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Wednesday, October 8, 2003


6:11 p.m.
1 Dewhurst: 'agreement in principle' reached on remap

Says primary may not be delayed
Click for Quorum Report then click Daily BUZZ

7:13 p.m.
FBI says it regrets letter to reporter, and asks for voluntary cooperation in hacker case

7:40 p.m.
President should search his soul over pre-war claims

Natalia school settles suit over uniforms, Bates won't wear 'em

GOP promises new map by weekend

Bush launching war PR campaign today
Facing growing doubts at home about the wisdom of attacking Iraq, President Bush on Wednesday will launch a campaign to defend the U.S. invasion and cite progress being made even as U.S. troops face almost daily attacks.


Cally-for-nee-ah chooses Ahnold, fires Gov. Davis

Hundreds of shoulder-fired missiles still missing in Iraq, which is why Baghdad Airport hasn't reopened yet

No-Call enforcement okayed

Urine test cheating alleged
Some West Texas men on probation are in trouble for allegedly using the Whizzinator to help them pass court-ordered urinalysis tests.
Whizzinator website HERE with photos

Harlem man says tiger was best friend ("My only friend, really.")

Woman turns gourds into lawn flamingos


What's this about?
"I was shocked when I watched the last City Council meeting and saw Councilor Dwight dressed in a sequin evening gown, full makeup, blonde wig and carrying a purse. Why would he degrade an elected office and treat it as entertainment? Does he think elected office is a joke?.." STORY

Bono gets a pass on using the F word on TV
The FCC, using the F-word more often to explain its decision than Bono did on the air, said the word "may be crude and offensive, but, in the context presented here, did not describe sexual or excretory organs or activities." That distinction is a key test to measure whether a statement meets a federal standard for broadcast indecency.

America's forgotten war heroes
The US government fails to give WWII POWs the respect they deserve.

Report: Chinese "taikonaut" to orbit Earth next Wednesday

Mexican shot by his own dog
Psychic took widow's "cursed" money

Fawlty Towers hotel spared from demolition
John Cleese, Fawlty's creator, stayed at the Gleneagles while filming Monty Python's Flying Circus in 1971 and became fascinated by its then owner, Donald Sinclair.
Mr Sinclair is alleged to have thrown Eric Idle's briefcase out of a window, thinking it was a bomb, and to have criticised Terry Gilliam for leaving his knife and fork on his plate at an angle, rather than straight.

Microsoft tweaks Internet Explorer

Why the Patriot Act worries booksellers

email 10/7/2003
I am a Hollywood Park resident. The notion that the photo of the deer you have posted on your website is doctored is hilarious. Who is that guy that came up with that????? He has lost any credibility he ever held, which must not have been much. If you knew the girl that took the photo, you would laugh out loud. The reason she took the photo off of the TV is because she doesn't know how to print a still shot from her video footage. The suggestion that she would know how to perform "DIGITAL MANIPULATION!" ( . . . hold on, I have to stop laughing . . .) is as ridiculous as suggesting that I practice brain surgery (I'm not a doctor). I would laugh harder if this matter wasn't so serious.
Unfortunately, we don't need to doctor photos of our starving deer. I'd also like to point out that the deer in the photo is not only starved, but it has the symptoms of what we suspect is poisoning. Notice the bulge under the chin and the distended stomach (which your man points out).
I sent you a photo last week of a skinny deer that had been shot with a pellet or BB. Why don't you post that one too, and let him dissect that one for us?
Debra T

Debra, thanks for the photo. I scanned it for this website, but the BB wound just didn't show up (although I could discern it with the naked eye). I am snail-mailing your photos back. Thanks for the effort.

email 10/7/2003 POSTED 10:30 p.m.
I thought the Email from Mike QUESTIONING whether or not the photo of the starving deer had been doctored was fairly modest in its question. Even if his suspicion of photo doctoring was incorrect. I thought also, that the Email from Debra T. was insulting and hysterical, even IF (?) she was correct. I appreciate her amplification of the 'facts' concerning her area and the person who took the photo, but that was no reason to be so insulting to Mike who didn't have her inside information.
Peter L

On Tuesday I asked my colleague Susan Farris to invite the Hollywood Park mayor to come on KTSA and explain what HP has gone through in trying to find a solution to the problem of unwanted deer in neighborhoods. If there were a better way than a feeding ban, I suspect HP would have discovered it by now.

email 10/7/2003 POSTED 11 p.m.
I just can't take it anymore. It's really hard for me to look at the starving deer picture and not get angry with these people in Hollywood Park (although I do feel bad for the deer), seeing that they're to blame in more ways than one. This is a long story; I'll just provide some excerpts as I remember them, from all the details my wife told me back then.
In 1999 (maybe 1998 or 2000, I can't remember) my wife was working on her master?s degree in Wildlife Biology at SWT. She had (or was given) a great idea for her thesis. The overpopulation problem of the deer in Hollywood Park was well known even then, due to human encroachment on formerly wild areas, as well as the rampant overfeeding of the deer actuated by the ?eco-friendly? citizens of Hollywood Park.
The idea was to trap the deer and relocate them to Camp Bullis where their movements would be tracked (through radio telemetry collars) and behavior studied. The hope was that they would adjust to the new environment well, and it would provide a humane solution to deer overpopulation problems in other communities. The entire project was to be funded and staffed by volunteers, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and SWT, at no cost to the citizens of Hollywood Park.
The trapping was about to begin, when a concerned citizen spoke out against the plan in a town hall meeting. He suggested that it was mean and cruel to trap the deer and relocate them (truthfully, some will die in the trapping and relocating process), and that it would be better to shoot them with darts containing birth control serum every year indefinitely (even though scientific studies had shown this is a completely ineffective procedure, and a significant waste of time and money). He got his way, and the thesis was never implemented.
The citizens were told that their grandiose plan would not work, and the time would come, after the first Lyme disease outbreak, too many flowerbeds were destroyed, or too many people ruined their cars in accidents, when they would themselves self-impose a ban on deer feeding, and rampant starvation would occur (this is what happens when you artificially create an unnatural population of wildlife through supplemental feeding).
My wife said then, that when this finally happened, she was going to go drag the dead decaying deer carcasses out of the woods and deposit them on the citizen's front lawns. Judging by the photograph on your web page, we may be making a trip back to San Antonio very soon.
Maybe next time, the people of Hollywood Park will listen to the experts who want to help them, and not some know-it-all PETA loving bunny hugger in their community.
I've Cc'd this to my wife. Hopefully she'll correct any of the information that's inaccurate, and add to the story. You might (if interested) email her directly as well. I enjoy your web page (wish I could still enjoy your show [will it ever be on the net again???])
James R

KTSA will return to internet broadcasting when our new owner, Infinity, decides it is time. I appreciate the HP Deer history lesson. And please invite me to the Great Deer Deposit of '03, okay?


Deer Dilemma:
Too Much of a Good Thing?


email 10/8/2003 POSTED 10 a.m.
There is and always has been a solution to the Deer Problem. It is called a bow and arrow. Invented by an ingeneous caveman, this device has controlled deer populations in certain areas (called Hunting Grounds) since the beginning of time. There ARE careful hunters in this world. VEGETARIAN ia an old Indian word meaning "Bad Hunter". PETA means "People Eating Tasty Animals".
Feeding the animals only compounds the problem by encouraging birth rate. Regards

2004 election calendar
The 2004 political calendar is front-loaded with key presidential primaries. This means the Democratic candidate for president could be decided by early March.

Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
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