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Monday, December 15, 2003 | YESTERDAY'S complete home page (Mon-Fri) always available (past pages, too) via button atop left column
Wednesday is 100th ann'y controlled, powered flight EAA Countdown to Kitty Hawk



Tailpipe testing up in smoke

Late this afternoon, the AACOG Air Technical Advisory announced that because the "design value" for 2007 will be less than 85ppb, without control strategies, they are not recommending that vehicle emissions testing be included in the Early Action Compact.

In the short term, this is a major win for all of us who have tried to convince our elected leaders that emissions testing is economically immoral and environmentally useless.

In the long term, unless we can get something in writing from the EPA, according to the wording in the Early Action Compact, it appears that we can still be labeled as a "non attainment" city if we violate the fourth highest 8 hour ozone average between now and 2007...

...I want to thank all COGS members, KTSA and everyone who attended meetings and wrote their elected officials over the past year. Without your help, we would have ended up like Austin. Even though Austin is in attainment, their elected leaders have decided that they will have emissions testing anyway!

Mark Langford
Citizens Organized for Good Science


Poll 9:10am-11:05pm RESULTS


My unconcealed disgust is hereby sent to WOAI Radio for making the horrible - but expected - decision yesterday to remain with nationally syndicated programming, rather than switch to locally originated broadcasts as did KTSA. Military City USA's reaction to the capture of Saddam Hussein was carried on KTSA, thanks to Jack Riccardi, who showed up and replaced the scheduled programs with live, local talk. Clear Channel, this is exactly why so many people oppose industry consolidation: local radio disappears, replaced by syndication and the Almighty Buck.

At Fort Hood, capture is met with pride

U.S. soldier of the 4th Infantry Division, from Fort Hood, Texas, guards the room Saddam Hussein lived in before he hid in the spider hole where he was discovered over the weekend. The room and hole were at a farmhouse outside of Tikrit in northern Iraq.

Candy bars, hot dogs, dirty dishes in Saddam's hideaway

Saddam surrender seen as cowardice

Iraqis have some odd conspiracy theories about Saddam

Doctors report more brain injuries from Iraq "..62 percent have suffered a traumatic brain injury. In past conflicts, based on data gathered from the Korean and Vietnam wars, about 20 percent of all casualties suffered brain injuries.

Saddam's capture already leading to other arrests

Hunt for bin Laden proving tougher

AP: Saddam capture may aid in bin Laden search

Halliburton removes name from Houston building with photos

Click to enlarge

(Friend's house, not a paid ad)
Oak Hollow 2-sty, squeaky clean, 3/2.5/2 brick (7 rms, 2023sf). Large MBR. Deck/hot tub in yard w/fish pond. FP, sprinklers, softener. Tile kitch, bath, foyer. AHS warranty all major systems (AC, heat etc). NE schools. $150,500
2027 Chittim Hollow Click for Map
BY OWNER (no agents, please) 499-0619


Attention Hays County and San Marcos The black box voting machines you are considering purchasing have been found to have security defects
ESlate security gaps tallied Hart InterCivic, Harris County's eSlate vendor, had 10 potential risk areas, including four rated as high.

Formal charges against Jacko expected this week

$1M California house for Salvation Army official

British spacecraft approaches Mars landing

Supremes take up dispute over Mexican trucks on US roads



Teen pleads no contest to feeding cat to alligator

Olympian fruit-sex art courts controversy

Prince Charles mistakes Nicole for Kate


Rush's Palm Beach home
Rush's drug use has Palm Beach in tizzy


US News
Keeping Secrets
The Bush administration is doing the public's business out of the public eye. Here's how--and why. For the past three years, the Bush administration has quietly but efficiently dropped a shroud of secrecy across many critical operations of the federal government--cloaking its own affairs from scrutiny and removing from the public domain important information on health, safety, and environmental matters. The result has been a reversal of a decades-long trend of openness in government while making increasing amounts of information unavailable to the taxpayers who pay for its collection and analysis.

Col. West won't be court martialed
Strom Thurmond had a mixed-race daughter?
FBI applies new rules to surveillance
Oprah turns tables on Letterman in feud
Texans say put state legislators' votes on paper



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