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40th anniversary of
JFK assassination is a
week from tomorrow


Bush won't meet bereaved US families.... but he will meet British ones:
Bush to meet bereaved British relatives

What a rat.

Just a little UPSET!


Pentagon Limits Funeral Coverage
Arlington to Keep Reporters Away
The Army tightened rules yesterday on press coverage of funerals at Arlington National Cemetery, directing that reporters be kept far enough away from the graveside that they would likely be unable to hear a chaplain's eulogy.

1:04 p.m. update: refers to above story
The Rest of the Story
Pentagon Limits Funeral Coverage; Arlington to Keep Reporters Away

Recently, I was quoted in a Washington Post article entitled “Pentagon Limits Funeral Coverage; Arlington to Keep Reporters Away.” Anyone who deals with the media will understand that often the one comment that gets printed does not reflect the overall conversation or feeling of the interviewee. The comments in the Washington Post article are mine and they are 100% accurate, but what you don’t see or get to read is the reason why I said them.

London cancels police leave to handle Bush protesters British police are bracing for what could be the largest demonstration ever organized against a foreign head of state when President Bush arrives for a state visit on Tuesday.

(this is a real, ranting anti-war tirade)
US stays blind to Iraqi casualties Medact, the British affiliate of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, this week published a report that estimates the number of Iraqi civilian deaths during the invasion to range from 5,708 to 7,356. The report estimates that the number of civilian deaths after May 1, when Bush declared an end to major combat operations, ranges from 2,049 to 2,209.

The "Collateral Damage" report to which the above Globe story refers is HERE



Price war looms for high-speed Net access The cost of high-speed home Internet access has dipped below $20 a month in some areas as cable and phone companies battle for customers.

Texas kids flunk reading Nearly three-fourths of Texas' fourth-graders lack proficient reading skills. So do nearly three-fourths of the state's eighth-graders, according to national exam results released Thursday (2003 National Assessment of Educational Progress)

Tyler cyanide poison scheme confirmed A Tyler man linked to anti-government and white supremacist groups pleaded guilty Thursday to possessing the chemical weapon sodium cyanide

Guerrillas Posing More Danger The U.S. commander for Iraq said that [we face] about 5,000 "brutal and determined" guerrilla fighters.
New Risks In 'Iraqification' At least four factors forced the administration to overhaul its military and political strategy in Iraq, despite the danger that a new approach might actually diminish U.S. control over the country's future.
Gunmen kill U.S. contractor in Iraq while an Apache helicopter killed seven people suspected of preparing a rocket attack on a U.S. base near Tikrit
Operation targets Iraq rebels US troops mounted air and ground attacks in the Iraqi capital yesterday for a second straight night, targeting suspected insurgent positions


Soldiers sent to Iraq despite failing drug tests
The routine urinalysis administered to Iowa Army National Guard troops at Camp Dodge last spring and summer screened for marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, PCP and other illegal substances

OPINION Paul Krugman
The Medicare Trojan Horse ".. prescription drug legislation .. may turn out to be a Trojan horse that finally allows conservative ideologues, who have unsuccessfully laid siege to Medicare since the days of Barry Goldwater, to breach its political defenses."

House prices sizzle Home prices in more than 40 U.S. metro areas experienced double-digit growth for the third quarter. Prices rose 8.3 percent in San Antonio. But those increases were nothing compared to what's going on in some other areas of the country.

Brad's Ten-Foot Poll

posted 12:10 a.m.
RESULT 218 votes CPS waives late fees on the bills of senior citizens, and a disabled man now says his late fee should be forgiven, too, or it'll all be kind of unfair.

CPS has no business subsidizing people who can't pay their bills on time.
Hey, ease up, it's the disabled and elderly we're talking about here. They shouldn't have to be responsible with their money!
Okay, give 'em all the time in the world to pay their bills, but give ME the same deal, too.

Sorry. It turned out that this entire discussion and Ten-Foot Poll were based on an erroneous newspaper story, which said in its headline and in the body of the story that CPS waives late fees for seniors, when in fact their late fees are NOT waived but are imposed only after an additional ten-day grace period. Punt!


