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Tuesday, December 16, 2003 New pages appear by 10 a.m. Monday-Friday

TOMORROW is 100th ann'y controlled, powered flight EAA Countdown to Kitty Hawk
In honor of the Wright stuff, tomorrow I plan to fly my ultralight after work— a 2000-foot spin, loops, rolls, hammerheads, split S, whatever else comes to mind— to celebrate the absolute WONDER of flight.

Sex toy survey down column


Tailpipe testing up in smoke

(email 4:53pm Monday)
Late this afternoon, the AACOG Air Technical Advisory announced that because the "design value" for 2007 will be less than 85ppb, without control strategies, they are not recommending that vehicle emissions testing be included in the Early Action Compact.

In the short term, this is a major win for all of us who have tried to convince our elected leaders that emissions testing is economically immoral and environmentally useless.

In the long term, unless we can get something in writing from the EPA, according to the wording in the Early


Action Compact, it appears that we can still be labeled as a "non attainment" city if we violate the fourth highest 8 hour ozone average between now and 2007...

...I want to thank all COGS members, KTSA and everyone who attended meetings and wrote their elected officials over the past year. Without your help, we would have ended up like Austin. Even though Austin is in attainment, their elected leaders have decided that they will have emissions testing anyway!

Mark Langford
Citizens Organized for Good Science

My personal thanks and congratulations to Mark Langford and Forrest Mims, the two citizens who led the educational campaign based on real science, as opposed to the junky stuff that had been passing for Clean Air Plan research. This battle is apparently won. The war will continue. Tailpipe emissions testing will rise mummy-like from the dead time after time in the future.

A good headline is universal..(but I thought of it first)
Tailpipe testing may go up in smoke The prospect that area motorists will have to cough up more money to add pollution-sensing tailpipe tests to their annual vehicle inspections seemed to vanish in the air like exhaust smoke Monday.


Mom could get year in jail for selling vibrator to undercover cop
Stupid Texas law requires government supervision of private bedrooms
1 Arrest brings Texas obscenity law into question If you don't know already, you'll croak when you read what Texas won't allow to be sold to consenting adults

2 Texas housewife busted for hawking erotic toys

added 3:15pm
Her website

11:55pm Tue - 10:05pm Wed RESULTS

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(Friend's house, not a paid ad)
Oak Hollow 2-sty, squeaky clean, 3/2.5/2 brick (7 rms, 2023sf). Large MBR. Deck/hot tub in yard w/fish pond. FP, sprinklers, softener. Tile kitch, bath, foyer. AHS warranty all major systems (AC, heat etc). NE schools. $150,500
2027 Chittim Hollow Click for Map
BY OWNER (no agents, please) 499-0619

Dallas News
Supreme Court lifts stay in Texas death row case The court decided 5-4 to allow Texas to resume plans to execute Kevin Lee Zimmerman, who had challenged one of the drugs used to carry out the death penalty.
Washington Post
Texas' death row in a momentary lull A divided Supreme Court on Monday lifted its eleventh-hour stay that spared the life of Kevin LeeZimmerman, a 42-year-old Louisianian who is facing the death penalty for the 1987 robbery and stabbing death of a man in a Beaumont, Tex., motel.

Saddam action figure on sale The 12-inch Saddam figure, with an Ace of Spades t-shirt costs $29.95 plus packaging and postage.

Herobuilders also sells a Dead On Arrival doll of one of Saddam's sons, Uday.


Ex-GOP expert says remap goes too far The professor said a tell-tale sign of remap politics gone too far lies in statistics that indicate the Republicans' map guarantees them a nearly bulletproof 70 percent share of the congressional delegation, even if the party's share of overall voter population drops below 50 percent.

Saddam says he had no WMD, didn't direct guerrillas

The many versions of Saddam


Paul Krugman commentary
Patriots and Profits "..the more you look into this issue, the more you worry that we have entered a new era of excess for the military-industrial complex."


Tonight's Alamo documentary challenges myths
Tonight, in a two-hour documentary called Remember the Alamo, the History Channel re-examines the fateful battle of 1836 and reveals a deeper understanding of what took place. Through re-enactments, supplemented by interviews with historians and authors, a more complex picture emerges. If you haven't taken a Texas history course in the last 20 years, you may be in for some surprises.

Our heroes are tampered with. Remember the Alamo challenges familiar myths, such as: No one inside the fortress survived; Davy Crockett died in battle; Jim Bowie killed people from his sickbed.


Modern Drunkard readers expect mistakes in the magazine "They know we're drunks," says the editor.


Backhoe beheads worker during "rescue" A construction worker was decapitated yesterday when panicked colleagues used a backhoe to try to dig him and another man out of a collapsed trench on Staten Island.

Poll Monday 9:10am-11:05pm RESULTS



Spy trial delayed after investigators raid defense attorney’s office, seize files Attorneys for spy suspect Senior Airman Ahmad Al Halabi accused government investigators of violating his attorney-client privilege by taking his legal files for “safe keeping,” raiding a defense counsel office, and barging in on his meeting with a defense attorney without a warrant.



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