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Friday, December 12, 2003
Wed., Dec. 17 = 100th ann'y controlled, powered flight EAA Countdown to Kitty Hawk

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Hi Brad! Clemens High School is wanting to line Schertz Parkway on Saturday to see the Clemens Buffalos off to the 5A Semifinals against the Katy Tigers.
Spread the word to Buffs fans. We're planning to line Schertz Parkway to cheer the team members as they go from the fieldhouse to I-35. The City of Schertz will provide a police escort for the Buffs. The bus is scheduled to depart from the field house about 1:30 Saturday to go to the Alamodome. Plan to be in place before then.


1 'Stakes high' in lethal injection appeals U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's decision to halt the execution of a Texas inmate Wednesday could open the door for similar delays in early 2004 and even lead to a re-examination of the constitutionality of the method of lethal injection.

2 DNA and Death Row "..last Friday, in the Texas case of Richard Wayne Jones, a judge granted a prosecutor's motion to conclude legal efforts to obtain evidence for testing -- the last barrier stopping the state from destroying the evidence."


Do you need one of these things?


Diebold e-mail on price gouging Maryland

Cornyn touts new Medicare drug benefit "..but an audience at an Austin seniors center basically replied: "Now you listen, Sonny."

Texas' place in aviation history

Texas Democrats complain about convention hotel

When I attended the Dems' national convention a few years ago in Chicago, the San Antonio delegates were holed up in an ancient fleabag hotel that was so scuzzy I checked out before I opened my suitcase. They should be happy with what they have found in Boston.

Good damned riddance, I say
Father, son die attempting to drown dog "..18-year-old Eugene Weston Junior and his cousin planned to drown their pit bull in an old abandoned cotton gin.."

Dallas News
1 Texas redistricting trial kicks off "..In the opening day of a federal trial over the GOP-backed plan, Morris Overstreet, attorney for the Coalition of Black Democrats, likened the map to poll taxes, literacy tests and other practices eventually outlawed as obstructions to minority voting.

Washington Post
2 Redistricting battle moves to U.S. Court The great Texas redistricting brawl shifted into a federal court in Texas Thursday when the state's ascendant Republicans, whose redrawn electoral map could yield as many as seven new congressional seats for the GOP, squared off against aggrieved Democrats.


war news —————

Houston Chronicle
Audit: Halliburton overbilled millions In excess of $60M on each of two contracts
In the military's first public criticism of Halliburton subsidiary KBR since the company went to work in Iraq, Pentagon officials said Thursday that they had discovered "serious problems" with the company's costs and demanded a detailed response.


Marines plan to use velvet glove more than iron fist in Iraq "..say they intend to avoid the get-tough tactics that have been used by Army units."

Paul Krugman commentary
A deliberate debacle
I've always found claims that profiteering was the motive for the Iraq war — as opposed to a fringe benefit — as implausible as claims that the war was about fighting terrorism. There are deeper motives here.



Some Afghans baffled after deadly US raid Villagers insist that the target was neither a terrorist nor a threat to the government, and some professed outrage and shock at the U.S. attack.

US soldiers ordered to have their beloved puppy killed Military rules forbid pets in Iraq, so the dog had to go. "My husband was devastated," says Maggie Ford, wife of Sgt. 1st Class Bill Ford, who had hoped to bring the dog back to Florida. "We all cried when we found out."

Boston Globe Op-Ed
US evades blame for Iraqi deaths The Associated Press reported back in June that at least 3,240 Iraqi civilians were killed in the first month of the American invasion. The AP reported that the "great majority of civilian deaths appear to have been caused by US or British attacks."

Lawmaker voices support for AF Academy cadet An Air Force Academy cadet who faces expulsion for refusing to tell who gave her a sip of whiskey gained the support of Rep. Heather Wilson, an Air Force Academy graduate.

Stryker unit bids somber farewell to fallen comrades
DULUIYAH, Iraq — Soldiers from the Army’s first Stryker brigade today mourned the deaths of three comrades who were killed before they could make it through their first week here.


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(Friend's house, not a paid ad)
Oak Hollow 2-sty, squeaky clean, 3/2.5/2 brick (7 rms, 2023sf). Large MBR. Deck/hot tub in yard w/fish pond. FP, sprinklers, softener. Tile kitch, bath, foyer. AHS warranty all major systems (AC, heat etc). NE schools. $150,500
2027 Chittim Hollow Click for Map
BY OWNER (no agents, please) 499-0619


Virginia arrests alleged spammer
A man alleged to be one of the world's most notorious spammers was arrested Thursday in North Carolina, accused by Virginia prosecutors of falsifying the origin of e-mails that pitched low-priced "penny" stocks and home-mortgage schemes.
Two men indicted on spam charges
Virginia Attorney General Jerry W. Kilgore announced yesterday the nation's first felony indictment under an antispam law after police arrested a suspected spammer on charges of sending out millions of fraudulent e-mail messages from his home in North Carolina.

Where are the armed pilots?

Wing mutilations ground 4 endangered pelicans

Austin council okays Lowe's over aquifer

"Miracle" dog found in a landfill refuses to die "The dog was euthanized with drugs, presumed dead, put into a plastic bag and then a trash compactor and compressed, and survived that. It's just amazing it lived through that whole mess."

Microsoft studies IE flaw that helps identity theives

A Rush job to save face
NY Daily News Exclusive: Rush Limbaugh's spin team came up with a secret plan to save their boss after the conservative commentator admitted he was addicted to painkillers, the Daily News learned yesterday. Fearing that Limbaugh, who once called for jailing junkies, might be branded a hypocrite and lose the loyalty of his right-wing listeners, his team sprang into action.

20 years later, same toys
Care Bears, My Little Pony, and He-Man are flying off the shelves, thanks to Gen-Xers, who grew up with the toys in the 1980s.

and finally...
You call this a bonus?



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