that tested positive for mad cow disease was sold in as many as nine California counties, but current rules forbid the state or counties from telling consumers exactly where recalled meat was sold.

One of the most-emailed amusements
of the past few days is this clip from a WFAA-TV sportscast from the Cowboys' locker room. Watch the background and you'll understand why the MPEG is entitled "So Much For THAT Myth" CLIP Thanks, Stu

How dishwashers really work Thanks, Pauline


Congress helps itself to another pay raise six raises totaling $24,500 since January 1998. And why does Congress feel it deserves them? That's hard to answer. Congress isn't talking.

Quarantining dissent
How Secret Service protects Bush from free speech
This is nothing new. I personally witnessed Nixon's people doing the same thing in the Vietnam war days

Announcement expected this week
Extended Iraq duty expected for more troops To stem an exodus of personnel, the Army may prohibit additional soldiers in crucial units from retiring, leaving when enlistment ends or being reassigned. Desperate to stretch its limited ranks, the Army is expected next week to prohibit still more soldiers now in Iraq and soon to be deployed there from leaving military service.

Bush seeks to slow domestic spending Compassionate conservatives got tax breaks for wealthy, now move to reduce spending by controlling rising cost of housing vouchers for the poor, veterans health care, biomedical research, job training and employment programs.



Subject: College professor's study
Message: If only we had known this earlier.
Paul P.


Pit Bull attacks 3, survives gunshot to head

Tonya Harding says people won't forget that little '94 incident


I'd do it all again Steve Irwin said last night he would take his one-month-old son Bob back into the croc pen despite receiving worldwide criticism for the baby's first encounter with the reptile.


Football fan banned for penis stunt

Britney is #1 with search engines

Deborah Norville to get MSNBC show will continue Inside Edition

NASA Mars mission page HERE

Railroad Joe a lucky dog

Wives liken deployment to being single moms
With Ricardo Espinosa, of Company A, 40th Engineer Combat Battalion, 1st Armored Division, deployed 2,500 miles away in Iraq since April, life has not been the fairy tale his wife imagined.

2003 poll — We asked. You answered "..overwhelming sentiment that more than two years of combat have stretched the military so thin that its effectiveness has eroded."


Sunday links
GIs proud of war effort, doubtful about Iraq's future
California dune riders vs. endangered milkvetch weed
Winds have shifted in Texas politics
New Braunfels eyes airport-area properties for annexation
Water: the new cash crop Towns in Texas lease large amounts of Rio Grande water through well-functioning markets; developers have set up a system to buy Truckee River water for new homes in and around Reno, and Albuquerque has been buying up middle Rio Grande water rights from farmers...


Seriously, Roadrunner is great. I never get kicked off
like dial-up, nor do I have to try 5-10 times to log
on. Roadrunner makes it a pleasure to surf again, not
a hassle! Plus it is great not having to take up my
phone line while ATTEMPTING to log on and ATTEMPTING
to hold my connection. Surfing is no fun if it becomes
tedious and a chore; Roadrunner makes the internet
enjoyable again and it's always on and ready to go.
You are right; it is the difference between night and
day. Best Regards


Hi Brad,
As of Jan 1 the city council campaign contribution database I set up will no longer be accessible. The host that I use to drive the back end of the database has stopped offering free web hosting and I'm not inclined to cover the cost out of my own pocket.
As it stands maintaining such a database is a fair amount of work for one person to do in his free time. Meanwhile, I'll continue to look for a new free host. If I find one and decide to continue to maintain the database, I'll pass the info on to you.

Jay deserves recognition as a citizen who saw something that needed to be done and did it. I have had a link to his material for a long time, and with GREAT regret I have now deleted it.
He created a searchable database of City Council members' contributions and expenditures, a thousand times better than the Council's own material which was (deliberately or serendipitously) made to be non-searchable and extremely inconvenient to access.
I am reminded that during his election campaign in District 9, Carroll Schubert told me that, if elected, he would try to get the city campaign finance material put into a searchable database. He has made no effort to do so since his election in May, 2003 (although he has been quite effective on a number of other issues).
New Year's Day 2004





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