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Friday, December 19, 2003 New pages appear by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday
8,607,410 hits this year

Orgasmatron inventor
was on today's show at 12:35 p.m.

Anti-US demonstrations in Iraq to be met with gunfire "Any demonstration against the government or coalition forces will be fired upon ... This is a fair warning."

Poll 11:30pm Thur - 9:30pm Fri RESULTS




Bexar may have toll roads by 2008

22-mile Laredo toll road broke, up for auction

Denton stolen toys quickly replaced

Prosecutors in Tyler stoning cases let deadline pass


NASA shows pix from new space telescope
Some never-seen wonders in space

Man freed after judge mishears 'guilty' verdict

Tapes show abuse of 9/11 detainees Hundreds of videotapes that federal prison officials had claimed were destroyed show that foreign nationals held at a New York detention facility after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks were victims of physical and verbal abuse by guards, the Justice Department's inspector general said yesterday.

Newly-declassified documents:
US publicly criticized Iraq WMDs, privately winked "Donald H. Rumsfeld went to Baghdad in March 1984 with instructions to deliver a private message about weapons of mass destruction: that the United States' public criticism of Iraq for using chemical weapons would not derail Washington's attempts to forge a better relationship.."

All along, US gave Saddam high signs Thumbnail history of US dealings with Saddam Hussein
"The option of a U.S. red light that signaled clearly "do not cross the Kuwaiti border" is dismissed out of hand. No such signal was ever given by the U.S. There is also much evidence that coddling a tyrant became the better part of valor for three U.S. presidents -- Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George Bush (41)."


Army reinstates bonus for active-duty GIs who re-enlist while in war zones

Strayhorn: Texas should allow video gambling

Texas population still growing rapidly

Questions about fundraising by Texans for a Republican Majority

Texas state cars, equipment went to phony charity operation


Mexican dies during stint as human pinata


Bakersfield prostitute turns tables on rapist "..she took his knife, stripped him naked and paraded him in front of other prostitutes, after asking how many of them had ever been forced into sex at knifepoint. Then she tried to take him - still naked - to the police station.."


Man won't put up his usual 70,000 Christmas lights because of feud with neighbor


Hi Brad: That is not a redneck Christmas tree as my wife pointed out, there isn't any beer on it.

I reckon she's right, Rick. Aren't wives always?...

Did you hear what U. S. troops in Iraq are calling the Sikorsky Blackhawk helicopter that Hillary used to tour Iraq? "Broomstick One."
Capt. Ritchie

Thanks. I appreciate reports from the war zone.

 Personal note: When I went out to my little airfield Wednesday because I wanted to go up on the Wright flights' 100th anniversary, I was surprised to see several of my friends there. Without anyone mentioning it to anyone else, quite a few of us had decided there was something personally significant about aviating on that day. It was too windy. No one cared. We all flew, and we all had a fine time. The Wrights are our heroes.


FCC cites Do Not Call List violater but doesn't set penalty

Courts rebuke White House Two federal courts yesterday rebuked the Bush administration, ruling that prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base should have access to attorneys and U.S. courts, and separately deciding that President Bush had no authority to detain an American citizen arrested on U.S. soil as an enemy combatant.

Col. West would make 'sacrifice' again Lt. Col. Allen B. West yesterday said that if faced with the same situation in which he fired a pistol near an Iraqi prisoner during an interrogation, an act for which he was later punished, he would again make the same "sacrifice."

Electrician's body was in Macy's ceiling two-plus days

Elsie the Cow creator, a WWII bomber pilot, dead at 86
Elsie the Cow was voted one of the 10 top icons of all time by Advertising Age magazine and was so famous that marketing surveys in the 1940s found that 98 percent of the American public recognized Elsie.

Burglars mistake sheriff's car for getaway vehicle

Movie Red Dawn inspired name for Saddam mission


"Instant orgasm" device in final planning stages
I hope the State of Texas calls a special session of the Legislature to pass a law against the Orgasmatron, to be added to the current anti-obscenity law which specifies that it is illegal in this state to sell a device that can be used to stimulate the genitals. Please, Gov. Perry, save our civilization from crumbling, and get that law going! Our reputation as a prudish, backward, uptight state could be threatened. While you're at it, who not go ahead with a law requiring peepholes in the doors of all private bedrooms, so the state won't be inconvenienced when it needs to look in to enforce vital state sex laws.

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Oak Hollow 2-sty, squeaky clean, 3/2.5/2 brick (7 rms, 2023sf). Large MBR. Deck/hot tub in yard w/fish pond. FP, sprinklers, softener. Tile kitch, bath, foyer. AHS warranty all major systems (AC, heat etc). NE schools. $150,500
2027 Chittim Hollow Click for Map
BY OWNER (no agents, please) 499-0619


Spotlight home
Spiderhole in the small town of Adwar is the last word in coziness



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