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Thursday, December 4, 2003
A caller told Trey today that the color has appeared now in the Lost Maples park
(however, take a look HERE)


A&M won't give points for skin color Citing his belief that individuals should be judged only by their merit, Texas A&M University President Robert Gates is bucking the nation's higher education establishment by announcing the school would not use race as a factor in admissions or scholarships.
The Texas A&M System regents are scheduled to vote on Gates' proposal today. Under state law, any changes to the admissions process cannot go into effect for one year after they are approved, meaning they would apply to the Fall 2005 class. Gates said his outreach and scholarship proposals would be instituted immediately.

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Bexar housing official allowed to resign The commissioners also offered Executive Director Christine Torres a severance package, but details were not released pending her acceptance of the offer.

Why didn't they fire her? If she is crooked, as the Channel 4 (3 on cable) Investigative Team has pointed out five-million times, then ax her and forget any stinking severance package!


SBC beefs up plans to sell DSL service


Talk show host apologizes for telling kids there's no Santa WBAB's John Parise says: "My comments were meant to get back to the original spirit of Christmas, giving and sharing with family and friends. I apologize to parents and mothers and fathers who didn't understand my message."

This is the biggest crock of crap I ever heard. The idiot promotes a "special announcement" for several days, then when he makes it, it is to spill the beans about Santa. He ought to be fired and NEVER work in radio again. My sincere disgust goes out to ball-less Cox Broadcasting for keeping Parise employed. THIS is what the government lets WBAB use the public airwaves for?



Victim testifies in Bible class beating trial Joshua Thompson's attorney, Gerry Goldstein, acknowledged that his client hit the boy with a switch from a tree and that he caused injuries. But Mr. Goldstein said the boy's parents practiced similar forms of corporal punishment and had asked the Thompsons to discipline their child.   'I always had faith': Innocent man freed after 20 years Mr. Scott, a construction worker from Shelby, Miss., said he wouldn't let bitterness about the last 20 years ruin the rest of his life. He made it through, he says, "reading the Bible and trusting in the Lord."


Booking photo
Is case against Jacko weak? NY Times speculates Yes

Jacko accuser's dad in custody fight A new sideshow is about to open in the Michael Jackson circus. The father of the pop star's accuser plans to launch a battle for custody of the teen tomorrow.

New version of Air Force One anecdote British Airways said it has been unable to confirm the new version. "We've looked into it," a spokeswoman said from London. "It didn't happen."

Check your phone bill for a charge called Oops A mistake, or overbilling on purpose? "My experience with cellphone companies, airlines, and Internet providers has been so overwhelmingly dominated by 'mistakes' that I can't believe that it amounts to anything less than an insidious new business model developed to prey upon busy lives"...

Woman who flew into rage over burger convicted of assault A McDonald's customer who flew into a violent rage when she was denied mayonnaise on her cheeseburger was convicted Wednesday of felony assault for running over the restaurant's manager.

US makes big change In 'combatant' policy "..significantly modified one of the government's most controversial anti-terrorism positions: that it may hold alleged enemy combatants indefinitely without representation, even if they are U.S. citizens."

Science by popular vote

Privacy Case Goes Before Justices Oral arguments at the Supreme Court took on an emotional and, at times, macabre tone yesterday, as the justices weighed a conflict between a skeptical citizen's demand for government disclosure and a grieving family's plea for personal closure -- in the context of the 1993 death of deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster.


President Bush's Baghdad turkey was for looking, not for eating

Goodyear blimp drifts into truck; cameraman injured

London paper: Pentagon fired Guantanamo lawyers on first day
One report says the Pentagon claims it never happened

Girlfriend bites off piece of boyfriend's tongue

Protests against name "Jap Road" in Fannett

Man dies attempting to steal sewer service


California crop circles a mystery in several ways
"..according to an actual rocket scientist on the team, one thing's for sure: The pattern was too geometrically sophisticated to be done by four teenagers who reportedly had never cut crop circles before. No matter how bored they were."

Popping balloon leads to unreasonable noise charge

Teacher asked pupils to draw their own vaginas

Does Bush want US to return to moon?

Reagan's days pass in silence The Great Communicator is silent now. Robbed of his mind by Alzheimer's disease, Ronald Reagan no longer can dress himself, feed himself or speak. He rarely gets out of bed except to be propped in a wheelchair.



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