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Christmas Eve
Wednesday, December 24, 2003
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Electronic Voting Machines: a Wired magazine report


USDA refuses to release mad cow records former USDA veterinarians tell UPI they have long suspected the disease was in US herds and there are probably additional infected animals. The USDA claims to have tested approximately 20,000 cows for the disease in 2002 and 2003, but has been unable to provide any documentation in support of this to UPI, which first requested the information in July.

Mad cow disease case feared 7 Pacific Rim nations halt imports of beef The human form of mad cow disease so far has killed 143 people in Britain and 10 elsewhere, but none so far in the United States. Humans get the related illness, called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, from eating infected meat.

LAX bans curbside passenger dropoff and pickup


To: Alice in Wonderland
From: Brad Messer
Re: Hays County Commissioners
Dear Alice:
You should be having company down the rabbit hole in Wonderland very soon, because the Hays County Commissioners have just voted FOR tailpipe emissions tests as part of their Clean Air Plan. Science is whatever the Queen, er, Commissioners SAY it is. Here is their story:

Hays OKs tailpipe testing Travis, Williamson, Bastrop and Caldwell counties, as well as Austin, Georgetown, Round Rock and other major cities in the area, already have approved the plan.

Hays County Judge Jim Powers expressed skepticism about the science behind the testing requirement and said he was reluctant to support it because of the burden it would put on county residents. But he said he voted to approve the proposals Tuesday because he feared the county would lose state and federal money for roads and highways if it did not go along.



Health food victims
10 a.m.
I remember yesterday you made a quick jab at health food consumers because of the massive flaming pile of poo [Floridians subjected to cloud from New Yorkers' feces] that was to be used as fertilizer for organic crops (Wow, poop as fertilizer is real shocking, Brad!). The story was used as a quick insult to those of us who put some thought into the food we consume.
Now with the outbreak of Mad Cow disease in the US, will you be making the same insult on the fast-food consumers on the other side of the fence? As a vegetarian, I'm not worried about Mad Cow, but since most of America consumes meat that was raised on recycled / rendered animal parts, I hope this will be a wake up call to America. Organic is the way to go.
Take Care and Merry Christmas!
Now I must go and rest as typing this email has worn me out!
Jason G.

HEB Adventure
Hi, Brad:
...After work today I went to H.E.B. to pick up a few things, as I was pushing my cart through the store a lady T- Boned me with her cart. Well, as any proper redneck would say, I said lady I hope you drive your car better than you drive your shopping basket. The look on her face changed dramatically, her hair almost started to rise like that of an animal about to engage in a fight. Her forehead started to wrinkle and her eyebrows in the middle of head started to turn downward, the slightly noticeable hair between her nose and mouth almost started to grow like that of a cat. The corners of her mouth turned downward and I could almost see 8 inch fanges protrude from her upper jaw like a prehistoric Saber Tooth Tiger. She looked at me as if she wanted to jump on me and rip my throat out and then in the same instant she went back to normal. As I walked away I had a strange feeling and turned back with a glance and if looks could kill I would be stone cold died. I don't know if the lady was married or not but if she I know that her poor husband fears for his life every day.
Rick H.

Virus tricksters
Innocent holiday cards are zinging over the Internet, but beware. These innocent greetings and well wishes might not be from who you think. Security experts warn that hackers are preparing Christmas card e-mails that appear to lead to images, but instead, trick users with Windows systems into downloading viruses.
Dave N.


Yeah, I'm believing ALL this story...
Arrested DPS Trooper claims another trooper held him at gunpoint

Texas redistricting trial wraps up

Princess Anne's terrier kills queen's corgi

Celebrities without makeup: Cameron Diaz

Partly-skinned dog almost ready for adoption

Bush opens Alaska forest to development and logging

White House false uranium claim was from “desperation” A presidential advisory board has concluded that a questionable claim about Iraqi efforts to obtain nuclear materials resulted from a desperation to show an active nuclear-weapons program, a well-placed source says.

309 million frequent-flier miles donated to troops
You can donate at

US blurring parts of aerial views of Washington but detailed photos are still available from many, many sources

Man cleared after calling policeman 'asshole'

Sniper’s skills in demand in Iraq

Ex-Central Command general Zinni questioning Iraq war

Shoppers get mad, store clerks take the heat

Farmer's arm severed, he picks it up and drives for help

Ex-Harlem Globetrotter pleads guilty to Ponzi scheme

Cops say serial bank robber uses pencil to draw his mustache

Woman ran naked to punish husband, caused traffic jam

Airbags will cushion Mars landing of Beagle 2 tomorrow
landing 8:54pm CST

DOD disagrees with anthrax ruling
The Pentagon isn’t sure how it will deal with troops who refuse to get the anthrax vaccine now that a federal judge has temporarily banned the Defense Department’s policy that it be mandatory.


Beer thief not too smart


Christian Science Monitor Justice Watch

Migrants say trip home is safer
NUEVO LAREDO, MEXICO – The holiday trip home for many Mexican migrants has become easier as President Vicente Fox has moved to protect families on the annual trek that used to be plagued by police demanding bribes and confiscating gifts.
President Fox has tried to strengthen the Paisano program, a 14-year-old federal plan to safeguard the annual trip home before Christmas, when most migrant families return to Mexico - clogging highways with pickup trucks and sedans overflowing with bicycles, television sets, and computers.
For the second year, police have organized migrants into caravans and guided them through the city to ensure they are not mistreated or robbed.
To discourage corruption at the border, Fox's government has posted more than 1,000 independent observers at major crossings, from the Pacific coast to the Gulf of Mexico. Migrants can call government hot lines to report harassment.
But while many migrants said the changes have made the trip home better, others found plenty of reason to stay north of the border. Undocumented workers, for example, are staying in the United States because illegal crossings have become harder and more dangerous under increased security measures. And some migrants say that police still prey upon them in central Mexico, beyond the focus of the Paisano program.
Paisano program director Florencia Martinez said 1 million migrants made the trek home last year during the holidays. Most of the migrants crossing earlier this week were legal US residents.
Fox reached out to Mexicans living in the US during his presidential campaign and after taking office. He has strengthened Mexico's system of consulates in the US and often calls migrants "national heroes."



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