Tuesday, October 28, 2003
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After their gay marriage, Saddam and Osama adopted a shaved chimp and named “their child” Robert.

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Hondo Maze - Ken and Laurie Graff at 7A Ranch in Hondo have a terrific Spurs maze this year. Their website

email 10/27/2003
I took the family out to the corn maze Sunday, It was cold, and it was raining hard by the time we got out of the maze. It was great, felt like fall should feel like and we talked about nothing else all evening.
Thanks for letting us know about it, we will go back.
Randy B

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Brad's Ten-Foot Poll
posted 9:10 p.m. Monday
President Bush has not attended one memorial service or funeral for a US Iraq-war casualty
(370 votes)
He does not want to appear to be trying to make political hay by appearing
He doesn't want a photo of him near a flag-covered coffin, so Americans won't connect him in their minds with war deaths
He is helping families keep the services low key
He doesn't want a photo of him near a flag-covered coffin, so a challenger won't have such an image to use in a campaign
He's just too busy to go to funerals and memorials

He's adept at selective spotlighting. Remember his campaign against Ma Richards? He played his hand very quietly and very low-key for a long time; barely held a campaign 'till the last minute. He will avoid giving his opponents anything of substance with which they could whack him upside the head... And he knows that Dan Blather and kin will always disregard the respect for the fallen soldier, they're only in it for the political blood. How did the "news" cover the return of remains after "D" Day? Did they tilt the coverage to offer the "Oh, how futile the struggle!" vein? Did they cover the deaths as unending and valueless pain, as today's deaths were portrayed? If the News Directors want to show respect, let them sign the book at the door of the Chapel. Let them tell how the soldier contributed something on berhalf of a greater effort. Bush isn't stupid... he knows the Media Elites by their record and their tactics; so, he "plays" with respect to that reality too.

Bush is never too busy to attend a fund raising for his next run for office but he just doesn't have time for unpleasant things like dead soldiers.

Just wondering how many soldier's funerals did Clinton and FDR attend?

Look back in history, and see how many past Presidents made a show of attending services of U.S service personal RC

The man has class and impathyT

Dear Brad, you need a bigger box !!

By the was brad, WHY is your poll compiled in Mountain Standard Time ???

That's where the poll server is— Denver or some such place. I've asked them to use Central, or just not show the time, but those requests were ignored. Anyone know of some good polling software or a good polling service?

1) you seen one coffin, you seen em all, and 2) you cant please everybody, so what's the BFD !!? from gimper78212

I did not vote for the guy, and quite frankly cannot stand the sight of him. So, maybe better he does not go to funerals of the folks he sends to their death for what?!

this is mostly a non-issue. If i had been killed or wounder during the Vietnam war, I would not have wanted a bunch of reporters and politicians around my coffin. I think I would have preferred to be left alone with my family and friends.

we been tricked

His absence when the first coffins arrived at Dover AFB wiped out his carrier landing stunt with me.

What war casualties? There have been NO photos of US or Iraqi war dead or maimed. Guess the conflict is bloodless.

If the president really wants a photo op, why doesn't he get in the picture with Brittney Spears. Maybe alot of his critics would find something new to harp an him about, and Iraq would quickly disipate.

The president could certainly attend a funeral without appearing to make political hay. He could bar the press, for starters, just as he's barred the press from seeing the coffins return. When a seviceman or woman earns the Medal of Honor will the president avoid awarding the medal himself so as not to appear to be making political hay? Of course not.

Right Wingers will alibi anything Bush does, His attendance at services is not an issue for them one way or the other.

Bush is the worst president,ever. He is intentionally trying to hide the deaths from the country by not allowing the press to see the incoming coffins. Whether he attends the funerals or not, it does not diminish the fact that he started this whole war on a lie and that he continues to try to deceive the public. The dead are merely fodder for his lust for oil.

He wants to be responsible for his "victory", not for the cost.

How many other Presidents have gone to all the funerals of our service men? If he took time to travel all over the USA to attend the funerals, then all of you would criticize him for being gone from the White House and not doing his job. You would also criticize him for just going to get photo opportunities like President Clinton use to use the military for. He can't win with some of the people.

hired the boy to run the country, not be a professinal mourner. The soldier is just as dead with or without his presence. I am sure the family receives recognition and sympathy from the White House.

Your questions suck. No million for you.

