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Tuesday, December 23, 2003 New pages appear by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday



San Antonio not too worried about terror threat Many tourists in downtown San Antonio weren't aware of the threat level increase and weren't concerned when they heard the news.



Gee, a balanced, well-written newspaper story about the quest for a Clean Air Plan. It's in the Seguin Gazette

AACOG continues search for solutions The Air Improvement Resources Executive/Advisory Committee is exercising caution when it comes to air quality control strategies.

The AACOG report also showed emissions testing to be the most costly control strategy. "My conclusion based on your data is that [emissions testing] doesn't make sense," said Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff. The AIR technical committee presented a combination of other strategies that would be less intrusive while achieving similar reduction levels.

San Antonio Express-News
2 City dodges tailpipe testing Elected officials cheered the news Monday that the San Antonio area apparently can clean up its air without implementing unpopular tailpipe tests.


Judge orders Limbaugh's medical records open to prosecutors
Lawyer claims Limbaugh was blackmailed over Rx drugs

New fee collection method considered on Guadalupe River users might wear wristbands next summer if the River Activities Committee gets city council to approve a new way of collecting the $1 river management fee.

Comal mulls Toyota-related tax break "..County commissioners will decide Tuesday whether to gamble $79,000 in tax revenue in hopes of creating new jobs and industry ... to attract parts suppliers for the planned San Antonio Toyota plant.

Comal County road upgrades approved "..realign and widen State Highway 46, west of New Braunfels, from Loop 337 to Farm Road 1863, and build an overpass on SH 46 at Farm Road 2722.

(more stories below email)


Re: Whore “Not a Prostitute”

12/23/2003 San Antonio Express-News
Police tell escorts it's a risky business

12/21/2003 San Antonio Express-News
'Dating service' work turns deadly
Kim Miller had been unemployed for several months when she began to work for one of the "dating services" touted in the adult sections of classified ads.

You are being a real a*s. This woman has a child and this is just terrible. I do not know why she did it, but it is very sad. Sometimes talk radio hosts can be so almighty. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Mr. Messer,
I believe that today, speaking about the murdered lady who worked for an escort service, you completely missed the boat. People do different things for different reasons, you do not know what her life was like. I, for one, would do whatever is necessary to support my child, as would many other women. Get off your high moral ground, it does not become you, and makes you seem narrowminded and small. Merry Christmas
E. Cashion

You don't have to get money to be a prostitute. Women who have sex with a man to have a dancing partner are prostituting themselves; women who have sex with a man (or woman) to get material things such as a house, beautiful clothes, status or whatever are prostitutes. Living and having sex with a man I didn't love (we were married) made me feel like I was a prostitute...
Pat B

Hi, Brad,
I think you are teaching by example here. A wise student of your teaching would be any young woman who is considering going into prostitution "just for the money". Many naive people try to define prostitution as a victimless crime. Girls and women who consider this as a job should be aware of two things: (1) Prostitutes always have the possibility in their lives of being a victim, even when they are not working. (2) Women who are prostitutes can plan on being regarded by society as throwaway people...

8:41 a.m.
Where is the commentary? I tried to click your comments but it is cold. [Uh oh
. I have made the Commentary link hot now. Thanks! 8:47 a.m.] Anyway I have been reading these comments on the murdered "service provider". Tragic as it is, the woman who said that these people are considered "throwaway" is right on the money. ... Exotic Dancers are prostitutes in a milder form. They just enjoy the protection that a building provides. Problem is that they have to go home sooner or later and some nut could be waiting around the corner. The woman who said that "This woman has children" and that you were unfeeling needs a real dose of reality. Fact is, that this woman (Kim) knew exactly what she was doing. She knew it was easy money. She knew the risks (her sister told her). She knew it was immoral. And on and on. Just because you justify an immoral act with a moral need does NOT make you moral.

9:09 a.m.
On the subject of the prostitute mommy, I believe that you were trying to make the statement that wrong is wrong no matter the reason. I understand that. Just as it would be wrong for a person to kill another in cold blood so that their child might not be bullied anymore. If this mother had not been murdered and we only saw her on the streets attracting men as we drive our children to soccer practice, we would not be so quick to feel sorry for her. It is horrible for this child, but his mother made her choices and most likely knew the risks. I also understand the need for people to defend the underdog. I don't totally agree with putting all this in the prositute's mother's face about her dead daughter during Christmas. Let her believe what she needs to deal with the grief of her daughter's death.
Jourdanton, TX


Bush: Iraq troop cuts may wait

Christmas bonfires make Louisiana levee bright

Talk at a Tikrit diner: fury at US, hatred of Hussein


From the head of a rooster to a smiling face near you
The red combs of roosters and hens turn out to be some of the best sources for the sugar molecule hyaluronan, a compound that some doctors are calling the next big thing after Botox.

Rumsfeld made Iraq overture in 1984 despite chemical raids As a special envoy for the Reagan administration in 1984, Donald H. Rumsfeld, now the defense secretary, traveled to Iraq to persuade officials there that the United States was eager to improve ties with President Saddam Hussein despite his use of chemical weapons, newly declassified documents show.
I had this story the other day, and interviewed the National Security Archive about it, but when The New York Times picked it up, I felt it worth running again


Eccentric millionaire figures all of Minnesota hates him
"There are five million people in Minnesota, and I figure they all hate me," says Elroy Stock, who was exposed as the man who sent thousands of unsigned letters to people whose mixed marriages offended him.


Schlitterbahn plans $30M Galveston waterpark

Officials say al-Qaida operatives may be fully trained airline pilots

Woman fired for not being Christian enough

Floridians subjected to cloud from New Yorkers' feces



Iraqi teen tells U.S. soldiers that his dad has been killing Americans

Shopping at Wal-mart is like nightmare trip overseas Sam Walton's autobiography is subtitled "Made in America." Sam's been dead about a dozen years, but I'd still like to take him shopping with me to find out just what there is in Wal-Mart, besides Mr. Sam, that's made in America.

Indian couple drives everywhere in reverse

Judge's ruling voids Pentagon's mandatory anthrax shot for troops

Looking like a bullseye on Mars for Beagle 2

What's the public threshold for politicians' lies? Gov. of Connecticut lied to reporters about who paid for some of the repairs at his summer cottage, and got caught.

Texas A&M creates first deer clone 'Bottle-fed and spoiled rotten,' Dewey the deer represents a genetic breakthrough.

Banknorth signs deal to sponsor tollbooths As Texas considers new toll roads, Massachusetts comes up with a way that businesses can help pay for them— sponsored toll booths

Mauled illusionist Roy Horn goes home

Seinfeld cast boycotts DVD



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