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Let Them Eat Art

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To Save SA Symphony

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Your logic should be applied to all of city and county government when it comes to spending our tax money.

"If no one's life depends on some THING that our tax dollars pay for, and that THING is not self-supporting, we should not be giving tax dollars to perpetuate that THING, no matter what that THING is."

If the users of the city parks are not willing to pay enough user fees to make the parks self-supporting, then CLOSE 'EM. And if those art organizations and artists that we support with tax dollars can't bring in enough money to support themselves CLOSE 'EM and let the artists get a real job (at Toyota, maybe). And if those museums don't support themselves, CLOSE 'EM. We can sell those museum pieces and the parks to pay for the health care for those 10,000 local children.

What else is out there that we pay for that doesn't support itself? Maybe $400,000 to get the Cowboys to come to San Antonio? I bet $400,000 would pay for a little bit of health care for those children.

World Class City? Never! Not San Antonio!

Edward T.

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Bush to ask UN for troop help in Vietnam, uh, Iraq

Iraq Counterpoint
Bob Herbert, NY Times
One of the many reasons Vietnam spiraled out of control was the fact that America's top political leaders never clearly defined the mission there, and were never straight with the public about what they were doing. Domestic political considerations led Kennedy, then Johnson, then Nixon to conceal the truth about a policy that was bankrupt from the beginning. They even concealed how much the war was costing.
Sound familiar?

1 Absent Dems pin hopes on judge's ruling next week
2 Runaway Democrats expand lawsuit

Daycare driver forgets 8-month-old, heat kills the boy

1 Fastest-spreading email virus ever
Few hackers attack Macs, but they aren't invulnerable

Baylor's president faces September no-confidence vote

FCC to study "localism" of consolidated radio, TV

GOP bill proposes to make many drug investigations "narcoterrorism" and expand sneak-and-peek laws
"The Victory Act represents a major expansion of federal surveillance, asset forfeiture and other powers under the guise of linking the war on drugs to the war on terrorism," said Tim Edgar, legislative counsel for the ACLU. "It does not address the intelligence problems that led to the September 11th attacks, continuing a failed policy of simply granting more power to the government instead of ensuring the government uses its existing powers effectively."

Cadaver-dog handler charged with rigging evidence searches

Celebrity dog walker makes $150,000

Family holding open auditions for suitor for daughter goes quiet after embarrassing newspaper report

FoxNews v. Franken case will test free expression

Drunk pays boys $20 to castrate him

Tampa scraps face-recognition software as worthless

Naked-chick sushi service getting big
"Corporate bigwigs are forking over as much as $700 a head for dinner parties where guests are served sushi off a naked woman. The secret gourmet trend has taken off in the past six months in L.A., and now New York is getting on the act."

Archaeologists may have found Donner Party camp
Discovery Channel program "Unsolved History" scheduled to air in October

Porn actress Mary Carey, one of 135 candidates running for California governor, offered on Tuesday to go on a date with anyone offering her a hefty campaign contribution. STORY
Click her for the now-famous Naked Jumping Jack page

Woman hurt as Nokia cell phone bursts into flames


Vehicle Emissions Tests Don't Help
Go to my clean air page for info.

Citizens Organized for Good Science

Texas Emissions Reduction Plan HERE