Car warranty seller seeks bankruptcy Warranty Gold of Austin puts 67,000 customers who bought extended repair contracts over Net in limbo


Subject: You are a horsh person
You need to learn to keep your mouth shut when you don't know what you are talking about. Rich people like you think they know everything, But let me tell you something, You don't even know anything about what really happens to disabled people really go through. My brother went to college to be a business manager and when he started looking for a job, He had a lot of offers but when they found out that he was blind, they turned him down. Now do you call that discrimination? If we took your money away, you would know what I am talking about. You hurt a lot of people today when you were talking on the radio. People that are disabled try and try to make more money and there are people like you that discriminate against them and talk bad like you do. What do you want the disabled people to Or do you want us to live with mom until we die. I am just lucky that my parents own a business and I work with them. They are going to sale it in the near future and I will be without a job more than likely. I am just lucky my wife is working and is also going to college to be a teacher. After that happens, I will not have to worry about much. I have liked listening to you but lately, You have been getting on my nerves with your comments. They are rude and stupid, I guess you don't think about what you say. You are one sorry person. I hope you get more nasty emails in your inbox. Probably not because they have to scrimp and save to pay there electric bill, momorgage, phone bill, car payment, and also, for the food and clothes they need to. I want to know how you do that all on $600.00. Learn to keep your mouth shut
Roger P.


Noreen's email stated that seniors are exempt school taxes. You clarified this somewhat in that they are "capped". The truth is that only the "tax rate" is capped. The same thing happens to them that happens to us. We are told that taxes are not going up but the tax bill is still higher and higher each year. The property is simply higher and higher each year in value as appraised by the appraisal districts. You know this happens.
I have a home in New Braunfels. In nine years the taxes have increased threefold. My mom is in Williamson County and every year I have to explain what the counties are doing to us (everybody!). She wonders why her taxes keep going up. Well, she is in her eighties and just can't understand the rape that is going on.
But I have been retired for ten years as I am approaching 60 and my rate isn't capped, as my mom's rate has been. New Braunfels brags that they are not raising taxes. And they do not raise the rate. But the bill is sure as hell more. Mom and I are both on fixed incomes. Both of our homes are paid for but I am estimating in four years, I will have to sell and move somewhere like Belize or not pay my electric bill.
Yes, I have shifted gears but this was your topic today, however poor the information you had was. I should be obliged to pay my bills on time just like anyone else. New Braunfels Utilities simplified things last year (I think) by simply giving a due date about three weeks after the billing date.


Regarding your show today, 11/12, on compensation for Gulf War I POWs must surely have been intended to be a joke. My former husband, an Air Force pilot, was a POW in Vietnam from 1968 to 1973, went through inimaginable torture, and a very turbulent homecoming. But that was his chosen profession, and he knew being taken prisoner of war was a real possiblity, but also part and parcel of the profession he chose. He honored himself and his country with the dignity with which he endured the 5-1/2 years in captivity. It infuriates me to think that these soldiers hold their profession in so little regard as to sue for compensation. Shame on them. God help us if these are the kind of folks defending our country.


Brad, In reference to your statement about individuals being responsible. I tried that. I joined the military and, until the day I retired in 1979, they told me, verbally and in writing, that I would have my health care provided for me forever after retiring. Counting on an authorized representative of the US government, I did not plan for, or consider, health insurance. Well, it seems that the Department of Deceit, was just that, deceitful. They reneged on the promised and earned health care. But, you know the story, you have heard it from many others, those more eloquent than I. We, the retired veterans, working through the Military Information Network, are trying to right this egregious wrong. Thank you for the support you have given not only us, but those currently on active duty.
Jim R.


Dear Mr. Messer,
I just started listening to KTSA this week, having quickly tired of the ranting and raving of WOAI's afternoon talk show hosts. I was enjoying all the shows on KTSA until I heard yours today about CPS and giving a break about late fees to the elderly.
When the elderly gentleman called in and tried to explain to you the situation he, and others like him who are organized and trying to deal with reality on a fixed income, face with CPS, your answer was very surprising. I was disappointed by your insult to the caller, and I am disappointed in the quality of your response. I was hoping that you would listen to your callers and have real discussions and truly listen to what is being said.
You are missing the point in this discussion you've raised. The issue is not unorganized elderly, but an inflexible electrical company who is not accommodating their elderly customers, I'm sure many of whom have been paying their electrical bills for decades in this city. What happened to good customer service, and an appreciation of customer loyalty? Many, many other companies would kill to have that kind of loyal customer base, forced though it is for lack of competitors to CPS.
Instead of insulting the elderly, the disabled, etc., why aren't you finding out just how efficient CPS truly is or is not?
And remember what happened to Rush Limbaugh (whom I admire greatly) - he put down those who are addicted, and now he's suffering - you, too, (if you survive long enough), will be elderly one day and may face a fixed income. Your words may come back to haunt you.
Charlotte C.



Steroid Testing Triggered Baseball reported that as many as 84 of its 1,200 players tested positive for steroid use, triggering automatic testing next season.

Fiji Villagers Apologize for Cannibalism

Woman made to burn £5,000 boob job money

First steps toward Man "creating life"



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