There is a bullet hole in my little airplane. Someone took a shot at me. From the entry and exit angle, it's hard to figure out how the slug missed the prop. It hit a couple of feet from a fuel tank, and about four feet from the pilot. The bullet could have collapsed the wing, exploded the fuel tank, shattered the prop and vibrated the plane apart, and it could have hit me. I have half a mind to call the FBI, and probably would if they weren't so overworked lately. Whoever tried to shoot me down, you are a yellow-bellied sniveling spineless bastard coward.

San Antonio

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Dear Mr. Messer,
I qualified your radio recommendation as a sales-pitch, but yesterday I needed a carpet cleaner on short notice, so I called COIT carpet cleaning because I remembered "1-800-FOR COIT". I owe you an apology. What you said was not a sales pitch. They really are the best carpet cleaner I ever hired. Thanks. I will believe you from now on!
Don S.
They are the best!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2003
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EARLY VOTING in Saturday's Constitutional Amendment election ends
. Bexar county early voting locations here. Comal county call New Braunfels 830 620-5520, or Metro Line from Canyon Lake to New Braunfels 830 885-4998. Guadalupe county call 830 303-6363.

San Antonio Exceeds EPA 8 hr Ozone Limit for 2003 down this column

Texas Dems coming home

Paul Krugman commentary
".. the Iraq war was the mother of all bait-and-switch operations."


Brad's Ten-Foot Poll
posted 8:30 a.m.
Pvt. Jessica Lynch was awarded a Bronze Star for getting in a truck wreck in Iraq

The little sweetheart darling deserves anything she gets
It's okay because her Bronze Star didn't have the V for Valor
Who cares? They hand out medals like candy nowadays and give all the Army people a beret they didn't earn
It cheapens the medal
Now when I see a Bronze Star I'll merely wonder what kind of wreck the wearer was in

view results

1 - Army reports fate of misdirected 507th convoy - Last hours of Spc. James Keihl of Comfort, What happened to Pvt. Jessica Lynch and others
2 - Complete Army report HERE
3 - El Paso Times 507th families kept in dark, are upset

U.S. Army Extends Duty For Guard and Reservists
The new deployment policy, requiring 12-month tours on the ground in Iraq or surrounding countries, means that many troops could have their original year-long mobilizations extended for anywhere from one to six months.

Army Times
Concurrent receipt proposal faces uphill fight

Big Brother right here, right now
Fliers to Be Rated for Risk Level

New System Will Scrutinize Each Passenger, Assign Color Code
"..sparked so much controversy among both liberal and conservative groups that the TSA has struggled to get it going. Delta Air Lines backed out of a testing program with the agency earlier this year, and now the TSA will not reveal which airlines will participate.."

Marines in Liberia allegedly took medicine, still got malaria

Ex-Laredo couple nabbed in California for molesting kids

Associated Press
Bush shifts war rationale

Mark Morford, San Francisco Chronicle newsletter

Librarians Do It With Screaming Hot Dangling Modifiers

A new action figure of a frumpy-looking librarian who moves her index finger to her lips with "amazing push-button shushing action!" is prompting librarians around the world to raise their voices in protest, no really, sort of, OK not really "around the world," OK maybe just one or two somewhere in Jersey, but hey.
"The shushing thing just put me right over the edge," said Diane DuBois, library director of Caribou Public Library in Caribou, Maine -- and you're all like, what? Where? "We're so not like that anymore. It's so stereotypical I could scream," she added, which is ironic, given how they're, you know, all about shushing and keeping it down goddammit don't make me come over there.
The 5-inch Librarian Action Figure, which shows a bespectacled woman in a cardigan, long plain skirt and sensible shoes who has a secret Crisco/Harry Potter fetish and who hasn't gotten laid since the Carter administration and even then she was sort of passed out on Manischewitz and cheap skunk weed behind the Henry Miller rack, goes on sale in October for $8.95.
It is produced by Seattle kitsch retailer Archie McPhee and Co., whose lineup of action figures includes Sigmund Freud, Nico the espresso stand barista, and bobblehead Jesus. All of which makes you totally wish the angry librarians thing was just a cute PR move to plug the cute new product. Which of course, it's not. Which is rather depressing. But then you realize, I so don't have the time or wherewithal to care a whit about this. And then you think, did I just say wherewithal? And whit? What the hell is wrong with me?

San Antonio Exceeds Ozone Limit for 2003
but wait 'til you see these details!

For the second year in a row, San Antonio has exceeded the EPA 8 hr ozone limits of 85ppb for CAMs 58 and 23 in the northwest side of town.

Proponents of auto emissions testing are hoping that this year illustrates the need to spend millions of dollars per year to test our cars.

Since you probalably won't hear "the rest of the story" as Paul Harvey likes to say, here are some important facts about this year's ozone events.

1. The highest 8hr ozone average occurred at CAM 23 (John Marshall HS), with a reading of 91ppb. This reading occurred on a Saturday. According to AACOG (Alamo Area Council of Governments)data, there is an average of 33% less vehicular emissions on Saturdays. Of the 4 highest days recorded at CAM 23 this year, two were on Saturday.

2. The highest 8hr ozone average for CAM 58 (Camp Bullis), with a reading of 89ppb, occurred on a Saturday. Three out of the 4 highest ozone days for CAM 58 have been during the weekend. Even more amazing, is the 3rd highest reading for CAM 58 was 88ppb and that occurred this past Sunday. According to AACOG data, vehicle emissions are 48% less on Sundays.

3. High ozone levels were recorded in Dallas, Houston, Austin, Victoria and Corpus, this past weekend. In fact, Victoria on Sunday had higher levels of ozone (95ppb) than San Antonio.

4. During this weekend's event, the difference in ozone reading between San Antonio and a rural site in Seguin, was 16ppb on Sunday and 21ppb on Saturday. Using Seguin's readings as "background data" then 82% of the ozone that was recorded in San Antonio on Sunday was transported into our area and 77% recorded on Saturday.

Cars were not the problem this weekend. Transported pollution from other parts of the country and naturally occurring volatile organic compounds from trees were.

Just thought you might want to know....


See for yourself:

Citizens Organized for Good Science
Mark Langford-President

Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.

Citizens Organized for Good Science

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan HERE