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Monday, September 29
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More workers get shut out of e-mail
Some companies are reducing or eliminating e-mail in a bid to staunch the spread of disruptive computer viruses and spam.

CIA wants video game to teach "terrorist thinking"
The CIA is set to spend several million dollars to develop a video game aimed at helping its analysts think like terrorists, The Washington Times has learned.

Iraq and 9/11 STILL linked by Cheney
In making the case for war against Iraq, Vice President Cheney has continued to suggest that an Iraqi intelligence agent met with a Sept. 11, 2001, hijacker five months before the attacks.


Texans still holed up in compound after almost four years
"..Gray, a Bible-reading militiaman, doesn't see the impasse as simple issues of warrants defied and court orders ignored, but as a kind of life-and-death struggle between God and the devil government."

Contagious yawning may signal mutual understanding
Mainly psychobabble about the subject and hardly any real facts

Catherine Zeta Jones sues cosmetics firm and Neiman-Marcus
I am tempted to run her photo, but tempted not quite enough

British tested nerve gas on own troops
'It was like he was being electrocuted, his whole body was convulsing. I have seen somebody suffer an epileptic fit, but you have never seen anything like what happened to that lad... the skin was vibrating and there was all this terrible stuff coming out of his mouth...

Desperate woman in a trunk? No, a hoaxer with two cel phones

Survey: older women going after younger men
Frequency of sex? Sixty percent of the women and 45 percent of the men said they hadn't had any in the past six months.

Regarding the "five-second rule" on dropped food
Items dropped on infected flooring were indeed contaminated in less than five seconds.

Wallet returned to owner seven years after loss
Five-year-old girl makes bong for Show and Tell

Bill O'Reilly says he "very rarely" tells guests "Shut up!"
O'Reilly writes: "[Al] Franken's job is to do exactly what Donald Segretti did for Nixon — dig up dirt on people. He is not a satirist; he is not a comedian. He's someone who wants to injure people's reputations, and I think people have got to know that."

Ex-WSJ newsman who penned USA Today piece gets offers
Former writer for the Wall Street Journal now lives in his truck and at campgrounds. His family has little sympathy for him.

Doubt about sunscreen lotions' protection

Towns find gold mine in garbage

Woman hid hubby's wheelchair
A 90-year-old German women hid her husband's wheelchair to stop him from meddling with the housework.

Bush and Powell defend WMD claims
President Bush and Secretary of State Colin L. Powell defended yesterday a statement made by Powell early in 2001 that Iraq's Saddam Hussein did not have "any significant capability with respect to weapons of mass destruction."

2004 election calendar
The 2004 political calendar is front-loaded with key presidential primaries. This means the Democratic candidate for president could be decided by early March.

Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.

Citizens Organized for Good Science

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan HERE