It's damed if u do or damed if u don'

I thought of Clinton when I read the 2nd option "Making political hay".

My Vote: None of the above

I was not for this war in the first place but he really can't go to any of the funerals because it would be a media event for the family & they don't need that. But he should meet the caskets when they arrive from Iraq.T

While his appearance at a funeral would create security chaos it may be that when he said, "Bring it on", that this was not what he intended.

This is a tough one Brad. I like Bush but sometimes it is hard to know the real truth.

They don't make enough money or fit into his social structure!!!

He has to wash the car, mow the lawn, does not care

belittle the prz, what next?

Brad--woulld you want him at your funeral??

He doesn't have the guts to face the families


Where is the "he is a cold hearted SOB" choice on your poll?

Not allowing media coverage of flag-draped coffins coming home from the war zone is typical bush-league Bush, trying to manage the media

Bush pledges to press on in Iraq

The $87 Billion Money Pit
It’s the boldest reconstruction project since the Marshall Plan. And we cannot afford to fail. But where are the billions really going?

Bike Boy's ticket getting national attention
Scott Montgomery, 8, who was ticketed by a police officer for not yielding the right-of-way to a vehicle while riding his bike, has received calls from Conan O'Brien's people, the "Today" show, and Ellen DeGeneres' reps.

ABC News
US Position in Iraq Seen as Increasingly Perilous

Hearing on toll roads 6 o'clock this evening

Emergency center tops San Antonio bonds list

  (Yahoo) -- Ruben Israel, left, of Los Angeles, and Stephen James, right, of Somerset, Penn., heckle anti-war demonstrators as they march in Washington to protest the U.S. troops presence in Iraq  


UTSA welcomes gay fraternity

Gay at birth?
Now look at your fingers. Men typically have a ring finger that is longer than the index finger, while in women the two are about the same length. However, two studies have suggested that lesbians have finger-length ratios that are more like those of men than of women.

Christian Science Monitor Daily Update

A new poll shows that Iraqi attitudes towards the coalition forces (even towards peacekeepers) are becoming more negative. According to the poll conducted by the independent, privately funded Iraq Center for Research and Strategic Studies, 67 percent of Iraqis now see coalition forces as "occupiers," and only 18 percent see them as "liberators."
---Perhaps more disturbing to the Bush administration, the Guardian reports, is the lack of support for Western-style democracy – 33 percent support a theocracy, and 23 percent an Islamic democracy similar to Iran. The BBC reports that Iraqis who support the US worry that public opinion in Baghdad has turned against the Americans because of the way US troops behave.
---"Just this morning I saw a US soldier beat an Iraqi man in the street. Some time ago in Kadhimiya I saw a man being shot three times just because he was standing and staring at the soldiers. We ran away so I don't know what happened to him. We want to live in peace," said [Hala, who lives in Mansour]. "Why this harsh treatment? It is like Saddam."

SO. CAL. FIRES: Los Angeles Times | San Diego Union-Tribune

Hype Blows Eternal
The NBA's biggest attraction and highest-paid endorser is an 18-year-old who has yet to prove his worth with a single basket in an official game.

Aid agencies consider cutting, suspending operations in Iraq
Private relief agencies were considering whether to suspend or curtail operations in Iraq after a suicide attack at the Red Cross headquarters yesterday, creating new headaches for coalition officials seeking to speed the country's reconstruction.

2003 Whooping Crane migration to Texas coast may set record
The cranes prefer tail winds, and several were spotted riding the northerly winds that dropped our temperatures on Sunday.
At about 5-foot tall, whooping cranes are the tallest birds in North America. Named for the whooping call that can be heard two miles away, the birds are white except for black tips on the edge of the wings, which span 7 1/2 feet.


Scientists Uncover the Peacock's Most Colorful Secrets

The White House whine: 'It's all the media's fault'
The press, particularly the Washington press, has created a "filter" that's blocking the good news from getting out, the president says. He insists that positive stories abound in Iraq and in the US economy. Things are looking up all over. But you in the public aren't being allowed to hear about it. And if you could hear about it, you'd feel a lot better about the direction of the country.

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Uncovering the Britney Spears "topless" photo from (British) Elle magazine

Yes, technically she's topless— but covered up. What hype!

Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.

Citizens Organized for Good Science

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan HERE


2004 election calendar
The 2004 political calendar is front-loaded with key presidential primaries. This means the Democratic candidate for president could be decided by early March.