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Thursday, December 11, 2003
Dec. 17 = 100th anniversary of controlled, powered flight EAA Countdown to Kitty Hawk

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Texas death penalty in limbo
U.S. Supreme Court justice stays execution but doesn't say why
On one extreme, the cases could reflect nothing more than a temporary procedural glitch in the administration of capital punishment.
On the other, they could cast the timing of future executions in Texas -- and in as many as 27 other states -- into doubt while courts tackle the question of whether the drugs used by the states are inhumane.

Thanks, Michael

Transfers Nod to Bush in 5-4 Decision

Just moments after former Vice President Al Gore endorsed former Vermont Governor Howard Dean for President in Harlem yesterday, the Supreme Court overturned his endorsement by a 5-4 margin.

The Court, finding the former Vice President's endorsement of Mr. Dean unconstitutional, transferred his endorsement to President George W. Bush instead.

Writing for the majority, Chief Justice William Rehnquist said, "There's really no explanation necessary - we're the Supreme Court, and if you don't like it, you can stick it where the moon don't shine."

While some Democrats howled that the Court was inappropriately politicizing itself with its controversial decision, Mr. Gore accepted the ruling, saying, "After four minutes of partisan wrangling over this matter, it is time for us to move on."

Mr. Gore expressed some regret that his endorsement had been transferred from Mr. Dean to Mr. Bush, but added, "It'll be nice to be on the winning side for a change."

But Mr. Gore's endorsement could turn out to be a mixed blessing for the Bush campaign, as a survey of those who heard Mr. Gore's Harlem speech showed that 55% felt "drowsy" while 40% "lost consciousness altogether."
In other political news, Senator John Kerry (D-Mass) decided today to reinvent his campaign once more, officially positioning himself as "the most potty-mouthed candidate ever to run for President."

In an interview with Rolling Stone released today, Mr. Kerry said, "If anyone f---ing says that I'm not f--ing qualified to be f---ing president, I'm going to f-ck them up."


USA Today
Sjodin's mother calls suspect's mom
"I asked her to reach out to her son and please ask him to lead us to Dru," ... "I asked mother-to-mother."

Grand Forks Herald
A mother-to-mother talk
Linda Walker asks Dolores Rodriguez to persuade her son to locate Dru

17 students file suit over SC school drug raid Thanks, James

Experts worried after worm hits Windows-based ATMs

Texas remap case goes to court today

Texas home insurance rates rise, some car rates down


war news

Bush bars allies from Iraq jobs, then asks their help

Roll-out of controversial Iraq contracts delayed

'Made in Israel' crackdowns in Iraq won't work

Many new Iraq soldiers quit
Plans to deploy the first battalion of Iraq (news - web sites)'s new army are in doubt because a third of the soldiers trained by the U.S.-led occupation authority have quit

IRS computer system upgrade flopping
"..What we have here is a five-year track record of absolute consistency of cost overruns and delayed deliveries."

Pastor convicted of beating boy at Bible study

Digital camera sales continue to rise

Dogs say the darnedest things
I road-tested the Bow-Lingual Dog Translator

Leaving no stone unturned to save Round Rock's round rock



Deputy priest charged with obscene calls

Colorado refurbs gay sex club exterior

Galveston prostitutes working the dawn shift
In the last two months, complaints about prostitutes working the early-morning, before-breakfast, way-to-work crowd have almost tripled, says Sergeant Phillip Fleming of the Galveston Police Department vice and narcotics squad. Typically, the prostitution rush hour is after clubs close, between 2 and 4 a.m. But now women are working the white-collar rush hour.

Houston mayor "hurt, embarrassed" by widely circulated nude photos
(oh, not our Houston) Sharon Smith says the photos were taken during a private moment with her husband. "My privacy has been violated in every sense," she wrote to a newspaper.

Pigeon droppings sculpture considered A car painted to look like it is covered with pigeon droppings could [be erected in] Trafalgar Square.

Rags to riches
James Gatzke had no job, no heat and no running water, until he bought a lottery ticket -- worth $5.5 million. He opened a bank account and bought a car-- a black 1991 Cadillac with 155,000 miles on it.

Taking 'Christmas' out of holiday songs

Hillary says no to Cabinet, won't say about VP

"Alias" gets cast addition

"Isabella Rossellini has been cast to play secret agent Sydney Bristow's (Jennifer Gardner) deadly butt-kicking aunt."


