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Wednesday, December 3, 2003


9am-11pm RESULTS


Hays County considers buying electronic voting machines that generate no paper trail County Commissioner Russ Molenaar said he has concerns about electronic voting because there is no paper ballot. “What happens if the machine erases itself?” he asked.

Whereas eSlate describes itself as a "paperless" way to vote, there's a section of their website that reads, "The eSlate™ also has advanced auditing capabilities that allow for both manual (paper) and electronic recounts as necessary." That makes me suspect that the paper trail is an option. It is unclear at this point. --Brad
• eSlate electronic voting systems website HERE
• Bev Harris' Black Box Voting website HERE


I would like to add to your level of apprehension regarding computer voting.

When I voted in November, the school bond election was the item in which I was most interested. I voted "no" and the screen momentarily showed such a vote but immediately (within seconds) defaulted to "yes." I pressed "no" again and the correct block was marked. The confirmation page reflected the fact that I had voted "no" but my concern is for those who vote a certain way and don't notice, or don't have sufficient knowledge or bravado regarding today's hi-tech equipment, to deal with such chicanery. Without the paper trail which you advocate so strongly, I can visualize all sorts of vote manipulation, etc.

Of course, I don't know that the machine was programmed to cast a vote favorable to school interests, nor am I accusing anyone of such a thing, but it certainly gives one cause to be concerned about the credibility of computer voting.

Thanks for listening. I enjoy your show. Keep 'em rattled!

Mary B

(Mary is writing about our local machines from ES&S, not the eSlate black boxes being considered by San Marcos)

email re. metrosexuals

Dear Bradford,
Ya know, a few years ago I got in touch with my feminine side. I discovered she's butch.
More recently I attempted to find my inner child. I found him all right. He called me names, beat me up, and took my lunch money.
Dan in Kerr

email re. San Antonio made Ellen Degeneres' website

Brad, have you spotted this?
anne, listener

(It's in the Tour Photos section)

Bexar County wants to give tax breaks for Aquifer-area construction Environmentalists immediately questioned the court's action, asking why commissioners would want to give anyone an incentive to build in an area of the county where the community doesn't want developers to build.

Parking rules have Gruene Historical District in a tizzy An impasse over parking rules may force closure of the New Braunfels Museum of Art and Music, which has invested $2 million in a new building and adjacent restaurant

On the one hand...
Productivity grows at best rate since 1983

On the other hand...
US budget is far, far in the red Deficits are funded with borrowed money, which increases our National Debt. The generation too young to vote now will pay for this debt -- even though they didn't borrow the money.

New York Times
Gains in Houston schools: how real are they? Texas has trumpeted the achievements of millions of its students, but an examination of student performance in Houston raises serious doubts about those gains.


Dachshund becomes Norway national hero
Woman complains about unreliable horoscope


Sears bought its way into starring in "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" The deal, estimated to be costing Sears more than $1 million, includes the placement of products like Craftsman tools, Kenmore appliances and Lands' End home furnishings in each of the six episodes.

The Environmental President wants new regs to allow more mercury emissions from coal-burning power plants "..power plants release about 48 tons of mercury into the air each year, or about 40 percent of the total human-caused mercury emissions in the country.."


Thanks, Michael O

Polygamist cites ruling on sodomy A Utah man with five wives is in court fighting to get his bigamy conviction overturned on the basis of the U.S. Supreme Court's June ruling that decriminalized homosexual relations.

The odd story of Mary Kay in China: linking employment to staying away from the Falun Gong spiritual group

Feel Good Alert
Dog saves a life and wins a home With a broken back, the dog climbed a steep hill to the road to summon help for the critically injured Andrea.

Houston cabbie jailed in theft of toys from dying boy

Williamson County Sheriff - allegedly caught drunk a dozen times - is set to resign Most recently, Georgetown police stopped Maspero on Oct. 11 after a couple called 911 to report that Maspero appeared drunk and was relieving himself along Williams Drive.

More charges for accused school peeper

Baghdad driving instructor tells students, "Don't stop at traffic lights!"

Another really, really stupid radio outrage "The Babylon [Long Is., NY] radio station WBAB/102.3 FM is experiencing a backlash from some listeners after a Monday morning show promoted a big announcement to families for several days, then told children that Santa Claus ... (stop reading this if you're under 10) ... does not exist.


Fox News
Prosecutors: Laci was killed at home


Sergeant's personality 'rocked the world'
“I think someone forgot to tell Sgt. Rico that there was an emotion besides happiness,” said Capt. Steven C. Fahlenkamp at Rico’s memorial service Tuesday.


Jacko feeling bugged
Michael Jackson thinks authorities may be spying on him in his own home, we hear. The Gloved One is said to be so fearful that his Neverland ranch has been bugged, he's even looking at his teddy bears suspiciously.


Another 'plane,' and legend, to rival the Wrights' flight Some claim man's first powered flight happened on the outskirts of Pittsburg, Texas.



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