Wednesday, October 29, 2003
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First month ever with a million hits

Just like to say congratulations! A million is quite an accomplishment for a small town opinionated, delightfully sarcastic, psudo-arrogant, and very intelligent balding man. Keep up the good work and I will be attentively listening!!! Thanks for the levity!
Vance T

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Huge solar flare coming

Perfect sunscreen to protect against today's solar flares. Even his pet is protected! Thanks James W.

"Bush to enforce mandatory square dancing law!" (Weekly World News)

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VIA changes Cleaning Lady bus route
VIA board members decided Tuesday to alter a bus route to shorten walking distances by more than a mile for some women relying on the service to get to North Side houses they clean for a living.

When regular bus riders want some help from VIA, does much happen? Well, what if affluent Northsiders want some help getting their cleaning ladies to work? Ah, THEN stuff happens!

"The "Mission Accomplished" sign, of course, was put up by the members of the USS Abraham Lincoln saying that their mission was accomplished. I know it was attributed somehow to some ingenious advance man from staff..." -- George W. Bush (10/28)

1 Air Force Times
Whose banner is it, anyway?
President George W. Bush's staff played more of a role in the "Mission Accomplished" sign that hung on the carrier Abraham Lincoln than the president suggested yesterday in a Rose Garden press conference.

2 Another version of the story from

Wow Brad, everybody seems to be missing the point...which is that Bush LIED about how the banner got there. It clearly matches other backdrops he has set up. His handlers micromanage every event he attends. Any protesters are kept miles away from him. He never has an appearance that is not completely set up beforehand so that they can take advantage of it in any way possible. This banner was put there because he foolishly thought that he HAD accomplished the war. He didn't realize the Iraqi citizens would be so ungrateful about being bombed and killed. He planned that aircraft landing so he could use it in ads for the 2004 election. After the war continued and he realized that the banner was making him look foolish, he's come up with this bs to try to pretend he did not have anything to do with it. I will never believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

Gee!! Brad, its good to know someone who does't make mistakes. I bet it's lonely all by yourself..

No one not even those totally against the intital invasion foresaw Syarians and such crossing the boarders to be mytras. When the active war was declared over. It was over and is actually. Just have to stick out through the trouble makers.

If he just wouldn't talk down to his subjects, It would be a pleasure to believe his lies.believe

Why is it that the only ones that make comments are the Bush haters. Very few support him. "All lies!!!" 56% are saying it's a mistake. One even says it's a bad poll. Get a life, and quit whinning about Bush lying. All Politicians lie.

Wait tell veterans day and see his photo op lie then.

not really a vote about the banner - just shows you how much those that love the Bushes, love the Bushes and nothing you can say about them means anything to them - don't believe me, ask my sister in law - she actually stands outside the Crawford Ranch occassionally for hours to catch a view of GW - barf

What is wrong with you people who are saying that it is a mistake? The Bush crowd NEVER does anything by mistake, except tell lies. He has lied so many times that it is virtually impossible to keep track of them all. Why don't you all ask yourself the question, "What would I think about this if Clinton had done this?" If you can honestly look at yourself in the mirror and say you would answer that it was a simple mistake, then fine. I really doubt that any of you could do that. Why is it ok to lie as the president, if he is on your team? I will never understand the minds of the American people ever again after this presidency.

look the pres would have had it right behind this is just another attack on a good man doing a tough job. I mean would you rather had gore or any democrat in office during this time. I know i don`t.

Lie? You want lies? Listen for more than 15 seconds to any Democrat & you will get LIES! Republicans are too busy supporting damn Demos to have time to lie..All together now .. " I did not have sex with that young lady ,,,..." ps; have a nice day

He's told so many whoppers that he's hard to believe!

Bad Poll!! There should have been a third choice! Bush was correct!!

If one cannot believe the President of the GOD bless the United States of America, whom can one believe?

those are choices? A negative AND a negative? 10/29/03 11:00:40 AM MST

Boy! Your liberalism is sure showing lately.

why can't it be accepted as it was presented. wanted by the crew and printed by someone else.

Karl Rove's idea no doubt. He and the rest of PNAC(Project for the New American Century) are ruining our country. Go to their website and discover how the intend to colonize the world.

I did not vote here because you left off the real answer. "He said a shorter version of the truth" should be the third choice. After READING the article in the Air Force Times, I understood it to mean that the ship's crew had the idea, but recieved help in getting it printed from the White House. Big deal! Lots of places do not make their own banners. It was not a mistake to credit the ship's crew, nor was it a lie. Bad choices Brad!!

President Bush can't be expected to remember all the little details. He's having a hard enough time remembering why he sent troops to INVADE Iraq

So what's the point if the crew came up with the message content. Their mission WAS accomplished. Cliff

Doesn't it matter to the average voter how this man is lying to us? You know, this is not a football game, the Bush Bears against the Clinton Cougars, this is important. We'd better start paying attention.

Brad, The ship did complete its mission in part 1 of Gulf 2.0.

This one's a close call. I don't think he knows a helluva lot about ANYTHING that goes on, so it could be a simple mistake, but based on his Saddam-attacked-us-on-9/11 innuendo campaign, I'm going with "deliberate lie"

Houston Chronicle
Scooter Store focus of probe
1 The FBI has interviewed two dozen employees of the Scooter Store of New Braunfels, the nation's largest supplier of motorized wheelchairs to Medicare, as part of a fraud investigation, company and bureau officials confirmed.

New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung
2 FBI has eye on Scooter Store

Boerne football coach in Internet sex-chat probe

Emissions study revives concern over new CPS powerplant
Texas ranks at the top of the nation in terms of power plant pollutants, a new study shows, prompting renewed opposition to City Public Service's proposed $1 billion coal-fired plant.

Toll roads: new transportation board supported

Ever hear the story about the camel who wanted to warm his nose under the edge of the tent? Well, Somebody is trying to screw you. Toll Roads are usually in good shape because No one wants to use them (they cost money). The next step is a clock that times your departure and arrival at the next toll booth. OOPS, you got here too fast! We will have to write you up for that one 'cause we are not making enough money on this toll road. What a crock of Political BS. We don't need toll roads. WE need politicians that are looking out for OUR interests and not some my cousin the road builder. To Hell with Toll roads

EPA changed its stories about Texas air pollution

Self-service checkout machines reject new $20 bills

The Bowens brothers of Scottsdale, Ariz., model Halloween
masks made from wire and paper mâché.

Austin: No weapons, no alcohol, no kidding during Halloween on Sixth Street Map

Praying Amid California's Ashes for Any Precious Artifact

Acting Quickly, U.S. Bans Newfound Steroid

Arms Merchant May Be Freed
A federal judge has thrown out the 1983 conviction of former CIA operative Edwin P. Wilson for selling tons of explosives to Libya, finding that prosecutors knowingly used false testimony and hid evidence that supported his defense.

Army files charge in use-of-force interrogation
Wife in Fort Hood: "My husband is a top-of-the-line officer. My husband is an African-American. He has had to overcome a number of things to get where he is."

"..he told a School Board member she was showing too much cleavage and then put his hand down her shirt.." STORY

Burglar finds nude pictures of his little sister during break-in

So what about Rush?
Love charged with drug possession
accused of possessing painkillers -- Hydrocodone and Oxycodone -- without a prescription.

Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.

Citizens Organized for Good Science


2004 election calendar
The 2004 political calendar is front-loaded with key presidential primaries. This means the Democratic candidate for president could be decided by early March.