Hallowe'en - Friday, October 31, 2003
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Same goes for New Zealand, Lithuania, Israel, Brazil, Poland, Singapore, Japan, Italy, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Norway, UK, France, Germany, Australia, and Canada.


Last day of early voting

Cowboys-Redskins Sunday

I took these yesterday at the [Blue Angels] practice. Do with them what you may. Regards,
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Hondo Maze - Ken and Laurie Graff at 7A Ranch in Hondo have a terrific Spurs maze this year. Their website

Honor our dead in Operation Iraqi Freedom
10/28/03 Army. Sgt. Michael Paul Barrera of Von Ormy
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12:05 Sen. John Cornyn: Why is the US giving everything to Iraq and not asking for a single cent to be repaid?
12:35 Tom Kalil, the Washington attorney who brought the Iraqi attorney, who saved Jessica Lynch, to the US and housed his family for 6 months

Austin kills smoking ban
Council throws out earlier ordinance and allows smoking in bars and restaurants

Projected Iraq oil costs up sharply
The Bush administration has doubled the value of a contract to rebuild Iraq's oil industry, to $2 billion, sharply driving up the projected cost of restoring the country's prewar capacity.


Kerrvillites, er, Kerrvillians, uh, Kerrvillers, er, the people of Kerrville complain about early ("premature") Christmas decorations

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Christmas is almost 8 weeks away. Is it too early to put up Christmas decorations?
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Emergency leave policy baffles many troops

War contracts report
More than 70 American companies and individuals have won up to $8 billion in contracts for work in postwar Iraq and Afghanistan over the last two years, according to a new study by the Center for Public Integrity. Those companies contributed more money to the presidential campaign of George W. Bush - more than $500,000 - than to any other politician over the last dozen years, the Center found.

Democrats May Be History in Kentucky
For three decades, frustrated Republicans have watched Kentucky become increasingly Republican but still cling to its Democratic heritage in state elections. This year, GOP officials vow, will be different.

High school girls chase down, beat up serial flasher

CNBC Hires Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller, the sardonic comedian who delivered a fake newscast on "Saturday Night Live" and told jokes in the "Monday Night Football" booth, will host a prime-time political talk show on CNBC.

Colonel West in Iraq refuses to resign
The attorney for Lt. Col. Allen B. West said yesterday his client will not quit the Army, rejecting a prosecutor's offer to resign rather than face charges he threatened an Iraqi detainee to gain information on a planned guerrilla attack.

I am grateful to my ace Producer, Susan Farris, for putting KTSA so far ahead on this story. I was the first to interview Col. West's attorney, period-- because Susan magically ferreted out his identity and then his location (at an airport). Susan then gave the attorney's contact info to Rowan Scarborough at the Washington Times, resulting in today's Times story above. Susan is a force.

California rejected water-drop request for Cedar Fire because of regulations
Whole thing might have been avoided if caught that early

1 Will Microsoft eat up Google?
2 Beauty and the Beast
"..Microsoft reportedly built its empire employing some of the most steely-eyed, carnivorous business tactics the high-tech industry has ever seen, while Google has come to dominate the Internet search engine space with an unparalleled capacity to play the coy flirt."

GOP unity is strained by Iraq guerrilla attacks
Sen. Lott's Iraq frustration: 'If we have to, we just mow the whole place down, see what happens. You're dealing with insane suicide bombers who are killing our people, and we need to be very aggressive in taking them out.'

Student suspects she's only girl who doesn't own vibrator
Rachel Bertsche, who doesn't have a vibrator, says most women she talked to were downright offended by the suggestion that their sex toys are just for show. They've become attached to these things, says the columnist. "I love my vibrator," was a common theme.

How weird is St. Louis? Try "Two teens charged with sticking drumstick up 13-year-old's butt"

Scientists reconstruct life of 'Iceman'


To lead off, this image came in the email with no message. If a woman's breasts offend you, do not click HERE
(I wonder if I could get a trend going on this sort of thing...)

As I was driving back home to the hill country from S.A. today, I heard you mention that "Dubya" was coming into town this evening to pick up some money and then you asked about the Blue Angels flying around over the northeast side of town.
Well, I was lucky enough to miss "Dubya" and also lucky enough to be there for the Blue Angels. As I was eating lunch and reading a mystery in the Chick-Fil-A in the Forum, we all heard what sounded like a large bulldozer falling on the building. All the military people immediately knew it was a jet and it was very low. There were several Air Force flight suits around the store, so it may have been for their benefit.
At any rate, it brought back memories for me. At one time during the cold war, we lived in base housing at the end of the runway at a base in California. There was a tenant SAC unit on base made up of B-52s and KC-135s. When they had an alert and all those big planes took off, one after another, over the housing area, all communication stopped, the cement block houses shook and rattled, knick-knacks fell over, but the kids played on and the baby slept peacefully. No one seemed to notice. Unless we had visitors from off-base. It was a little unnerving for them, but to us it meant someone was out there taking care of business. I like to think it still means that, even if it is the Navy overhead.
Shirley S.

President Bush is such a good fund raiser - - why hasn't it occurred to anyone to have him fund raise for the funds needed for Iraq or better yet - - - why doesn't he donate his $87 million (currently) to the Iraq cause! What a no-brainer! Then the rest of us don't have to pay for his "war".
Sharon in Harlingen

Regarding the zeal for diplomacy action against the officer that fired a round at the Iraqi: I remember an instance during the UN police action we participated in Beruit back in the 80's where an Israeli tank commander attempted to run a UN road block manned by U.S. Marines. After repeated warnings to the tank to stop were ignored, a Marine Captain vaulted onto the tank and put his service 45 in close proximity to the Israeli commander's head.
The tank's forward movement stopped at that point and I remember only favorable press reviews on the incident.
I do not know what ultimately happened to the Marine Captain, but I suspect if he was disciplined at all, it was done at a reasonable level. Thanks.

Hi, Brad,
Today, sometime after 1:00 pm, you mentioned that you like Rush Limbaugh and regret that he is no longer on KTSA, and that he isn't because some other station paid megabucks to get his program. Wasn't he on from 11 am to 2 pm or something like that? When, again, is your show on the air?????
Personal aside: I didn't like Rush Limbaugh and quit listening to him early on, and NEVER listen to his Show of Vitriolics. Why is everyone being so gentle with him? When he found out anything on anybody he would crucify them on the air or verbally fry them like a batch of chittlin's. I say the airwaves are a lot happier with him gone.
Other more positive comments: I am very happy - again, in case you missed it - very happy with KTSA's schedule of local talk and news from 5:30 am to 9:59 pm on weekdays and 'whatever' on weekends. We are lucky to have KTSA's broadcast schedule here in SA.

I don’t buy that self treatment for pain excuse. Had Rush really needed this medication for pain I cannot believe he could not find a doctor to prescribe it. He obviously became addicted while taking it for his back pain , and continued using it illegally long after his surgeon determined he no longer needed it.
David P

I just noticed on your listing of hits that the No. 1 foreign nation hitting your site is The Netherlands. I have just returned from my favorite foreign nation and can only imagine all those people sitting in the coffeeshops, enjoying a smoke of what is legal in that country and enjoying Brad's website...


Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.

Citizens Organized for Good Science

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan HERE


2004 election calendar
The 2004 political calendar is front-loaded with key presidential primaries. This means the Democratic candidate for president could be decided by early March.