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Dear Mr. Messer,
I qualified your radio recommendation as a sales-pitch, but yesterday I needed a carpet cleaner on short notice, so I called COIT carpet cleaning because I remembered "1-800-FOR COIT". I owe you an apology. What you said was not a sales pitch. They really are the best carpet cleaner I ever hired. Thanks. I will believe you from now on!
Don S.
They are the best!


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Monday, Sept. 8, 2003
SITE UPDATED 10 a.m. MONDAY thru FRIDAY. Much stuff published here is later put in the website equivalent of a storage closet, and remains accessible, either in a Headline archive or a Commentary archive, the links to which are always over in the right-hand column >>>


EARLY VOTING in Saturday's Constitutional Amendment election ends Tuesday. Bexar county early voting locations here. Comal county's website is a bit confusing to me, so I'd recommend you call New Braunfels at 830 620-5520, or the Metro Line from Canyon Lake to New Braunfels 830 885-4998 for your early voting location. Ditto for Seguin: for Guadalupe county call 830 303-6363.

I'm voting NO on Proposition 12. Proponents say doctors are disappearing because of high medical malpractice damage awards, but the Texas Board of Medical Examiners website START HERE shows that there are more and more doctors all the time. San Antonio Express-News troublemaker Carlos Guerra addresses the contradiction in his Sunday column "''Liar, liar, pants on fire' hurled at claim of vanishing doctors" HERE.
Proposed constitutional amendment would allow the Legislature to cap non-economic damages in ALL civil actions (not just malpractice)!

Yes on
Texas Medical Ass'n
Tx Family Physicians

Save Texas Courts
Texans Against Prop 12
Texas Trial Lawyers

Britain and US will back down over WMDs

The Express-News did run the strip
Newspapers horrified by "masturbation" killed Sunday's Doonesbury
The strip in question is HERE

Nothing about exit strategy
Bush wants to double Iraq spending

Colorado redistricting scheme goes to state supreme court today

Fine print would exempt Halliburton hydraulic fracturing
Tucked inside an 800-page energy bill winding its way through Congress is a short section that would exempt from federal regulation a lucrative gas-drilling process perfected by Halliburton

This date in 1900
An un-named hurricane killed 6,000 and inundated the island of Galveston in 1900 (8th-9th). The wind gauge broke at 120mph. Afterward, most houses on the island were jacked up and fill dirt was placed beneath them, raising Galveston higher above sea level.

Rising Casualties in Iraq Prompt Memories That Generate Doubts
Veterans Increasingly Vexed
Once staunch Bush supporters, many Vietnam veterans are increasingly critical of administration's handling of the conflict in Iraq, and its attempts to cut proposed spending increases for veterans' health care.

Largest known dinosaur dropping found in Canada

Man trapped in bathtub 6 days
Junk fax industry threatened
Naked man sleeps in bank
Cook gets 4 years for cop caper

Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.

Citizens Organized for Good Science

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan HERE