Ten-Foot Poll 8:50am-6:15pm Wednesday RESULTS
  • Whoever provided it should confess. Honor pertains to all, man or woman!
    Providing alcohol to a minor is illegal. Maybe the young lady has misplaced integrity.
  • This is the military I spent 21 years in? How politically correct can you get? If she can put her life on the line for her country, she should be awarded ALL adult rights. Get real, this is such a non-issue that would have been laughed at twenty years ago.
  • Both should get dishonorable discharges and sent to a Chinese slave factory
  • Give her the "Stupid" award for turning herself in AND the "Courage" award for NOT turning in her classmate.
  • Give me a break. She turned herself in, which is commendable, but stupid, under the circumstances and now they want to know who provided it. That way they can punish both of them and show the AF that they are being serious. That is BS.
  • When young people first arrive at any military academy, they agree to abide by the Honor Code and other regulations pertaining to their admission to said academy. If they transgress the code or regulations, punitive measures are called for. Period!
  • Follow the rules or go home and make room for someone who will!
    Accept her disipline and move on
  • This girl turned herself in because of her strong belief and adherence to the academy's honor code. It is this same honor code that requires her to name the one that provided the alcohol. She may be a real "stand-up" girl for refusing to do so, but she isn't allowed the option of picking and choosing which part of the honor code she'll follow that day. The true weasel is the upperclassman that is leaving her twisting in the wind and not standing up as she did. They aren't worth her protection, but that's the choice she's making.


Click to enlarge

(Friend's house, not a paid ad)
Oak Hollow 2-sty, squeaky clean, 3/2.5/2 brick (7 rms, 2023sf). Large MBR. Deck/hot tub in yard w/fish pond. FP, sprinklers, softener. Tile kitch, bath, foyer. AHS warranty all major systems (AC, heat etc). NE schools. $150,500
2027 Chittim Hollow Click for Map
BY OWNER (no agents, please) 499-0619


For those who thought they really could lose weight while they slept, I offer yet another miracle of Science:



From: Citizens Organized for Good Science Mark Langford, President

Just wanted to share a few facts in regards to Renee Green's (Chairwoman of the AACOG Air Tech Advisory Committee) appearance on Ricci Ware's show yesterday on KTSA.

Renee said that "outside influences" are not significant enough to make a big difference in our ozone levels.
While she is correct when it comes to pinpointing the influence from specific cities, such as Austin, Corpus or Houston, what she failed to explain is that when you get rid of all of San Antonio's pollution, you only lower ozone readings by 25%. That means that we are not responsible for 75% of our ozone readings. As Forrest Mims has pointed out in the past, smoke events from Louisiana, Mexico and pollution from outside of Texas is a much larger contributor than our urban pollution. Just look at our readings in July, when our air originates from the Caribbean. Our normal summer readings are less than 40ppb. On an interesting note, Houston contributes more to our ozone levels than our own CPS coal plants, based on the latest modeling data. In fact, we could reduce our ozone levels by 2% if we kept Houston air from entering our city, vs. less than 1/2 of 1 percent if we test all of our vehicles!

Renee said that automobiles contribute between 40-60% to our pollution. According to new AACOG data, in 2007, all motor vehicles (not just cars) will emit 35% of the total NOx (Nitrogen Oxides). That compares with 33% for point sources (like CPS). Our biggest single polluter when it comes to VOCs (volatile organic compounds) is vegetation! Biogenic VOCs will contribute 58% to our VOC pollution versus 11% for motor vehicles. One of the worst producers of VOCs are our native oak trees and forests to the NE of us. That is one reason why our ozone levels skyrocket when our winds blow from the NE for several days during the growing season.

Renee was not sure how many high ozone days were on the weekends this past year. Of the four highest days (the only days the EPA cares about), 2 out of 4 days were weekends for CAM 23 (Marshall HS) and 3 out of 4 days were weekends for CAM 58 (Camp Bullis). Out of the 8 days recorded by the two monitors, 5 were weekends. On another note, Seguin's 4th highest ozone day was 79ppb as compared with 86ppb at CAM 23 at John Marshall HS.

Renee said that Houston cars are failing their emissions tests at a rate of 16%. According to the "Air Check Texas Results", gathered by the Texas State Inspections Association, the overall failure rate in Harris County was 10.17%, not 16%. Here is a link to that presentation:

Renee never admitted that Houston had 16% more "high ozone" days this year than last year (no emissions testing). Nor did Renee admit that San Antonio lowered our "high ozone" days by 53% with no emissions testing.
I will post the new AACOG "Attainment Demonstration for the SA EAC Region" as soon as I get a copy from AACOG. That is where I got my information for #2.






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